Introduction to Ruby Go!

A note for you


Ruby Lee is an overweight hard working 27 year old girl who works as an HR Manager in a large Group Investment Company. She has two female bosses who like and appreciate her because of her high quality at work. She is smart and a very dedicated worker who got a promotion only within her three months working period. However, her love life has been a total failure. She has two failed relationship in life and afraid of being left again. Hence, she always focuses on her career instead.

However, this life does not make her happy at all. She is still hoping for her fairy tale dream to come true. After being dumped again by her last boyfriend (Rudy), she is planning to close her heart and promise to never love another man again. One day, her psychology co worker friend named Amy informs her that the reason she could not and will not have any successful relationship is not because of her appearance but due to her insecurity feeling caused by her first love. The only way to solve it now is to make a closure and move on with her life.

10 years ago, Ruby met a boy named Roy during her study in Sydney. After a one year relationship, Roy dumped her without giving her a proper explanation. This happens at the same time with her family’s bankruptcy which left her to discontinue her usual way of life.

As she thought that Roy was leaving her due to the bankruptcy, she is now planning to revenge Roy as a beautiful rich girl to get close to him and eventually dump him at the end.  She tries hard to reduce her weight and even operate some parts of her face for the makeover.

This story will revolve many upcoming questions on her love possibility outcome such as:

A. Will Ruby succeed to go back to Sydney for revenge or will she eventually fail due to her remaining affection for Roy?

B. Will she even accept a new relationship with her rich roommate in Sydney or will she remember about the old crush from her charming musician friend?

C. Will all the lessons teach her to accept the love she always has from her childhood friend or will she finally able to forgive an old boyfriend who has left her in the past?

This journey will eventually help her to find out what she truly wants with her life.

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