Episode 23 (END): Forever (Ruby)

Part 1: Christian and Cindy

Christian and Cindy’s story ends with more than just a happy ending. On the day of my wedding day, (yes.. my wedding day which was supposed to be my engagement day with Rudy) Christian proposed to Cindy and he said the most beautiful line ever that got everybody to cry. Well, I am a bit angry because he’s kind of stealing my thunder…

He said “I know that you still have many doubts about me, especially about my true feelings for you. You might think that I still have feelings for Ruby. But, on my part Ruby stands only as a person who helped me to change. Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were and Ruby was a part of it.”

I can see Cindy’s biggest smile when Chris was kneeling down in front of her and everybody. Chris continues his proposal by saying:

“You know that I rejected you at first because I thought you are just the girl my mother has picked and raised for me. I thought that you are just a doll. But, you have proved me wrong. Cindy, in my dictionary, You can’t build a relationship on promises, you build it with love, determination, and trust but I am willing to fill my dictionary with this new vocabulary. I will learn to make a promise for you. I can’t be the most perfect guy for you but I can promise you this, no matter who enters your life, I will love you more than any one of them. So, choose me.. Marry me because you are the one..”

I even cried and touched deeply when hearing Christian’s speech. The moment Cindy said yes was just one of my happiest moment also.

Part 2: May and June

May and June went back to take care of the company after my wedding day. They are now even busier since Christian and Cindy are taking a very long leave from the company. They said that they want to go back to the place where everything was started. My guess was it happened in Sydney. May continues to become one of my best friend. Recently, she told me that there’s a guy at work who “dares” enough to chase her.. J

Part 3: Karen, Amy and Matthew

Karen has just been promoted as a Sales Manager, the role she has been waiting for years. Amy quits her job and opens up a make over company. If I think about it, she might have her success in this area. Matthew still continues to work as usual. His sister went to University for a dentist medical school. All of them remained my very close friends.

Part 4: My Family and Anthony’s Family

Our family are happy because my brother finally got his first girlfriend. Anthony’s mother continues to visit our house. She has given her blessings for me to marry Kevin on the day of our wedding.

Part 5: Roy, His Sister Henny and His Brother, Ben.

I haven’t heard from him since we met in Sydney until yesterday. Apparently, he’s dating a much younger girl now. I was searching his facebook account and saw their pictures together. The girl was blowing his 17 birthday cake. Ci Henny and Ko Ben have already their own family with sons and daughters. Ko Ben continues to live in Sydney while Ci Henny has gone back to Indonesia.

Part 6: Rudy

How’s Rudy you may ask? I hope that this ends with a happy ending but in reality, his side of the story doesn’t have a happy ending at all. He stood by my side on the day of my wedding. Apparently, he has asked Cindy to get Kevin from the airport, to get him ready to marry me. Fortunately, one of the guest is a priest, so he can marry us in the altar.

Rudy is an amazing man, really. He stood by as my best man. Before he gave my hand to my Dad to walk me down the aisle, he said this

“When a female is used to getting hurt, she won’t know how it feels when a man starts to appreciate her, so she ends up pushing him away. That’s what happened to you when I left you. But I hope that your past will not define you, destroy you, deterred you, or defeat me… I hope that It will only strengthened you. There are no mistakes in life, just lessons. My lesson was I should have hold on to you when I had the chance. I guess I really have missed my chance.”

We are both still crying and he continues to say

“You don’t have any idea how beautiful you are today Cing… Live happily every after and I will also be happy with you… Please remember, that I will be your best man forever.”

The day after the wedding, Rudy comes back to work and apparently beat Mr. Wong in the face. He didn’t only achieve 50% like he asked but achieved 70% with 400% growth expansion since he came to Wong. Many people applauded him including my husband, Kevin and Rudy’s brother, Christian. They all salute him and then, he made a shocking news which surprised anyone. He resigned from the post. He said that he’ll continue to be just a share holder. His reason was “He has no other reason to stay in the company.”

He decided to go back to Germany to pursue his career and leave me a good bye letter

Dear Cing Cing,

I haven’t had a chance to give you a wedding present. Along with the letter is the ring which you have returned when you walked down the aisle with Kevin. Please forgive me for being selfish but I want you to continue to wear it. This ring is a symbol for my love for you and I don’t think anyone will ever deserve to wear it. I hope by wearing it, you can see the ring everyday and now that there is guy who will always love you no matter what.

Cing, forgive me that I have chosen to go back to Germany instead of being close with you. I just want to give me some distance first with you. When I am ready, I will go back to see you and stay as your best friend. You know how to reach me..

Take care and please allow me to say one last time that I love you…



I realize that I am forever in debt. Rudy has given me his everything. I wish that I could repay his love in some other way. Maybe, after some time.. He will learn to forget about me, find somebody else and be happy..

Until that day, I will always pray for his happiness.

Last Part: Kevin and I

It all started from our “unplanned” wedding day. After Rudy was “explaning” everything to me, I already saw Kevin standing at the altar. My Father walked me down the aisle. Almost everyone was crying. This wedding doesn’t look like a normal wedding with all the rehearsed ceremony and all. But, it was everything I’d ever wanted. The guy at the altar whom I love and looks at me as if I am the most beautiful person in the room.

When I reach the altar, Kevin suddenly kneeled down and said

“I know that I haven’t officialy proposed to you. Right now, I am also speechless and I couldn’t say many beautiful words to catch your heart. But, I can let you know the last thing my mom told me before she died. She said that A girl is happiest when she knows that you make her your everything, in front of everyone, every single time. Now, I am telling you. You are my everything and you will always be my everything forever. I understand how lucky I am to be here as your groom and I won’t waste it by hurting you again in the future. Be my best friend, be my sister, be my lover and most importantly… Be my wife…”

I am nodding up my hand and he’s kissing me on my lip long enough and stopped when the Priest said “I think we have skipped a few part here.. Let us continue from the start…”

Everyone was laughing. The ceremony ended beautifully when the Priest said “I now pronounce you husband and wife.. You may kiss the bride..”

I didn’t plan or write any wedding vows. But, when the Priested asked me to say my vow, here’s what I said

“Kev, I never thought of falling in love with you but I do. I never thought that my best friend would become my husband but it happens now. I never thought that we would find each other eventually at the end but here we are hand in hand, making a promise to God that we will love each other deeply. The best relationship is when you can act like lovers and bestfriends at the same time; and I have found it when I am with you. I will always love you…”

After the wedding, as a wedding presence… Christian and Cindy got us two tickets for our honeymoon… And where is the other destination besides Sydney? Kevin and I, were laughing when Chris said

“Kevin has bought his ticket earlier under company’s expense. We couldn’t just waste it.. Therefore, Sydney will be the destination of your honeymoon.”

Now, I am sitting at our new home. It’s smaller and much cheaper that Christian’s penthouse, Rudy’s apartment or even my apartment.. But, it’s our home. I am now 2 months pregnant and Kevin still continues to make me his everything even though in front of anybody. In one hour, he will be coming home from work (not at Wong) and I will be ready to prepare him dinner.

“To you every single girl.. Don’t forget that LOVE does conquer all…. It doesn’t come with instructions, a guide, or a manual, all I know for sure is that we can’t live without it. It is not a noun to be defined, but a verb to be acted upon. Love is about holding on, even when you feel like letting go. Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them, because you never know, tomorrow could be too late.

—– THE END —–

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