2 thoughts on “The Bu Bu Jing Xin/ Scarlet heart Effect (on me)

  1. tncdel says:

    Nicky Wu was mis-cast as Brother 4. Too ugly to play alongside Cecilia. In real-life there’s no way a chick as cute as Cecilia would ever be heart-struck over a TOAD like Nicky Wu. He became famous on his musical ability, not his looks. And his acting was lousy.

    Brother 8 should have played Brother 4, Brother 13 should have played Brother 8, and Brother 14 should have played Brother 13. Nicky Wu should have played a eunuch.

    Jade Palace, another Chinese historical drama about a modern-day woman who went back in the past, was better. It didn’t suffer from the ponderous moments that dragged down Scarlet Heart.

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