Kim Soo Hyun Fan Meeting – April 25 Jakarta


Hi! To those of you who has read my latest post, you know that I am addicted to My Love From Another Star!
I am not even sure that BBJX is still number one in my heart.. 🙂

Lately, I have been “cheating” to watch more Korean Dramas rather than Taiwanese / Ancient Chinese like I used to..
And sadly, I have liked them more than Taiwanese / Ancient Chinese Dramas.
OF course, this exclude some of my classic favorites… (You know what I am talking about)..

Call me crazy but I have decided to buy the tickets to Kim Soo Hyun Fan Meeting in Jakarta on April 25.
Yes, He’s older than me and yes, I probably would be one of his “oldest” Ajuhmma fans but……
I just totally fall in love with his character at Love From Another Star..

Here’s the seating chart for the event. And as you can see that the amount of VVIP seats are a lot more than the other class 🙂


I promise that I will write down all the details on KSH’s fan meeting rundown which is VERYYYYYYYYYY hard to get from other bloggers…
To those of you who have an extra kind heart, Please please please pray that I will be selected to join the fan signing and high five…
I promise that God will grant you extra happiness 🙂 LOL

You know.. for someone who hasn’t been truly happy since last August when my Father got really sick, I have been waiting for this event so so much…
Hopefully, it can bring me back memories when I used to be happy..



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