Fix my heart

I don’t know when my heart started to beat faster when you are around..
I don’t know why do I have to hear your voice every single day as my daily bread..
Now, you are the reason for me to smile and you are also the reason for me to frown..

After a second, I realize that I keep missing you when you are not around..
After a minute, I am feeling more alone than ever without you holding my hand…
Only after a day, I start to realize that my heart has changed…
I have a sudden heart towards you…

My heart, please don’t stay the same..
My heart, please heal and go back to the way it used to be..
My heart, please remember that it won’t end as a fairy tale..
My heart, please don’t fall in love but instead tell me to quickly drink a bottle of amnesia..

That way, my heart will get fixed..
That way, I can continue to live on..
That way, you can be happy…

By: Anne Darmawan

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