Garuda Indonesia – First Class (Part 1)

It’s no secret to any of my friends that I never want to fly except using Garuda.

I am not only aware to know their hotline numbers, their class tickets (not just economy / business) but actually the breakdown of them, the fare rules and all of the services we could ask on board / off board. is probably one of the website which I often visit beside and of course as the supplier of Taiwanese Drama.

I have been flying with other airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas Airlines with also using their business class and economy class. There is no greater experience when you fly with Garuda.

I might be bias because I am already an EC+ Gold Frequent Flyer with entitles to many of benefits. But, again there are so many reasons for me to become their loyal customers. The three main reasons are:

1. It’s rarely delay. I hate airlines who often get delayed. It’s such a waste of our time to wait around in the Airport, especially when their lounge is not sufficient for us to visit.

2. The on board meal is just fantastic. They are options and especially for business class, the service is magnifico.

3. Travel Kit. I love the travel kit of GA. For economy class, I think you are entitled to ask for blanket, socks and eye cover. For business class, you can get many more. The one I think I love the most is the Loccitane Lip Balm!!! 🙂

I just found on a website with the URL below that GA will have a first class starting this November. I really look forward to experience one. Hopefully, I can enjoy the true first class experience.

Some of the good rumors about GA First Class are:

1. The passengers will be picked up from home using the special limousine and taken directly to the GA lounge.

2. They are giving Aigner Travel Kit!!

3. The meals are fantastic with a personal chef on board. The chefs will eventually come to your seats and communicate with you personally.

4. The stewardess will kneel in front of you when you are on board. They will take your shoes and change them with sandals.

Below are the pictures for you to enjoy!

Garuda First Class Garuda First Class 2 Garuda First Class 3 Garuda First Class 4 Garuda First Class 5 Garuda First Class 6 Garuda First Class 7 Garuda First Class 8 Garuda First Class 9 Garuda First Class 10 Garuda First Class 11

Here’s also the new video I just saw on youtube:

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