Episode 4: Turn left, turn right (Ruby)

Part 1: Meeting an old friend and meeting a new friend

I finally wake up as the stewardess turns on the light. I ask her whether we are going to land soon. She says that it will land in 15 minutes. I have read all three letters from the three musketeers back and forth until I can memorize them with actually seeing the letter. I am feeling homesick already.

Garuda First Class 11

I open my wallet to get a mobile sim card Anthony gave me. He wanted me to get in touch with him as soon as I reach Sydney. However, there is another surprise when I am opening my wallet. I don’t remember of bringing this much cash. Anthony must have put it in when I took a shower. I also found that they are 5 new credit cards under my name on my wallet. I start to cry right away as I really feel that he has done too much for me. I am leaving to Sydney without giving him the right explanation but still, he always gives me his best effort to protect me. I also find an old savings book under my name on my wallet. It’s the savings book 11 years I ago when I studied in Sydney. It turns out that it still has a balance of $130.000. No way. I recall my savings before never exceeded 20.000 before. I see that the last transaction was made just a few days ago. It must have been Anthony as well. God, how can I repay him in this life?

I am finally here getting my bag as the business class baggage is separated than the others. I change my sim card right away to the one Anthony gave me and dial his phone number.

“Hallo? Ruby?”

“Yes Thon. It’s me. I am already in Sydney. Did you sleep? Did I wake you?”


“No.. I have been waiting for your call.”

“Thon, thank you so much for everything. I found the cash, the credit cards and even the saving books. Really, this is just too much. I won’t use it.”

“I am afraid that you don’t bring enough cash with you. I don’t want you to leave poorly there.”

“Thank you.. I will let you know as soon as I know the address to my place. Bye”

“Bye.. I miss you already.”

He has hung up the phone and I begin to think whom to dial next. After I call the three musketeers and thanking them all for the letters, my dad, and also my cousin who has waited outside in the departure hall, I decide to call Amy’s cousin and asking about the rental. I must give an address to Anthony as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will feel suspicious.

“Hallo. Is this Christian speaking?” ask me whether I have dialed the right number.

Christian on the phone

“Yes. This is Christian. Who is this?”

“Hallo. I am Ruby, Amy’s friend from Indonesia. She told me that I might be able to rent your place?”

“Yes. Hallo? Welcome to Sydney. I live in the city area. I have a room for you to rent. I am living with one roommate and my sister. We have a four bed room apartment. Where are you now?”

“I am now still at the Airport. I will stay for 2 days at my uncle’s place in Chestwood first. Can you give me the address to your place? I will come day in two more days.”

“My place is quite hard to find and have a strict access for anyone to get in. I will pick you up. You can just text me the address to your uncle’s place.”

Wow! I think that he is very nice. To be honest, I am thankful that Amy gave me his contact. I don’t know whether I should contact any of my high school friends. Matthew said for me to not contacting them as Roy might get suspicious. So far, the plan is working well. My cousin, Sony is very happy to see me. We grew very close when we were in Sydney. He’s a good boy. Now, he is in college already. I spend the next two days at my uncle’s place talking about our days before and also tasting my Aunt Susan great cook. Now, it’s already my last day at their place as tomorrow morning, Christian will pick me up. What Aunt Susan knows is that Christian is sent by our office. Aunt Susan informed me that they will have a small prayer meeting at her place. She asks me to play the piano.

a girl on the piano

Guests are arriving at Aunt Susan’s place. It’s about 15 people. We are then beginning to sing a song. After singing two songs, I see one guy is running to the living room while bringing a guitar, apologizing that he’s late. As he took of his coat, I realize that it’s Kevin, one of my very closest friends when I was in Sydney before. “Damn!” How can it happen? If he knows my transformation, it would be dangerous for Roy to find out. Although they are not close friends with each other, they do know each other. Kevin and I grew very close because we both love music. He’s a talented musician who can play drums, guitar, piano and even bass. He never took a formal course but he’s really creative in terms of making an arrangement. I remember our time when we can spend hours at night on the phone discussing music. He played keyboard on the phone and sang to me until I fell asleep.

I am really afraid that he would recognize me. I haven’t even thought about changing my name. Should I still have the name Ruby or should I change my name to someone else? After the prayer meeting ends, suddenly my Aunt Susan pulls my arm to get me to talk to Kevin.

“Kev, do you still remember Ruby?” Aunt Susan asks him right away. I don’t know what to think and how to react about this. However, I just decide to go with the flow.

“Yes. I didn’t recognize her when I saw her but I knew it was her after hearing her playing the piano.”

I am then pulling Kevin’s hand and ask him to join me outside. Aunt Susan seems to smile as we go outside leaving the rest of the people inside.

“Hi Kev… It’s been a while… How are you?” I ask him nervously, don’t know where to start. 

“I am good. How are you? I am so surprised to see you here. It’s been 10 years.”

We are catching up our story on how we have passed these 10 years. Finally, now it’s my turn to get to the point.

“Are you still in touch with many of our high school friend?”

“Yes. I am in touch with several of them.”

“May I know who are they?”

“If you want to ask about Roy, no I am not still in touch with him.”

The awkward moment finally comes in between our conversation. However, I have decided to tell him the truth as I think that it would be impossible for me to hide it from him. After telling the stories, Kevin is laughing loudly and says that I am one of the funniest girls he’d ever met. Nevertheless, he finally agrees to keep this as a secret and even offers me to help. He even will go with me to the alumni gathering as my date as he also has received the invitation a while ago.

On the next morning, I am waiting for Christian to pick me up. Finally there’s a car waiting in front of Aunt Susan’s house. It can’t be him. Is it a Jaguar? O my God. Is he really Amy’s cousin? There is this guy walking outside from the car wearing what it seems to be a very expensive leather jacket. He is wearing Hermes belt, Hermes watch with Hermes sun glasses. I thought that Christian would be somebody who is a regular working class people like Amy or me.

“I am looking for Ruby.” He says to Aunt Susan who is outside showering her flowers.

“Ruby, someone here is looking for you.” Aunt Susan calls me.

I am going outside as fast as I can as I don’t want Aunt Susan to faint.

“I am Ruby.. Hallo.. Are you Christian? We spoke on the phone?” I say politely.

“Yes. I am Christian. You look pretty.”

He seems like a play boy type, rich guy who spends his parent’s money without worrying any world hunger. I think I need to talk to Amy. I still can’t believe that she would ask me to stay with him.

“Can I go the bathroom for one second please?”

“Yes pretty girl, you may. Please hurry up as I don’t like to dispose myself with sun.”

Oh my God! I am going to kill Amy. Why is she doing this to me? I go to Aunt Susan’s room right away and dial Amy’s phone number. I yell at her immediately and ask her why on earth that she didn’t tell me that her cousin is a pervert rich boy. She then explains to me that he is living in a very gorgeous penthouse. She also has explained my situation with Christian and has he agreed for me to pretend as his other sister so Roy thought that I am coming from a wealthy family.

“I still wouldn’t thank you. If there’s anything happens to me, you will make your duty to my parents by replacing me as their daughter!” I say to Amy with a high tone.

After the short conversation, I go outside and find that Christian is already in his car while my luggage is still outside the car. Aunt Susan helps me to get my luggage as they are quite heavy. After then, she hugs me and asks me to come by to her house sometimes should I am not busy.

“Thank you for having me.” says me politely to Christian.

“No problem. I like having girls around the house. At least, it’s better than having my loud roommate.”

I feel like I am entering a nightmare already. I am very picky in terms of choosing friend and Christian certainly wouldn’t make the cut.

“We have a house cleaner who comes in 3 times a week. Other than that, you pretty much need to clean by yourself” Christian says to me.

“No problem. I like cleaning the house. It should be no problem for me.”

“It’s good then. The house is clean now as I ask her to clean them yesterday. But, it will become dirty again tomorrow. As Amy told me that you will pretend to become my sister, I will give you my master bedroom for you. My parents owe Amy’s parents so much before I was born. Therefore, Amy’s request is like an Emperor’s order in our house.”

“You don’t have to do that. I can take any rooms. It should not be a problem.”

I begin to not feeling good. Maybe, I should get another place to stay. However, Amy is right. Roy needs to see me as a rich girl before he can fall in love with me.

“How much do I have to pay you per month?” I finally ask him this direct question as I don’t want to put a burden on Amy in the future.

“You don’t have to pay me anything. I don’t need money. I will even give you a monthly allowance”

“No.. It will be too much. Letting me staying at your place and have you pretend to become my rich brother is already more than enough. I don’t want to take your money.”

“Hm.. You are different that I thought you were. By the way, I need you to fill you in with my family’s background so your dude would not get suspicious. ” My Father is James Wong.

“Are you kidding me? James Wong? The founder of Wong’s corporation in Indonesia? No wonder that he is his son” I said to myself. He continues to explain the family business and I hear his information attentively even though I might know his company’s profile better than himself.

“I have 2 sisters. One is June who stays at the house and the other one is you at the moment. You will pretend to live as my other sister, May. She is still in US studying at Berkeley University. She is the smartest in the family. May is a very outgoing girl who likes to party where June is quite the opposite. I am on the other hand likes to party even harder. Are you clear?”

“Yes. I am clear. Thank you.” I wonder why Amy didn’t just work at his uncle’s company. But, when I reevaluate, I am quite proud of her for making her own effort to survive.

“I like to bring my dates to come home with me. Just let me know should any of them do not behave themselves. I will ask the securities to escort them.”

I still don’t know what he means but I decide to just keep it quiet. I wouldn’t want to offend him. It seems that he could have me killed without anyone knows.

After we reach the apartment, there is a valet attendant who seems to have recognized him already and he asks one of the bell boys to help me with the luggage. He takes my arm and then pulls me to come in to an elevator. He presses the only button in the elevator. It’s a Penthouse.


It must have been a private elevator. I am now amazed and thankful that I could experience this lifestyle. The door opens directly to the living room and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous this “house” looks. The walls are all glass which can make you see the view to the Harbor Bridge. You can also see one swimming pool and one Jacuzzi. Wow! It’s unbelievable. This is actually a castle, not a house.

“I will take you to your room.” He is still taking my arm.

We are entering a room which I think should have been a Cinderella’s room before. It’s so gorgeous and the size of the room is like twice as big as my apartment in Jakarta. The closet is a double door closet and when I open the closet, they are plenty of formal dress there. It’s all branded. O my God.

“You can use all of this. These are all my sisters, the one who lives in US. These are all the things she did not want to bring with her. All the shoes, bags, clothes, and also jewelries are allowed for you to borrow.

“I don’t need any of these. I have my own clothes.”

“Look at you now. You don’t look like a rich girl at all. If you want to act, then you have to give it your best. I don’t want you to look like an Aunt. You cannot disgrace my family name and especially my credibility. You have to think that you are my sister now.”

“Ok.. Would your sister mind though that I am using her clothes?

“These are all the things she wanted to throw. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I will give you a tour around the house.”

The rest of the house even makes me more amaze. All the furniture seems to be very classy and I am even scared to touch them. Christian then continues to talk

“I am living upstairs. You are not allowed to enter my room under any circumstances. I don’t even bring my dates here. Usually I take them to sleep in the guest room.”

“I thought that you only have 4 rooms. One for you, one for your sister, the other must be your loud roommate and the other one is used for me now.”

“No, we have 4 rooms. The first four is on level one and the second four are on level two.”

I just realize that this pent house has two floors. Oh my God. This is how the rich lives.

“I will take you to see my sister and my loud roommate. He is a musician!”

He knocks on a pink door and I can hear hard rock music from inside. No one is opening the door. Christian then opens the door and we can see that there is a girl who’s still sleeping wearing a pink pajama while her eyes are using a pink eye cover. This room is really gorgeous if the color is not all pink like a marshmallow.

“She is my sister, June.” You might realize that they are both named after the month they were born. Let’s go to see my roommate. He’s a friend of mine since college. He always does my paper and takes the exam for me. That’s why I let him stay in my house. He didn’t know that you are coming. However, he will know that you are a fraud since he already met May. May likes him so it would be better for you to keep your distant with him.”

“Mate, are you inside?” Christian knocks on the white door loudly, different from the way he knocks his sister door.

“Yes, come in.”

I recognize that voice. It’s Kevin. Oh my God. How could this have gotten any worse?

“Kev, this is my cousin’s friend, Ruby. She will stay here as long as she likes. Ruby, this is my roommate Kevin.”

Kevin’s room is unbelievably untidy. Everything is all over the place. How someone could lives like this is a huge question mark for me. I am trying to figure out what to do.

“Ruby, what are you doing here?” says Kevin who is also shock to find me here.

“Are you staying here? How do you know Chris?” says Kevin again

“Well! You guys already knew each other? I thought that her makeover was very drastic that not one person would even recognize her.” Says Christian

“She was the one I ran to last night.” Says Kevin

“O.. She is that special girl you told me about. Well, this is interesting!” Christian replies

“What are you guys talking about? I am confused.” I begin to think that all of these are all huge mistakes. Maybe, I shouldn’t come to Sydney in the first place. I haven’t met Roy yet but my feeling is already like a roller coaster.

“Kevin adores you since the dinosaur species existed!” Christian replies to me.

Kevin then starts to jump from his bed and put his arm around his neck and whisper something I couldn’t find out. I think they start talking using their own dialect. It’s like a Kalimantan’s dialect. I am still not sure. They are then smiling with each other, leaving me to feel even more confuse and then Christian says

“Well, since he already knew you. It’s best for you to tell Kevin that you are going to pretend as my sister in order to seduce the dude. Kev, she is entitled to use all facilities, including May’s car and also May’s belonging. You can give the house key to her and also the contact number of the house keeper in case she needs something.”

“I think we better sit down and I will tell you everything so there’s no confusion. You guys can also tell me the rules on how to live here.”

“I am so bloody sleepy. They are no rules here except that you cannot come in to my room like I told you. I am not interested in anyone’s problem. I won’t care and interfere with any of your business. As long as we understand each other, I think we are good.” Christian replies while yawning to go to his room.

“Good night.” I say to him immediately.

This is a nightmare. I am living with a pervert rich guy and a friend who knows everything about me and Roy. I don’t even know Christian’s sister but it seems that she is not easy to get along with as well. I really want to move back to my Aunt’s place but it’s also impossible for me to stay there forever.

“Don’t worry too much” says Kevin interrupting my feeling. You should stop biting your nails. Roy will recognize your facial expression when you get nervous.”

“When did the last you see him?” I reply Kevin while helping him to clean his room.

“I think around last year when he called off his fiancé during their engagement party.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe what I have just heard.

“Do you know why?” I say to him.

“Yes. But I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Kevin then explains the household activity around the house. He also explains to me June’s character which scares me a little bit. It seems that she never likes anybody or talks to anybody. She also doesn’t like to come out from her room. According to Kevin, she is the complete opposite of May who is very outgoing. Their parents also think that May will be the one to inherit the family business.

“Have you picked up a dress for you to wear tomorrow?” Kevin asks me

“No. I think I will find something to wear on May’s closet.” I reply him immediately.

“I will help you to find it.”

He is then coming in to May’s room and begins to open her closet. He is asking me to fit almost more than 10 gowns before he finally says

“Yes. I think this is it.”

He chose a backless purple dress for me with a silk material. The brand is Vera Wang. He also chooses a silver Swarovski shoes with Louboutin brand. I know that these are very expensive. The clutch is even more fantastic. He then chooses me an earring with a purple sapphire for me to wear.

“I will take you to a beauty salon tomorrow.” Says Kevin

“I can do it myself. No problem.” I really don’t want to bring any trouble for him.

“You haven’t been coming to Sydney for a while. I will take you there.” He insists.

“Kev, may I know the address of our place and the house phone call?”

He is then giving me the en envelope which looks like en electricity bill with the complete address on it. He is also writing on a piece of paper to give me the house phone number.

“I think that I am going to unpack and then go out for a while. Is that ok?”

“Do you want me to accompany you? He asks me

“They are some places that I want to visit by myself.” I reply him with a smile.

I am calling Anthony right away and giving him my current address with the phone number on it. I also tell him that I am living with three roommates and they are all working at the same company with me. I don’t want him to worry at all. After calling Anthony and unpacking my things, I start to walk around the city. It’s different now. It’s more modern than 11 years ago. I go to the movies which Roy and I had our first day. I also go to our favorite restaurant, walking a long side of the park near the Harbor Bridge and sits down at the park thinking about the past decade of my life. I am beginning to cry as I remember how Roy left me before. It was my darkest time. Suddenly, I feel that I am not doing the right thing by coming to Sydney. It might just dig my scar back.

Part 2: Night on a cruise

sydney night on a cruise

It is 05.00 PM at the clock and we are waiting downstairs for a car to drive us there. The Wong’s family seems to take riding a limousine as their regular vehicle. For me, this is only my first time. During the ride, I am thinking on the details of the last hour at the palace.

I couldn’t help but smiling over and over again to the mirror looking at myself. I really feel pretty and for the first time in myself, I feel that I am a princess in a story book. Kevin also looks handsome while wearing his tux. He compliments how I look and even Christian smiles at me while putting both of his arms hugging two different girls in the living room wearing their bikinis. I must say that the guy certainly knows how to party.

Kevin then takes my hand and says

“Don’t be nervous, he will notice a beautiful girl like you. Don’t forget that you are May Wong now, not Ruby Lee. I will start calling you May from now on.”

We finally arrive at the Harbor and there is a gorgeous cruise in front of me. The cruise is similar like the one during my high school semiformal before. It’s lovely. I am putting my arm on Kevin’s hand and thinking “Let the act begins”

They are giving us our welcome drink as we shaking with few new friends who keep complimenting my dress, my shoes or even my hair. This has never happened before. As soon as they think that I am May Wong, they keep constantly give me a high compliment. The event begins with a dance ritual and I am beginning to get nervous as I couldn’t do any of formal dances. Kevin whispers in my ears and telling me not to worry. I just have to follow his lead. We dance around and I begin to sense that everybody is looking at us. I didn’t know before that Kevin is a phenomenal dancer, no wonder that everyone is looking at us.

“Everyone is looking at you, not at me.” Says Kevin

“Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you are the highlight of the party. They think that Princess Wong is finally making her appearance and they are amazed of how humble you are and how friendly you are. It’s very different with what they thought a conglomerate princess is all about. You can also speak Mandarin which brings a high advantage to the Chinese gang. Keep dancing, I already see Roy now.”

“I am beginning to feel nervous already.” I whisper in Kevin’s ear.

“Don’t worry, I am here.”

The last sentence reminds me of Anthony. Usually, he is always the one who comes to rescue me. Kevin reminds me of him.

“You have to follow my lead as I know what guys like and how to catch their attentions.”

“Ok. I will try my best.”

dancing couple

We finish dancing as Kevin offers me a drink. I notice Roy now. He is more handsome than before. He looks like He Jun Xiang (Mike He), the one who plays a male lead on the movie Devil Beside You, Why Why Love and his latest movie, Spring Love. I can’t help it but to adore his look. He is the best looking guy in the house today.

“I am going to kiss you on your cheek and you have to go outside to the deck. I think Roy will follow you there to make a move on you.”

I am feeling strange as Kevin is going to kiss me on the cheek and but I still give him a weak nod as a sign of agreement. I follow his instruction to go outside. The weather is nice. Somebody is suddenly putting a coat around me while giving me a glass of champagne and says:

“You must be the famous May Wong. I am Roy Chen, nice to meet you.”

I begin to get even more nervous and try to pull myself together

“Nice to meet you too”

I shake his hand formally while taking off his coat to give him back.

“You may wear it if you feel cold.” Roy says to me while his look is admiring how I look.

“No, I don’t feel cold. Kevin went to the toilet for a moment. He will be here shortly.”

“Are you his girlfriend?”

He must have changed to become a king of flamboyant. I couldn’t believe that his character can change this significantly.

“No. I am Christian’s sister. Kevin is staying at our place.”

Kevin then comes in to wrap up his coat around me and says

“She is not my girlfriend now but I am that she is going to become mine in the future.”

The two of them give the sharp look as I begin to feel very comfortable. It’s almost the look between Rudy and Anthony when they met at the bookstore café before.

“We will see about that” says Roy to Kevin

“We seem to have the same taste when it comes to choose a girl. First is Ruby, second is Lily and now it maybe Princess Wong” says Roy, still standing there and does not seem to leave soon.

“Who is Lily?” I finally ask Kevin.

“Lily was my girlfriend before Roy took her and dumped her at their engagement party.”

“What?” I am now beginning to understand the “enemy” atmosphere I have sensed every time I talk about Roy to Kevin. I also finally agree why he is willing to help me make a revenge on Roy without asking any questions. Kevin use to be a sweet guy. He wouldn’t approve of this kind of act if Roy hasn’t bothered him so much. I begin to think that Lily must be very important to Kevin.

“I only leave the girl who does not deserve to be kept but I think that Princess Wong is definitely the one who should be kept.” Roy smirks to the both of us while taking my right hand and kiss it gently.

“So, Ruby also wasn’t worthwhile to be kept for you?” I begin to feel angry due to his last statement.

He finally gives me a weird look as if he is going to kill someone.

“Please don’t talk about her like that! I am the one who didn’t deserve to have her before.”

I begin to get confuse but do not want to ask him furthermore as he might get suspicious. Later on, he asks me to join him on a dance. I look at Kevin and he’s giving me a nod of approval. He is planning to dance me a waltz and I am afraid that he might notice that I am not a trained dancer. A rich girl like May was supposed to have a formal training when it comes to dancing. I must think of a way for him to not get suspicious.

As we are walking through the dance floor, I pretend to twist my ankle due to the slippery floor. I also pretend to feel painful and out of the ordinary, he carries me like a prince carries a princess. I ask him to put me down but instead he is taking me to a private room with a billiard table.

“I am ok. You don’t have to worry. I will call Kevin” I say to him while opening my clutch to look for my mobile phone.

He is then taking my clutch and putting it on the table while asking the waiter to give us an ice pack.

“Why did you take my clutch? I want to give him a call.”

“I don’t like to be disturbed, especially by Kevin” he says while give my foot a little message.

My foot does feel hurt due to 11 inches shoes that I am not used to wear them at all. My ankle hurts some more when he tries to press it.

“Ow.. Please don’t press that so hard” I request him

“It needs to be massage properly otherwise it will get worse later on.”

He is then putting the ice pack on my feet. I don’t understand whether the guy in front of me is really the Roy I knew from before or has transformed to become a trained jerk who knows how to make a move to any girls. I am then grabbing his hand, remove the ice pack and look to his eyes deeply.

“I don’t know what you are trying to do. If your intention is to make a move on me, it is not going to work. I really hate a guy who bails on girl. I think I can walk now. Thank you for the foot massage.”

He suddenly feels surprise as I take off my shoes and take them with me. I am walking barefoot and try to look for Kevin. Everyone seems to notice and give a weird smile that I don’t wear my expensive shoes. I really don’t care. I just want to find Kevin. I finally find Kevin talking to a guy

“Kev, I think I am done for the day. Let’s go home!”

“We can’t go home as we are on a cruise and in the middle of nowhere. Do you want us to swim instead?” He is laughing at me.

“You are still the same girl I knew before” he adds his comments and begins to laugh some more.

“I couldn’t be May Wong and I don’t want people to like me because I am Princess Wong. It just feels weird.”

“You have to do this now. It’s too late. Everybody has already thought that you are May. You have to behave properly.”

I really want to press Ctrl Z to undo my life. This is just getting weirder.

“Please wait for a while. I need to talk to Mark first. He was asking something important. Could you wait here first? And please put on the shoes.” He asks me while continue to laugh.

Kevin is then coming to the bar location and trying to find Mark. I am now alone while seeing fireworks have been shot to the sky. It’s really beautiful. Suddenly, I really want to give Anthony a call. I forgot that I have left my clutch on the table at Roy’s place. I put on my shoes and try to ask the waiter to find the place. Instead of seeing Roy, I find 3 drunken guys on the couch, hugging a woman while continue to drink. I look at the table and find that my clutch is still there. I am smiling at them and grab my clutch while planning to leave the room as soon as possible.

“Where are you going sweetheart?” says the guy #1.

“I am just taking my clutch.” I am deadly scared and try to take off my hands.

“You don’t have to hurry. The cruise will not board for another hour. Just hang around with us.”

“Please excuse me. I need to come back inside. Someone is waiting for me.”

“Is your date more handsome than us? Just join us for a couple of drink” says the guy #2

“Please, I have to leave.”

The guy #1 then trying to make me sit down to the couch and I am unintentionally hit him in the face as he is pushing me.

“How dare of you to hit me! Do you know who I am?”

He is then trying to force me starting by kissing my cheek and my neck while my hands are struggling to get him to go away. I begin to shout and try to kick him.

The next thing I know is that someone has grabbed him and punches him in the face and shouts

“I remind you now to never touch her ever again!! She is mine!!”

It was Roy. It was him who saves me. I don’t reevaluate clearly whether this will be the right thing to do. However, I run towards him and hug him tightly. I am crying against his chest. The last event was scared me to death. At least, he is still Roy. He is the same person who I used to date for 2 years before. At least, the Roy I knew never force a girl to do that kind of thing.

“It’s ok.. Everything is ok now. I will take you outside.”

My body is still shaking and Roy takes off his coat to wrap it around me. I don’t reject it this time. I am grateful that he is here with me. I am still crying as Kevin notices that Roy arms are around me.

“What did you do to her?” Kevin starts push Roy away to the wall.

I am then trying to pull Kevin’s hand and say

“No, it’s ok. He’s the one who saves me”

“Are you ok now? You seem scared. What happened?” Kevin asks me repeatedly.

“You shouldn’t have left her alone. What kind of guy are you? You shouldn’t leave a girl alone at the party with plenty of alcohol like this!” Roy then shouts at him.

Roy then takes my right hand to take me to leave Kevin’s side while out of the sudden; Kevin grabs my left hand and say

“Let go of her hand. Don’t forget that she is my date. She is May Wong. I will let Christian know about this. The guy who makes her cry will feel sorry that he is still alive.” Says Kevin

“I already gave him a lesson but I will not let go of her hands. You never able to protect a girl in the right way not with Lily and now with May.” says Roy.

Both of my hands start to feel pain as they are both trying to pull them onto a different direction. I begin to make my defense and say it with courage:

“Will both of you let go of my hands please? I am not like any pet that you guys can order to go anywhere. I have my own feet.”

As they let go both of my hands, we begin to reach back the Harbor. I am thinking on what to do next as Kevin seems to leave me alone and go inside the cruise instead of going out. I am pulling out my clutch and dialing Christian’s number immediately.

“Chris, where are you now?” I am asking him with my shaken voice.

“I am at the Harbor, picking up Kevin to go to the after party at my friend’s roof.”

“I want to go home. Can you please take me home? Something horrible has happened.”

“Ok!” He says it without asking me any reasons.

The night is really ruined due to the 3 jerks hanging around at the private lounge. As we begin to reach the harbor, Christian is already there, waiting for me. I take Christian hand right away and give back the coat Roy gave to me.

“Thank you for saving me and thank you for the coat as well.” I say while giving him my weak smile.

He is then taking the coat. His eyes are still with me until Christian opens the door to his car for me. Kevin is not with us and I couldn’t find him anywhere as well. He might go home using the Limo, I guess to myself. I text Kevin and let him know that I am with Christian now. I begin to worry whether the Limo is still waiting for us there. After a few minutes, he is replying my message and saying that he will go home using the limo. My memory reminds me again of the previous horrible event.

I am beginning to cry as I have tried to hold my fear at the party. I don’t know that guys can be so dangerous. I never went to any clubs or any party before. I am pretty much a home girl. This kind of accident scares me to death as if I am far away from the people who usually are here to protect me.

Christian suddenly stops the car and asks me what has happened.

“I thought you never want to care about anyone else’s business.” I reply to him, still crying trying to search for any tissues but failed.


“I don’t like a girl crying in front of me. If you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine but you have to stop crying!.” His expression is very cold.

I am then telling him what happened and by the time the story has finished, I cry some more as I am still frighten by the look from the guy who was trying to force me. I remember the way his scary face touched my cheek and my neck. I feel dirty. I am trying to rub it away now with both of my hands.

Suddenly, Christian grabs my hands and hugs me tightly. I really don’t know what to do and feel strange that a cold guy like him is willing to comfort a girl like this.

“You are saved now. Don’t worry. I will make them pay for whatever they did to you.”

I am now crying some more and finally letting go of his arm and say

“Thank you. But, you don’t have to do anything. He was drunk. Roy has punched him.”

“That’s not enough. Nobody is supposed to mess with the Wong’s family.” says Christian

“But, I am not your real family.”

“You are my family now.” He still says it with a very cold look on his face.

He is starting the car and we are beginning to make our journey back to the palace. I am thankful that Roy had rescued me. I am also thankful that Christian thinks of me as his family now. I suddenly feel that I am not so alone in this strange city. I remember that I haven’t talked with the three musketeers since I am in Sydney. Tomorrow, I will ask them to join me for a video conference.

I also think about Roy. He seems the same but different. However, I cannot point out which side of him is the same and which side is different. When he rescued me, I feel the old him. It seems that such a nice guy like him couldn’t have left a girl at an engagement party. What really happened? Also, why did he give a strong reaction when I mention about me as Ruby. All are still a puzzle for me. I need to find out the truth behind this. How about Kevin? What happened between him and Lily? He seems to hate Roy so much. How about Christian? There must be a reason for his cold expression. I suddenly feel very tired and start fall asleep after analyzing all of these.

Part 3: The truth and the lies

I wake up the next morning and only to find out that I am already in my room still using the party dress to sleep. I try to recall what happens last night and my last memory that I was in Christian’s car. Who took me here? I go outside and see the clock refers at 09.00 AM. I go back inside to shower and change to my regular dress. I try to find somebody at home and only find the house keeping.

“Miss.. is anyone home?” I ask her while she is vacuuming the house.

“Mr. and Miss Wong are still sleeping and Kevin is still in his room as well.” says the maid.

“Has anyone eaten anything yet?” ask me to the maid.

“They never eat at home. They never cook. They always order a takeout” says the maid again.

I am thinking that it must be really sad for them to never have a home cook meal. I open the refrigerator and finds that it fills with only water. They are no ingredients to cook. I run to the minimarket downstairs and try to buy some food. I am thinking to make a French toast, my famous pasta and also some omelets and sausages. I will grill the sausages in the oven using a tomato spicy sauce. I wonder whether the three of them like a bit spicy.

I am then coming home and find that Kevin had awake.

“Morning.. Just sit first. I will cook for a moment. I should have been done in forty five minutes.”

I say to him with smile. I don’t want him to feel bad about what happened last night. It wasn’t his fault at all. He’s only trying to help me after all.

“Can you cook?” he then smiles back at me.

“I am not an expert but you can still eat it.”

By the time I have finished cooking, June and Christian have already woke up as well.

“What’s this smell? Who cooks?” June seems to become angry.

“I am sorry. It’s me. I thought you guys would be hungry when you wake up.”

“I don’t like the house smells like this. Next time, don’t cook anything!” She says to me fiercely.

I really feel bad now. After all, this is her house and I am just a guest. I should have asked her permission to cook.

“Just ignore her, she always means to a stranger. You can cook at anytime” Christian says to me.

“How much weight did you lose? You were still very heavy.” Christian then helps me to grab then the utensils for us to eat.

“Around 45 KGs” I answer him with the highest level of embarrassment. I will show you my picture from before.

“Wow. You must have worked very hard to have a body shape like yours now.”

“She was still cute and pretty before with her original shape.” replies Kevin to Christian

“Sure, in your eyes only.” says Christian to Kevin as a sign of a sarcasm

We eat together and the two of them seem to like my cook. Even June is finally joining us to eat and she finishes a bowl of pasta. As for me, I can only eat my regular dietary menu which is one single meat with no fat and oatmeal. I really miss the food I ate before I went into diet.

“Thank you for carrying me to my room last night. You should have waked me up. I feel bad that you have to carry me around like that.”

“Did Ko Chris really carry you last night? For real?” replies June for the first time

“Yes. I think he did.”

“Did you Ko?” June asks again to double check with Christian. She calls her Koko (brother).

“Yes I did. It’s not a big deal!” Christian finishes his email very fast and then leaves the dining room.

“Thank you. I am going to take a shower.” He says to me. It feels so awkward to see such a cold guy to thank you.

“Wow! That’s the first.” June says to me.

I really don’t understand the conversation between Christian and June. It seems that they live in their own world. I am then asking Kevin about the internet connection in the house. I really want to have the video conference as soon as possible. He said that the WiFi is not working at the moment and he will have someone to fix it up tomorrow.

Suddenly, I notice that he has many bruises on his lower cheek, also on his neck, also on his grip. I begin to think what happened to him? I asked him what happened and whether he has brushes at another place. I also ask whether he has put a medicine to his brushes and he answers no.

I am then coming into my room and start to search for my complete medicine box. I found a bruise ointment Anthony has prepared for me. I knock Kevin’s room and find him that he’s playing guitar.

“Please allow me to help you with your bruises.” I say to him

“Come in..”

He then opens his shirt and I am so surprise to see many bruises are also there on his chest.

“What happened to you? I couldn’t find you last night.” I say to him while smearing the ointment.

“I come to teach the three bullies a lesson. I think Christian will give them another lesson today.”

I now realize the reason on why did he disappear last night.

“Why are you so stupid? You didn’t have to do that. They were three big drunken guys!” 

I am now smearing the ointment to part of his face. He is wincing. It seems that it hurts so badly. I blow to his bruises at his face, hoping that this will make the soar slightly better. We are suddenly eye to eye and his face leans towards me to get close and closer. I avoid him right away and close the bottle cap.

“I will help you again tonight to put this on.”  I say to him while leaving the room.

“Thank you Ruby.” says Kevin.

Is it only my feeling or he was trying to kiss me before? I think that it wouldn’t be possible. I don’t think he likes me that way. Tonight, I will try to ask him about his story with Lily. I really want to know why Roy had left her at their engagement party.

I am planning to go around today as I want to buy some more Indonesian ingredient for me to cook. Even though I need to be careful not to make the smell June hates, I think she also likes my home meal cook. I need to go to Kingsford, where the Indonesian’s communities are living there. They are on the Eastern suburb. I remember on how to take the bus but I suddenly realize that it might not be a good idea for May Wong’s friends from last night to find out that she is taking a bus.

I am then going to the garage downstairs to see which one is May’s car that I am able to use. I am bringing the car key Kevin gave me and try to push the open button to find out which car is the one. It turns out it’s a red Ferrari which scares me to death. I never drive a Ferrari. What if I hit the road? I couldn’t repay any possible damage. The car is so expensive.

Nevertheless, since they only give me one car key, I decide to use this anyway. Hope that the car has insurance. I am driving to Kingsford as the road is so easy in Sydney. You just have to follow the bus and they will take you there. Also, there’s no traffic, no motorcycle and most importantly, everything is in order. I go to the food market and buy a dozen of food like rice, tofu, and some seasonings to make Indonesian fried chicken and so on. The stock may last for one week for the four of us. I also brought some vegetables as Kevin has told me that June likes to eat them.

While I am putting my groceries to my car, I saw a guy is helping an old lady with a stick crossing the road. Wow! I say to myself. What a nice guy indeed. As the guy and the old lady are walking towards me, I realize that it’s Roy. The old lady is then thanking him for his help.

“Hi May, how are you? Did you shop?” asks him right away

“Yes. I just finished shopping.” I notice that his right hand is full with roller bandage. I don’t understand that why anyone is injured today.

“Please tell me that it wasn’t Kevin who made you like this”

“No, it wasn’t”

I am then glad that he wasn’t injured because of me.

“Can you please cook for me as I am having trouble to eat?” says him with a begging expression.

I wonder should I come over to his place and cook for him. However, he did help me last night. I should help him with this small favor. After all, he is a righty. It’s hard for him to eat while his right hand is dysfunction at the moment.

“Ok! What do you want me to cook?” I ask him right away.

“I want you to cook a noodle for me. Come on, I already have all the ingredients at my place.”

We both go to his apartment and finds out that he has not moved from here. It’s still the same apartment like 11 years ago.

“Where are your brother and sister?” I ask him

“How did you know that I have a brother and a sister?” asks him curiously.

It’s very stupid of me to ask him. He will get curious. I am May Wong, not Ruby Lee.

“Kevin told me” I lied to him right away.

He is nodding without feeling suspicious.

“I want to eat Yam Yen noodle” He said to me.

“Ok. Just sit for a while. I will make it for you.”

I am then finding the utensils and all the ingredients as this place looks very familiar to me. I still remember where they put their utensils. Roy used to cook for me as well. I remember that he likes things a bit salty rather than my preference which is sweet. I am making him a Yam Yen (Chinese noodle) with steam cut chicken. I also add some fried pork slice. I remember that he likes this very much.

After the cook finishes, I bring the food to the table in front of the television as I remember that he likes to eat over there.

“This is weird! It seems that you have known about my appetite.” He said to me.

I don’t answer him anything as I really want to know if he still remembers me or has forgotten that I even exist. He tastes the noodle, the chicken and also the pork. He suddenly looks closely towards me. He is looking at my nose, my eyes, my lip and even my hands closely. He then takes my hand and says

“You are Ruby. You must be Ruby.”

I am surprised that he still remembers about Ruby, about our memory from before. However, I don’t want to give up this quickly. I haven’t made him to feel the slightest pain which I felt 11 years ago.

“Who is Ruby? I don’t know her. I am May Wong. Christian’s sister. You met me yesterday.”

He is finally letting go of my hand and say

“I know that this is impossible. You just remind me to the girl I used to love with all my heart. You even cook this noodle the same way she cooked for me before. I know that you look different, your eyes look different, your face has a different shape also. I know that you are not her, but………”

I am shock that he says that I was the girl he used to love. I really want to know the real story behind this. I really want to know his side of the story before judging anything.

“How the two of you broke up?”

“I left her. Her family was having issues. I had to leave her.”

I know that it is useless for me to get my high hope. Deep down, I am still hoping that he’s a good guy. He left me really because of my family issues, not because that he has his unselfish reason behind this. He really left me because of my social status. I am so angry now and my “revenge” spirit starts to blaze.

“I have to leave now” I say to him in a cold tone.

“Why? You didn’t even touch the noodle.”

“You can eat it all of this. I have to leave. Kevin and Christian are already waiting for me.”

He then accompanies me to the car and even amazes with the red Ferrari car. So far, my plan is working. He thinks that I am coming from a wealthy family. It may be the reason that he was making a move on me.

Tonight, I will talk to Kev and ask him about Lily. I want to know as much information as possible for me to get close to Roy.

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