My New Drama Obsession – 2016 Q1 (Korean Edition)

Continuing my previous post about Chinese / Taiwan Drama, I want to talk about the Korean eye candy edition because it makes my life happier (LOL)… Sometimes, you just need a break from a heavy Chinese colossal drama.. Here we go:

1. O My Venus

o my venus

I have nothing to say besides “Watch it, watch it, and watch it!!!!!” This drama is the one.. If you love the movie “200 pounds”, you will love this drama..

Review: 20/10

2. It’s okay, It’s love 

It's okay it's love

For the first time in my drama life that I feel like watching a true couple instead of the couple on screen.. It’s like they are really in a relationship.. And I still think they do.. The chemistry is just spectacular.. 🙂

Review: 15/10

3. High Society 

High Society

I like this drama a lot and now I am watching it for the second time.. However, I like the second couple much more to the first one… The second couple has a lot of “lovey dopey” chemistry and I often re watch their scenes over and over again… Will follow their upcoming dramas for sure..

Review: 9/10

4. She was pretty 

she was pretty

I like this drama a lot and it’s very pleasant to watch… The male lead is kinda rude at the beginning but I guess it’s necessary to create the tension… This drama makes me remember why I fell in love with Korean Drama at the first place..

Review: 9/10

5. O My Ghostess 

Oh My Ghostess

I was very sad when this drama finished because I simply miss the GHOOOOOOSSSSTTT… I wish that she can have a second chance to live forever inside the female lead body.. Hehehe… The male lead actor, as always is very handsome from beginning to end… I love him from King 2 Hearts and I love him here… Will be waiting for his upcoming drama…

Review: 9/10

6. Kill me, heal me 

kill me heal me

Everyone……… This couple is baaaaaaaaaaaaack on screen….

It’s very entertaining to watch and I think that this series is going to be a classic!!! I love them from “Secret” and I still occasionally rewatch the drama.. Although this drama is not as great as Secret in my opinion, it is still very fun to watch.. There are couple of funny scenes which will make you laugh until you have a stomachache.. I love it, love it, love it..

Review: 10/10

7. Hyde, Jekyll and Me 

hyde, jkyll and me

I think out of the “Psychosis” syndrome dramas, this is by far my less favorite but still a good one to watch… I always love Hyun Bin (Well.. Who doesn’t??) But, got a bit dissapointed why he chose this instead of Kill me heal me.. I heard KMHM was offered to him first at the first place.. Such a bad decision..

Review: 7/10

8. Yong Pal

yong pal

I almost forgot to include this drama in my post.. I love the first 8 episodes.. It gives you the thrilling edge and it got you hooked in your sit.. The second half is not bad either… But the last episode didn’t satisfy me as viewers… Overall; if you are a big fan of Kim Tae Hae, it’s definitely a must watch…

Review: 9.5/10

9. The producer 

The producer

I wanna cry talking about this drama but not in a good way… This drama is so wrong in every step of the way.. I dropped it during episode 4… I even couldn’t stand to continue even though it has my favorite actor to date, Kim Soo Hyun.. I even went to his fan meeting and paid a lot of money… (That’s how much I fancy him)…

Taking my obsession further, I even flew to Korea and went to Kintex to see the exhibition about his drama and went to EVERY drama scenery place…You may look at it here

But, I still choose to drop this drama… (It’s that bad for me!).. Maybe you have a different view than I do.. But, come on… This is nothing compare to Love from Another Star…. Such a big disappointment..

Review: 3/10

Well.. That’s all the Korean drama which I have watched during 2016 Q1.. It’s less than the Chinese / Taiwan drama because I think this year Chinese Mainland is Q1 rising star!!! Just look at Nirvana in Fire!!!! and you will now what I mean..

Thanks and hope you are enjoying my review…

My New Drama Obsession – 2016 Q1 (Chinese / Taiwan Edition)

Hi All.. It’s been so long not to catch up with you.. First, I have been “so called” busy with work and second, my weekend always passes by before I know it.. I don’t know why there are only 24 hours in a day.. I wish there are 48 hours so we can watch drama for the extra 24 hours.. 🙂

Anyway.. Enough chit chat.. We are here to talk about my favorite topic, dramas… Recently, there are few dramas which got me hooked… By hooked, I mean:

  1. I can’t sleep if I cannot finish the drama as soon as possible
  2. I eat in front of my television (which has become my habit lately)
  3. I started dreaming in Mandarin again (I used to have this during BBJX period and also when I watched My Fair Princess (Zhao Wei version) over and over..
  4. I stalked every blogger that write about this.. Recaps, Reviews, Synopsis, Character Stilts, etc etc… Literally everything!!!

That’s why even though I am very busy.. I can’t stop myself to write a post about this and brag it to everyone hoping that they would watch these dramas! Here we go!

1. The Nirvana in Fire 

Nirvana in Fire

First and foremost, allow me to talk about NIRVANA IN FIRE.. My highest obsession during 2016 – Q1..Ughhh.. I couldn’t stop talking about this drama to anyone who’s willing to listen.. Nirvana in Fire is the drama that got me speechless in a good way… I don’t know how to describe the magnificent of this work through a post..

Well.. I will start to describe my opinion about it… As you all know that I have been a romance theme fan forever.. You can name all the Chinese / Taiwan / Korean drama which has a good romance theme in it, I probably have watched them. But, Nirvana in Fire is the first non-romance theme (well, it has a little romance in it) but I love it more than any of my romance theme drama.

The cast, the cinematography, the plot, the twist and even the bromance have just made me falling in love with Chinese drama all over again. For you drama lovers who have not watched this, I recommend you to START WATCHING IT NOW! I mean it guys…

For synopsis, you can find it at Wikipedia.. They describe it quite well.. For overall review, I recommend that you visit and I love their reviews so much… For recap, you can visit Heisui at and for the character stilts, you can visit JoleCole at

For now, I still haven’t got over my feeling about this drama.. I simply can’t move on.. So, if anyone wants to talk about NIF, I will be gladly accompany you anytime any day.

Review: 20/10 (I literally mean it)

2. The Disguiser 

The Disguiser

If you love the bromance in Nirvana in Fire, you will love the one in The Disguiser even more… The three brothers relationship is by far the most “eye candy” to watch.. Their relationship stay deeply in my heart and I am obsessed.. Season 2, please come.. I am waiting for you..

Review: 10/10

3. Battle of Changsha

Battle of Changsia

In this drama, Wallace Huo is good at portraying his character and the leading lady is even more likable.. We fell in love with the family as they grew.. We also cried with them during their bad times… Most importantly, even after finished watching; we still remember every single member in the family… I miss watching their interaction with each other..

I deducted 2 points in the review because as a similar genre Chinese – Japanese war, this is not the best… I really like Infernal Lover by Mike He and I also like other series with Nicky Wu in it… But, overall.. It’s worth to watch…

Review: 8/10

4. Journey of Flower 

Journey of Flower

I am a big fan of the condor heroes series… From The Legend, Return and then to “Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre”.. Besides that, I am really picky when it comes to watch Wuxia. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them but sometimes, I am just becoming too dreamy that I really want to do those material arts too.. (LOL)..

Well, allow me to start with my honest confession (Please don’t hate me for this): I wasn’t a big fan of Wallace Huo until I watched The Journey of Flower. Even back in the days, I skipped to watch interesting dramas if I saw him as a lead actor.. I just hate the way he treats women.. Maybe I got too carried away when he ditched Dong Fai Bu Bai…

My feeling change when I watched The Journey of Flower. I like this drama so much even though I hated the ending.. Give it a watch and you know what I mean.. This drama is a page turner for me.. I watched the ending episode 3 times now and I am still crying during a certain scene.. (Don’t want to give you a spoiler here).. But for those who have watched it, I think you know which one I am talking about…

From the actor that I avoided the most, to the actor that I am anticipated his future drama.. Wallace is that good in this series.. If you are a Wuxia fan.. You should give this a watch!!!!! It’s a classic!

**Spoiler: I’d rather Xiao Gu to died in his arm rather than having a weird happy ending.. 

Review: 8/10

4. Love me if you dare 

Love me if you dare

I love Wallace in this drama.. The drama is quite systematic and I like every single case that they worked together.. It’s by far one of Wallace Huo’s best drama… The leading lady is not so bad too.. They collaborated well in this drama..

Review: 7/10

5. Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei 

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

I dropped this after watching episode 5-6.. I just didn’t buy the whole story.. Too bad because Liu Shi Shi’s character is by far the most unique one.. She is such a bad ass in the story… But still, it doesn’t keep me hooked in my sit..

Review: 4/10

6. Wei Zi Fu 

Wei Zi Fu

I have re watched this drama for the third time and I still love it… My favorite character is not the leading character (Wei Zi Fu).. Instead, I love Princess Pi Yang.. She looks very royalty in this series and I love how she can handle every situation.. She is always the commander in the room and I love how she protects Wei Zi Fu due to his husband legacy at the end… Truly spectacular drama…

Review: 9/10

7. The Legend of Mi Yue 

Legend of Mi Yue

I have a thing about ancient period Chinese Drama which tells a story about life in the palace.. I almost watch every single one available. For Legend of Mi Yue, it’s not good but it’s not so bad either.. Sun Li is amazing as always.. But, I just don’t buy the overall story..

Review: 6/10

8. Sound of the Deserts 

Da Ma Yao

I have the DVD since forever but I haven’t got a will to watch it.. Even my colleague has borrowed them for me and returned it months ago and I still didn’t pick it up to watch the drama..

I have been back and forth about whether or not to watch this drama. Because before Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser, I wasn’t a big fan of Hu Ge.. I have seen him in Legend of the condor heroes with Ariel Lin and didn’t “really” like his acting back then.. For me, he was only “average”.. But NOW…. He’s my one TRUE absolute FAVORITE and I will stalk his every drama from now on.. I have to be honest with you.. Seeing him in a similar costume like the one he wore in NIF did heal my heart a little bit. At least, I get to see my potrait of Mei Chang Su from another drama..

As for Da Mo Yao, I am more with Team Mo Xun… It was heart breaking not seeing them together at the end.. Although I already had a hunch that LSS will be with Eddie Peng (I don’t want to write their characters because I am still sad for Mo Xun), I still have my every little hope that at least Mo Xun will get Xin Yue back… But, I think.. once missed, will always be missed… (^___^ tearyyyyy)…

But, for this drama I have ONE big complaint to the production house… It’s about the music / instrumental background.. Why they have to use the same music for every production.. You name it.. The Legend of Condor Heroes, Bu Bu Jing Xin, Da Mo Yao, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei… Why?? I can get it if they use the same music for 2 dramas (for the purpose of squeezing the budget).. But, if they are use for EVERY drama, it’s kinda annoying… I can’t even sympathize / concentrate with the some of the scenes because when I hear the music background, my mind automatically remembered BBJX / Legend of the Condor Heroes..

I don’t think it’s that hard for the production house to find someone to make the music background for Chinese periodic drama.. It is really easy to find and not very costly… I even can help them to find / propose some names if they need one.. Uggghh.. This is killing me… If only the music was good, the sensitive viewers like me would have immersed to the drama even more..

Overall, this drama is quite addicting!

Review: 9/10

9. Too late to say I love you A.K.A Endless Love

Too late to say I love you

I have been wanting to search something similar with Sealed with a Kiss.. I love the drama so much and I tend to follow Hawick Lau’s every drama every since.. And unfortunately, I am finding more than 10 crappy dramas and even “forced” to finish it just for the sake of Hawick Lau..

This drama is not as good as Sealed with a kiss but it has a couple of very intense kissing scenes and the story line is quite interesting. Definitely one of Wallace Cheung’s best drama..

Review: 8/10

10. You are my sunshine 

You are my sunshine

Typically Tang Yan’s drama and character.. The first 10 episodes are quite interesting because we are curious of what happened in the past… But, second half is not quite interesting anymore..

Review: 6/10

11. Lady and the Liar 

lady and the liar.jpg

I was waiting for this drama with the highest anticipation.. I saw the long trailer and got almost “obsessed” with it.. I even watched it over and over again… But, apparently I should watch the trailer instead of watching the whole drama… Like any bad Chinese drama,  the second half is painful to watch…

I mean.. This drama has Hawick Lau and Tony Yang right? What could go wrong???? Well, apparently, very poor written script / direct can make it go wrong…

Review: 6/10

12. Chronicle of Life 

Chronicle of life.jpg

Another crappy Hawick Lau’s art work.. I mean He can’t just pull off Kang Xi.. Kang Xi is considered to be the best Emperor in all China along with Qian Long.. And here, he made as if Kang Xi has no intelligence and is ready to be killed by anytime and anyone who is willing to try for it…

It’s such a shame because this drama has so much potential.. Bad bad bad direction!!

Review: 5/10

13. The cage of love 

cage of love

I like the couple’s chemistry in here much more than the one in Chronicle of Life.. Even the female lead is not my favorite, this drama is till bearable to watch….

Review: 7/10

14. Perfect Couple 

Perfect Couple.jpg

Hm… I am so / so about this drama.. If you have any spare time, might be a good choice to watch it.. But definitely it’s not something I easily remember..

Review: 7./10

15. Marry me or not

Marry me or not

Everyone.. Roy Chiu is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk!!!!!!! And still handsome I have to say…. I like this drama a lot even though it’s not a kick ass quality.. I just love their chemistry like the one in Office Girl.. I love them, love them, love them… The kissing scene is super hot too by the way.. And I like the proposal ending (Ups.. Spoiler alert)… This drama is very relaxing to watch..

Review: 9/10

16. Go Princess Go (Web Drama) 

Go princess go

I really save the best for last, ain’t I????? I love this hilarious series so much… I couldn’t remember when I was laughing this much… Everything comes together.. The weird costumes, the odd settings, the colors, are just so very pleasant to watch.. I love Zhang Peng Peng character so much that I want to be her besties… If you haven’t watched this series, I truly recommend this series to you…. There are different endings to this drama but I just don’t care despite the weirdness.. This drama is that good… I just love the process watching episode per episode… P.S: This drama isn’t so shy about the kissing / bed scenes either..

Review: 15/10

So, that’s it for Q1 post… Hope that it gives you a heads up of what drama should you see… Overall, I totally recommend EVERYONE on earth to watch Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser, especially if you are able to understand Mandarin.. It’s truly the drama you shouldn’t missed!

Judging a book from its cover

make over

Don’t worry.. This isn’t a post about a diet pill ad or to share any successful stories how I have become thinner.. I’m still who I am in a shape that hasn’t changed for the past 30 years..

For anyone who hasn’t read my blog before.. My name is Anne and I am working as a Recruitment Manager in one of the private companies in Jakarta.. I have been doing this for the past 4-5 years and so far I am quite enjoying them…

If you ask me what makes me “good” at this job is because…

I might have a good eye when screening so many applicants. Just by looking at the photo, I usually can tell what type of jobs will fit the person or can she be hired to the organization which I am working at the moment..

Yes.. part of my job requirement is to be able to screen people through CVs quite fast and this sort of making me to “judge a book from its cover”..

Many companies (not the one I am working for of course since they have hired me) have certain “physical” criteria when hiring employees especially front liners for banking / any sales person. They require “beautiful” applicants with nice figures and so on.. They have the common sense behind it of course. It makes sense for a company to hire attractive employees in order to sale their products / become their front liner.

However, yesterday.. Accidentally, I have experienced what it’s like to be on the other side.. “To be judged rather than to judge” And.. I am telling you that it sucks!

It’s not a good feeling when “certain” people just reject you before even meeting you just because of your appearance (not related to work of course)… It hurts my deep deep down feeling inside my heart..

I mean… Just because you are short, tall, have white skin, black skin, thin, big; it shouldn’t be a requirement for someone to look down on you, judging you and even cast you away..

This is by far one of the most bitter reality that I have to taste in life..

From now on… I would be very careful.. I would try to see all the applicants who have applied to our company and see them one by one for an interview session.. No more judging from its cover.. But, I will look more carefully more to their expertise if I have to decide not to continue them for an interview session.. Again, why would any recruiters call an MD degree for an Architect vacancy post?

This probably is the best I could do for now knowing that this pain is truly killing who I really am..

Cara Pembuatan Visa Korea 2014

Hi Chingu… Anyeong Haseo… Anne Imida….

Tujuan post ini adalah membagi saran dan pengalaman saya membuat visa Korea.. Udah banyak sich media lain yang memberikan info yang buat tentang bagaimana cara pembuatan visa korea… Tapi tetep aja eke nge blog… Saya sendiri juga type yang lebih percaya Mbah Google daripada travel agent.. Lebih percaya temen2 blogger daripada kedutaan nya sendiri.. So, the way I did it was more due to blogger’s advice..

Bagi yang sekarang lagi membuat visanya sendiri, aku tau banget gimana rasanya deg2 an.. Makan ngak enak, tidur ngak enak… Sampe mimpi juga ngak enak.. Syndrome nya sendiri sebenernya mulai ketika mulai2 browsing “Apa aja siiiii yang harus dipersiapin?”, “Kok ada harus sertain tabungan segala”, “Bener harus sediain tabungan 50jt??”

Kalo ngak punya gimana? Masa harus minjem tetangga sebelah? Kalo dipinjemin.. Kalo engak, masa iya harus ngerampok bank??

Sebenernya, nyiapin dokumennya sendiri ngak gitu ribet.. Persyaratannya semua dibawah ini according to

Tips from Anne: Ada travel agent yang membuat persyaratan “sendiri” dalam arti bukan seperti yang ada di kedutaan Korea.. saran aku sich.. Mendingan sediain minimum requirement yang diminta oleh Kedutaan Korea.. Tapi kalo misalnya yang diminta oleh travel agent dan kebetulan ada, ngak ada salahnya juga dilampirin supaya keliatannya lebih bagus..

– Paspor Asli dan Fotokopi Paspor (halaman identitas beserta visa/cap negara-negara yang telah dikunjungi)
==> Yang ini mudah kan ya… Paspor asli sekarang ada 2 jenis.. Kemarin aku pake paspor yang biasa.. Bukan yang electronic.. Apabila temen2 udah punya yang electronic, akan lebih bagus lagi… Karena ke Jepang pun mulai 1 Desember 2014 ini, untuk pemegang passport electronic ngak perlu ajuin visa untuk kunjungan dibawah 15 hari.. 🙂 Disini, syndrome yang ada: Gimana nich? Saya ngak pernah kemana2.. Saya juga ngak punya visa New Zealand, Australia, America and yang keren2.. Huhuhu… Jangan khawatire ya.. Passport saya juga karena BARU.. Kosong kok ngak ada cap negara2 keren sama sekali… Paling Asia2 aja.. Tapi bagi temen2 yang punya visa Aussie, New Zealand or USA, ternyata malah ngak usah ajuin Visa Korea sama sekali loh…. Bisa baca keterangannya by browsing2 sendiri ya… 🙂 Inget, masa berlaku passport harus lebih dari 6 bulan.. Jangan sampe kayak saya, masa berlaku passport 3 bulan, nekat ke Singapore.. Untungnya dikasih dispensasi karena pas itu emergency pas Papa sakit.. Alhasil, pulang malah pake passport sementara dan harus ke kedutaan Indonesia di Singapore.

– Formulir Aplikasi Visa (dengan satu lembar foto yang ditempel pada kolom foto)
==> Formulir aplikasi bisa di download disini:
Terakhir aku isi diketik dan baru ditandatangi sama bolpen hitam.. Cuma ketika browsing2, ada juga yang bilang harus pake tulisan tangan BLOCK LETTER… Apapun cara yang dipilih, kedutaan ok sama dua dua nya… Isi seeeeeeeee JUJUR2 nya ya.. Jangan sampe ada yang dibuat… Karena itu akan membuat visa kamu ngak akan di approve nantinya… Untuk urusan foto, 4×6 aja.. Modal dikit, jangan sampe cetakannya ngak bagus.. Aku sendiri sampe bolak balik nge print nich foto karena ngerasa ngak cantik and bagus aja (Hehehe).. Lebai emang gue.. Background nya putih ya.. Jangan merah dan jangan juga Hello Kitty…. 🙂

– Kartu Keluarga atau Dokumen yang dapat membuktikan hubungan kekeluargaan
==> Gampang khan…. Yang ini minta aja sama orang tua 🙂 hehehehe

– Surat Keterangan Kerja dan Fotokopi SIUP Tempat Bekerja- Jika tidak bekerja tidak perlu menyertakan
==> Untuk meminta surat keterangan kerja, bisa langsung minta sama HRD di kantor.. Minta Ybs untuk print surat keterangan diatas kop surat dan di cap.. Isinya bisa dilihat dibawah ini. Untuk SIUP, karena HRD Manager ditempat aku BFF, jadi fotokopi nya dikasih dhe sama Beliau.. 🙂 Denger2 untuk jabatan Manager keatas, fotokopi SIUP ini WAJIB hukumnya untuk disertakan.. 🙂

Jakarta, 25 Oktober 2014 (Tanggalnya tinggal dirubah)
The Embassy of South Korea
Visa Section
Subject : Tourist Visa Application

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is to certify that:
Name :
Place & Date of Birth :
Passport Number :
Address per KTP :
Current Address :

Is currently employed by PT. ………… (sebutin nama PT nya) in Jakarta as (Jabatan saat ini)  since (tanggal bekerja) . She will visit South Korea from the period of (tanggal keberangkatan sampai dengan tanggal kedatangan)  for holiday. She will come back to Indonesia on (tanggal kedatangan)

All expenses such as air ticket and accommodation during in your country will be borne by disini ada dua pilihan.. boleh tulis (company) atau (her/his personal account). Saran aku sich, kalo tabungannya lumayan mencukupi, mendingan tulis personal.. Kalo temen2 ikut ala backpacker and tabungannya juga tipis sekali, tulisnya bisa by company…

We will guarantee that she will return to Indonesia as soon as her trip is over, without seeking for any kind of employment or permanent resident and promise she will obey every regulation in your country. She will still be employed by (nama PT nya)  and will come back to work in (nama PT nya)  after her leave is over.

It would be highly appreciated if you could grant her the tourist visa to enter your country. Should you need additional information on her employment details, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Yours sincerely,

Ttd HR Manager, disertai dengan cap

Nama HR Manager
HR Manager (Jabatan)

– Surat Keterangan Mahasiswa/Pelajar, bagi yang masih bersekolah
==> Ini bisa minta ke tata usaha sekolah.. Dia akan urus 🙂

– Fotokopi Bukti Keuangan, pilih salah satu:
==> Eng ing eng… ini dia yang bikin super deg deg an… Sebenernya di kedutaan, cuma dibilang untuk ngajuin salah satu.. Kemarin untuk kasus saya supaya aman, aku coba untuk memenuhi semuanya.. Yang punya, di “show” aja dah semuanya… And beberapa travel agent juga nyaranin untuk melampirkan lebih dari satu.. Dalam arti, jangan cuma tabungan tapi juga dengan SPT.. Atau dengan slip gaji, atau dengan PBB, dll dll

PIlihan bukti keuangan adalah sebagai berikut:

* Surat Pajak Tahunan (SPT PPH-21) yang dikeluarkan oleh Dirjen Pajak RI
==> Bagi yang rajin membayar pajak, atau yang sudah otomatis dipotong oleh perusahaan kayak saya, ini mudah.. Tinggal ambil aja SPT yang paling terbaru.. Contoh saya apply visa October 2014.. Maka SPT yang saya sertakan adalah tahun 2013.

* Surat Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan (PBB) yang dikeluarkan oleh Dirjen Pajak RI
==> Bagi yang sudah memiliki property, boleh disertakan juga bukti ini..

* Rekening koran tabungan 3 bulan terakhir dan surat referensi bank
==> Nahh… ini nich…. Berapa sich jumlah norminal yang harus dipunya??? Apa harus 50jt??? Sebenernya ini engak bener.. Jumlah ditabungan harus meng cover: Harga tiket pesawat PP + Akomodasi + Biaya expense disana sesuai dengan itinerary yang dibuat… Kemarin terakhir saya ajuin, tabungan saya sekitar 30jt an aja.. And di approve juga… So… Jangan stress ya…. Ada blogger yang tabungan nya cuma 5jt, 10jt, 15jt dan di approve juga…

Ini tips khusus dari saya:
1. Bagi yang sudah bekerja, pilih tabungan yang sama dengan payroll perusahaan. Kalau kita gajian pake BCA, ya lebih baik kita sertai rekening koran 3 bulan yang BCA… Ini pentiiiing!!! banget karena bukti kuat kalo kita emang ada pemasukan yang pasti untuk setiap bulannya… Kalo mau nambahin dana2 last minute, jangan di setor >5jt dalam satu transaksi.. Jadi perlahan2 ya…
2. Jumlah tabungan jangan ada yang mencurigakan.. Jangan saldo 0, ngak aktif 3 bulan tiba2 langsung masuk 100jt…. Ini udah pasti bakal raise a question…

Terus, gimana dong minta ke bank nya? Kalian tinggal ke customer service dan mengajukan surat permohonan seperti ini:

Jakarta, 24 Oktober 2014
Kepada Yth

PT. Bank Sinasmas
Cabang Thamrin – KCU Thamrin
Jl. MH Thamrin no: 51
Tangerang, 10350

Dengan Hormat,

Sehubungan dengan rekening saya pada PT.Bank Sinarmas, dengan ini kami mohon dibuatkan Referensi Bank untuk materi proses pembuatan visa ke Korea Nomor rekening dibawah ini:

Nama Rekening :
Nomor Rekening :
No. KTP :

Ditujukan kepada : Kedutaan Besar Korea
Keperluan : Pembuatan Visa

Demikianlah surat permohonan pembuatan Referensi Bank ini saya buat. Atas perhatian dan kerjasamanya saya ucapkan terima kasih.

Hormat Saya,


Nama yang apply..

Nanti akan dapat surat keterangan yang akan dicantumin saldo terakhirnya.. 🙂 Untuk bank sinarmas yang baik hati, saya minta pagi dan sorenya udah jadi.. Ardi lagi itu minta ke BCA cabang rumahnya, diminta 3 hari (gilingan!!!). Ya udah saya langsung telp BCA yang di menara UOB (Tempat Ardi lagi itu buat tabungannya).. And, alhasil minta sore, besok pagi juga udah jadi.. Thanks yaa customer service yang udah bantu eke untuk URGENT!!

* Surat keterangan dan copy kartu membership golf
Saya ngak punya ini.. Jadi ngak dilampirkan juga.. Kalo yang punya membership, pertama kali khan kita akan dikasih surat “congratulation for joining.. bla bla bla”.. Tinggal fotokopi aja dan fotokopi juga kartu member nya.. Selesai dhe…

* Surat keterangan dan copy kartu membership hotel bintang 5
Kebetulan, sebulan sebelumnya saya mengajukan kartu membership accor hotel dengan biaya 2.3 jt per tahun.. Ini dapat benefit untuk nginep di hotel mana aja sedunia untuk 2 malam.. Makanya itu di Korea, saya berdua dengan Ardi bikin ini… Jadi dengan 4,6jt, 4 malam kita nginep di hotel bintang lima… Yeyy.. 🙂 hehehehe

Saya submit welcome letter dan fotokopi kartu pemegangnya juga… Kartu saya baru banget.. Ajuin visa October.. Member juga since October.. Tapi gpp juga 🙂

* Surat keterangan pemegang program jamsostek
Surat ini penting juga loh disertakan kalo memang ada… Saya minta ini dari HRD kantor.. Isinya seperti ini:

Jakarta, 25 Oktober 2014
The Embassy of South Korea
Visa Section
Subject : Jamsostek withholder

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is to certify that:
Name :
Place & Date of Birth :
Passport Number :
Address per KTP :
Current Address :

Is currently employed by (nama perusahaan) in Jakarta as (jabatan) since (tanggal mulai bekerja). She is also a withholder of JAMSOSTEK (pension plan card) no: (insert no nya) since (kapan mulai jadi anggota jamsostek)

Thank you and hope that the information can be used for visa application.

Yours sincerely,

Ttd HRD Manager + Cap perusahaan

Nama HRD Manager
HR Manager (Jabatannya)

Jangan lupa juga chingu.. Kartu Jamsostek nya di fotokopi dan ikut juga disertakan dengan suratnya..

* Slip gaji atau bukti tunjangan pensiun
Ini saya sertakan 2 2 nya.. Dengan minta ke HRD Manager kantor untuk slip gaji 3 bulan terakhir, dan saya juga ke kantor Jamsostek terdekat yang nge print saldo tunjangan pensiun saya untuk 3 bulan terakhir.. Ini ngak bayar.. And juga ngak terlalu ngantri kok… 🙂 Ardi, yang bareng sama saya ke Korea ngak menyertakan ini dan akhirnya visa dia di approve juga.. Tapi tabungan dia jumlahnya jauh melebihi standard requirement.. Karena lagi itu saya deg2 an, saya tambahkan dhe..

* Tambahan dari travel agent: Airline ticket, reservasi hotel, itinerary
Hal ini ngak diminta oleh kedutaan.. Tapi kalo via travel agent, wajib hukumnya… So, better.. disertakan kalo memang udah ada.. Kalo temen2 orangnya save money banget.. Airline ticket boleh booking dulu aja (jangan bayar dan issue dulu) dan reservasi hotel juga sama boleh booking dulu aja.. Time limit nya biasa panjang kok… Untuk itinerary, saya buatnya seeeeeeelengkap mungkin.. Temen2 mungkin ngak perlu kayak saya.. Tapi inilah contohnya:

Itinerary buat visa application

* Tambahan dari travel agent: Fotocopy KTP dan fotocopy akte lahir.

==> Yang ini gampang lah ya 🙂

So… sekian itu persyaratan nya chingu2.. Untuk cara apa yang akan dipakai,

1. Apakah pakai travel agent?

2. Apakah akan urus sendiri?

itu terserah chingu.. Kalo ngak mau beribet ngantri, tinggal pake travel agent.. Kalo mau foto2 depan kedutaan dan menikmati prosesnya dan “involve” langsung di prosesnya, sendiri dhe 🙂

Untuk biaya visa Korea Selatan sendiri ada tiga macam, tergantung lama hari kita akan tinggal di sana. Single Visa (Kunjungan di bawah 90 hari): Rp 480.000. Single Visa (Kunjungan di atas 90 hari): Rp 720.000. Multiple Visa (sampai dengan 3 tahun): Rp 1.080.000. Double Visa (2 Kali kunjungan, berlaku 6 bulan): Rp 840.000.

Kalau ngurus sendiri, biaya visa dibayar pada saat pengajuan aplikasi visa, dan apabila ditolak tidak dikembalikan. Jadwal Pengajuan dan Pengambilan Visa dilakukan pada hari kerja. Pengajuan visa dari pukul 09.00-11.30 WIB. Sementara pengambilan dari pukul 13.30-16.30 WIB. Proses pembuatan visa kurang lebih 5 hari kerja. Bisa juga lebih, tergantung Konsulat.

Kalo kemarin saya pake Bayu Buana.. Biaya untuk Single Visa (Kunjungan di bawah 90 hari): Rp. 566.000 Dan guess what!!! Dibikin dag dig dug dor sama satu travel agent… Di telp in pas udah 5 hari kerja, bilang masih proses.. 6 hari kerja, dibilang masih juga, 7, 8, 9, 10,….. sampai udah 12 hari kerja masih belum juga..

Bayangin dhe.. submit ditanggal 30 October, masa baru bisa diambil di tanggal 18 November.. Itu pun pake follow up telp langsung ke pusatnya.. Lucu nya pas saya udah telp pusat dan dinyatakan bahwa sudah beres dari beberapa hari yang lalu dan tinggal dikirim via messenger.

Temen saya Dhita, nyaranin saya iseng untuk telp and nanya lagi ke agent yang ngurusin selama ini “Bagaimana visanya Jo?” Dia bilang “Belum selesai.. SPT nya masih di check.. and bla bla bla…. GUBRAK!!!” Jujur, saya ajuin di Bayu Buana Thamrin dengan Jo Virgina.. And she’s quite junior and anaknya ngak pro active banget… Jadi aku saranin, mendingan pake Bayu Buana yang dideket Pacific Place.. Dulu aku urusin visa China disana and akhirnya visanya jadi sebelum waktunya dan pake dianter segala ke kantor… Keren khan?? Jangan juga diajuin sama agent yang masih “baru”…

They just don’t live up to our standards..

Kalo sudah di approve, visanya jadi seperti ini:

Visa Korea

TERUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS gimana Mbak kalo visa saya ngak di approvee?????

Inget.. ngak kiamat kok kalo visa ngak di approve.. Jepang sekarang udah bebas visa.. Bisa tinggal pergi kesana dan ditambahin itinerary ke Jeju Island karena kesana ngak usah pake visa.. Di Jeju, banyak yang mirip dengan apa yang ada di Seoul.. Even Museum Teddy Bear.. Di Seoul udah ngak ada… Di Jeju malah ada loh…

So, “Relakanlah” tiket pesawat yang sudah dibeli atau yang sudah di booking walaupun dapet harga yang PROMO PROMO PROMO… Kalau temen2 kayak saya yang udah ngebet ke Korea banget.. Tunggu dan benerin apa sich yang sebenernya mengakibatkan ditolak… Diskusi dsb dsb… And, 3 bulan kemudian tinggal re apply.. Banyak kok orang yang udah di reject and ketika apply ke 2x dengan persiapan yang bener, di approve… Nangis boleh… 2 – 3 hari aja ya… Tapi jangan sampe jadi ngak move on and kehilangan semangat hidup hanya gara2 visa.. Inget, it’s only VISA man… Not even a person.. Inget2 lagi dhe pas waktu dulu putus sama pacar or pas ada yang meninggal.. Sakitnya ngak seberapa khan????

Kalo temen2 ngak GILA Korea kayak saya dan tetep teriak “NGAK MAU KE NEGARA LAIN”, mending langsung pilih destinasi negara lain yang ngak usah pake visa kayak HONGKONG… Asyik kok kesana and harganya mirip dengan biaya ke Korea.. Ada Disneyland, dsb… Dijamin pasti membuat temen2 tersenyum… Liat dhe itinerary saya yang Shenzen, Hongkong and Macau.. Dijamin.. bakalan membuat hidup kita lebih bahagia….

OK! Sekian post aku tentang visa dan semoga membantu temen2 yang mau mengajukan visa ya…
All I can say is all the best!!!!!, gue ngerti banget!!!!! kayak gimana dag dig dug nya….. Ngak serem2 amat kok ngajuin Visa Korea… 🙂

For any further questions, tinggal kirim email aja ke! Pasti saya bales…

Thank you and happy holiday to me!!!! Hahahahaa


Anne Darmawan