A Reply from Koes Plus – O yay o yay….

Dear All,

I just got a reply from Koes Plus Management during weekend. Apparently, the person who manages the website is the daughter / son in law of one of the personnel (Murry – Koes Plus).

Below is the screen capture of the reply saying that they will try their best to schedule the time to visit my Dad.. o yay o yay.. Hopefully that this will boost up my Dad’s spirit. They also have sent some pictures of the three Koes Plus personals.

Surat Balasan dari Koes Plus

Foto Koes Plus 1 Foto Koes Plus 2

Just so you know, I have been very sad for the past two days. The nurses tried to help my Dad to sit down. Apparently, he didn’t have the strength yet to even stabilize his head up. After we helped him to lay down, he really cried. I guess it’s because he felt so useless that he can’t even sit down without using any help. Below are some pictures when it happened. You can see by his expression that he’s so frustrated. 😦

photo Papa duduk 1 Photo Papa duduk 2

Thank you all for reading and please continue to help praying for my Dad… His name is Gunawan Darmawan and it will mean the world to me if you mention his name on your prayer 🙂




2 thoughts on “A Reply from Koes Plus – O yay o yay….

  1. annedarmawan says:

    Thank you Heisui…
    Yes.. my dad can open his eyes now..
    But, he cannot respond / communicate with you consistently..
    He couldn’t tell us yet what he is feeling at the moment.. 😦
    Sometimes, it is frustrating for me when trying to ask him even a yes or no question..

    The awkward thing though every time he hears the Koes Plus songs, he can move his leg align to the music beat..
    I sincerely hope that they can give my dad a visit soon… 🙂
    It would be like a dream come true to him…
    Thanks again for being by my side morally through this blog..
    I am glad that I have you as a friend here at wordpress..

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