Judging a book from its cover

make over

Don’t worry.. This isn’t a post about a diet pill ad or to share any successful stories how I have become thinner.. I’m still who I am in a shape that hasn’t changed for the past 30 years..

For anyone who hasn’t read my blog before.. My name is Anne and I am working as a Recruitment Manager in one of the private companies in Jakarta.. I have been doing this for the past 4-5 years and so far I am quite enjoying them…

If you ask me what makes me “good” at this job is because…

I might have a good eye when screening so many applicants. Just by looking at the photo, I usually can tell what type of jobs will fit the person or can she be hired to the organization which I am working at the moment..

Yes.. part of my job requirement is to be able to screen people through CVs quite fast and this sort of making me to “judge a book from its cover”..

Many companies (not the one I am working for of course since they have hired me) have certain “physical” criteria when hiring employees especially front liners for banking / any sales person. They require “beautiful” applicants with nice figures and so on.. They have the common sense behind it of course. It makes sense for a company to hire attractive employees in order to sale their products / become their front liner.

However, yesterday.. Accidentally, I have experienced what it’s like to be on the other side.. “To be judged rather than to judge” And.. I am telling you that it sucks!

It’s not a good feeling when “certain” people just reject you before even meeting you just because of your appearance (not related to work of course)… It hurts my deep deep down feeling inside my heart..

I mean… Just because you are short, tall, have white skin, black skin, thin, big; it shouldn’t be a requirement for someone to look down on you, judging you and even cast you away..

This is by far one of the most bitter reality that I have to taste in life..

From now on… I would be very careful.. I would try to see all the applicants who have applied to our company and see them one by one for an interview session.. No more judging from its cover.. But, I will look more carefully more to their expertise if I have to decide not to continue them for an interview session.. Again, why would any recruiters call an MD degree for an Architect vacancy post?

This probably is the best I could do for now knowing that this pain is truly killing who I really am..

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