Dedicated to the last single girls out there

The difference between like (*), affection (y) and love (<3). 
(*) Like is when you want to have someone
(y) Affection is when you want to make someone happy
❤ Love is when you are willing to make sacrifices for someone

(*) When you are sad, somebody who likes ou will say “Don’t cry…”
(y) But, someone who has an affection with accompany you to cry together.
❤ However, some who loves you will wait for you until you stop crying and says “Let’s solve the problem together.”

(*) Someone who likes you will ask “Can I kiss you?” when he is at your side.
(y) Someone who has an affection for you will give you a tight hug instead.
❤ But some who truly loves you will only hold your hand and will not let you fall down.

(*) When you are hurt by some one you like, you won’t talk to him anymore.
(y) When you are hurt by your “affected” one, you will cry for him.
❤ When you are hurt by your loved one, you will only smile and says “He still doesn’t know that he hurt me”

(*) Like is our selfish desire
(y) Affection is about giving and taking
❤ Love is sacrifice

(*) You will do the things you love with someone you like.
(y) You will try to do things for someone you have a deep affection to.
❤ Love will make you do anything no matter what’s the circumstances even though that it will hurt you back.

Start to love someone now and you will be loved as well 🙂

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