Anne’s Update

Hi All…
I am sorry that I haven’t got a chance to write for quite some time…
I’ve been doing some things which all of them taught me important lessons…

Lesson #1: Be genuine, civil and kind to another
I accompanied my Aunt and her daughter to come to Singapore for a medical purposes. We stayed for 5 days. For your information, I have a really big family from both my father and my mother’s side with combining a total of more than 16 aunties and uncles, 80 cousins and probably more than 20 nephews and nieces. The funniest thing is when we are trying to make a picture in anyone’s wedding day. The photographer always gets frustrated to arrange everyone in one frame.
Anyway, prior to our trip to Singapore; some family members have given us really “hard” time by complaining every single thing we have decided such as the Doctor’s choice, the airline’s choice and even the hotel’s choice. When I asked their opinion instead, none of them actually gave a “real” solution.
During our trip to Singapore, I saw how my Aunt loves her difficult daughter very much. I learned a lot about patience and pure love. I wished I could tell my cousin to be more civil to her mother but I guess that it’s none of my business anyway.

Lesson #2: Chris Wu is definitely my new favorite actor!!!!
Hahaha! You probably think that my number two lesson is not a lesson at all. But for me, it truly is a lesson. He has been the second male lead for so many Taiwanese Drama such as Inborn Pair and Zhong Wu Yan. I can see that his acting skill has improving from time to time.. I guess the lesson that I’ve captured is every winning has its time. He is now been given so many leading roles for Taiwanese Drama. I’ve just finished watching King Flower and going to watch What is Love is a few days.. OMG!!!!! He is just amazing.. I couldn’t believe how many times I pause a terry scene and even rewind it again just for the sake of my pleasure.. 🙂 It’s true when people said that success doesn’t come easily and Chris Wu has proven this all along!!

Well everyone, I am currently watching The Glamorous Imperial Concubine and I realize that recapping episode is really not my thing. I don’t have the patience and also the time to do it.. I have to take my hate off to Heisui or other drama re-capers out there. I probably going to make my blog as only mentioning the highlight of the dramas or any kissing scenes / crying scenes available.. Hehehe 🙂

Anyway, good night everybody and please wish me the best of luck with my upcoming novel.. 🙂

Lots of love,


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