Awards and Nominations

I have started to actively write blogs since two months only. Thus, they are many things which I am not really familiar such as how to get the chat box and apparently about receiving awards and nominations..

I have 4 very good friends who have been kindly enough to nominate me.. Thank you to:

1. Gabriel Lucatero at

inner-peace-award sunshine-award

2. Khaula Nazir at


3. Susan P at

Super Sweet Blogging Awards

4. Acep Aprilyana at


You guys have really made my day and I could only apologize for not writing this earlier since I haven’t figured out how it should go from being nominated 🙂

All the awards usually ask us to list 7 – 11 things about ourselves and nominates another 7 – 11 people to get the same nomination. Well here we go!

11 new things about me according to Liebster’s Award Question + Some Questions from Super Sweet Awards

1. I would never change my name from Anne if I had been given a freedom to do so.. 🙂

2. I would like to be born in US or OZ if I can choose my citizenship 🙂

3. If I can be an animagus, I want to become an eagle who can fly all over the world for free

4. If I can date a celebrity, I would choose to date Joe Cheng. He’s the combination of handsome, cute and sensitive.

5. I would like to meet Donald Trump since I started watched the apprentice few years a go.

6. I prefer going to the beach rather than hiking to the mountains..

7. If I had to choose to have either diabetic or stroke, I would choose none since I want to live my life fully..

8. I prefer Barcelona than Real Madrid.

9. I prefer NY rather than London because I want to go there during Christmas time since I watched Home Alone 2 🙂

10. In my opinion, people give the awards to me because I believe in the word that  “strangers can just be nice for no reason”

11. My blog is easy.. It’s everything about love because I am a kind of person who believes in true love 🙂

Cookies or Cake? Cookies. Definitely cookies.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!!

Favourite Sweet Treat? Macaroon!

Sweet nickname? Cing-cing




It’s not a secret than I am very into dramas. Therefore, I would like to dedicate all the awards to my drama re capers friends who have been giving their time to write what I love the most 🙂


Dear Nominees,

You can view how to fully accept the nomination by choosing / clicking in one of this links:

1. To choose the twin awards,

2. To choose the shine on award,

3. To choose the super sweet award,

4. To choose the liebster award,

9 thoughts on “Awards and Nominations

  1. motskee says:

    Hi, anne. Thank you for the nomination. I still don’t understand how it will work, but i promise i will read it carefully later. Nice to know you :p

    • annedarmawan says:

      Hi Motskee 🙂
      I was like you anyway… Allow me to help you a bit by providing these simple steps:
      1. If you want to accept the nomination, you can simply thank the person who nominates you on a post which includes telling couple things about yourself and nominates other friends on the same post.
      2. You can put the award image on your post to make your blog more “fancy”.. hehehe…
      I think that’s about it.. 🙂
      Hope that it helps…

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