One and Only

Perfect 🙂

Exposed Emotions

He knows,

He’ll never have the right to claim you,

Neither a picture to frame,

But his love will always remain the same,

He won’t let it change ever,

 He knows,

He’ll never get a chance to cross that one inch,

Will have to live with a pinch,

That he didn’t meet you first,

But he’ll always cherish forever,

 That you met,

And you walked,

That he had your face in his hands,

He cried and he laughed with you,


You’ll forget him one day,

That you walked together the same way,

That someone loved you so a lot once,

And that he still has not crossed that one inch,


You’ll never look into his eyes,

Will never understand his cries,

Even when he told you everything,

Your heart never had space for him,

 He knows,

That you are not at…

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