Ruby Go!

Hello Readers!

Ruby Go! is my first written romance story which inspired from the love between Ruo Xi and the 4th Prince from the well known movie called Bu Bu Jing Xin. I am also very moved to see the other relationship between Ruo Xi and the other Princes as well.

While the story is not the same with the movie, they are some similarities with the love relationships vague and characters such as:

-The love between Ruo Xi & 4th Prince: Ruby & Rudy

-The love between Ruo Xi & 8th Prince: Ruby & Roy

-The love between Ruo Xi & 10th Prince: Ruby & Anthony

-The love between Ruo Xi & 13th Prince: Ruby & Kevin

-The love between Ruo Xi & 14th Prince: Ruby & Christian

I am hoping to make this story to become a published novel in Indonesia someday.

Please continue to support me by reading the story and leaving your valuable comment on each episode. Any strong criticisms are very welcome.

I should inform you first that any of the character’s names and supporting events are all only based on fictions.

Thank you very much for visiting my page and do enjoy reading!


Anne Darmawan



52 thoughts on “Ruby Go!

    • annedarmawan says:

      Wow.. Thank you for the suggestion.. Yes, I am a BBJX-addict.. 🙂
      If you have some free time, please kindly read my new romance story called Ruby Go! 🙂
      Thank you for dropping by…

  1. jnewin says:

    Sine Misscupcakes is one of the few who recap Taiwanese Dramas. Maybe you should also recap taiwanese dramas so there will be more Taiwanese drama bloggers.

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