Episode 21: Sacrifices

Part 1: My Heart Chooses You (Ruby)

I am feeling angry, sad and lonely at the same time. I didn’t mean to get my emotion over the place. Sometimes, it is very harder to control our anger with the one we love. I really want to talk to Kevin. I want to let him know that I have forgiven him. Ughhh… I must admit that I miss him badly when he is not near me.

Amy has been right all along. I need to pull myself together and figure out who do I truly love and who do I want to be with. About my relationship with Rudy, I finally know where I am right now. It happened three days ago when I got out from the hospital, just inside my bedroom during the night.

Rudy: How are you feeling now? Better?

Me: Home is always a better place than hospital. I am feeling more comfortable now.

Rudy: Are you okay here to stay by yourself?

Me: Yes. I am okay. There’s a maid who helps me every day. She comes in every morning to clean up and everything. 

Rudy: I will wait here until you go to sleep.

Me: Thank you.

Rudy: Cing, have you slept yet?

Me: Almost. Why?

Rudy: You know that I have been wanting to ask you this for so long since you are the only woman I’d ever love.

Me: What is it? Ask away….

Rudy:  “Will you marry me?………….”

I opened my eyes widely and looked at him seriously. I don’t expect this at all thus I don’t know how to react either. He’s such a perfect man. He has saved my life, has proved his devotion and loyalty to me. But, I couldn’t say yes. As if there’s a huge stone blocking my throat when I try to say something.

Most importantly, Kevin comes accross my mind. I just couldn’t say yes.

Me: Rud, I am…….

Rudy: You don’t need to tell me. I already knew. Kevin is the guy you love.

Me: I am sorry.. I thought I…. I mean….

Rudy: Yes.. You are angry at him for lying at you. You were hurt for what he said at the hospital. But, at the end, the reality is that you have fallen in love with him.

Me: I am so sorry.. I…..

Rudy: May I know when it began? This is very important for me. Please think about it and tell me…

Me: Hm… I am not sure… Maybe I fell in love with him when I was still Livia. But even before then, Kevin’s the first guy that I had a crush on without having him to make an initial move on me. If you insist on when exactly…. My answer is probably when he said “When you jump, I jump”. He was the reason which held me back against my will to end my life. Kevin’s presence made me strong to live for another year after Anthony’s death. I know that you were there too and I cannot imagine my life without your support back then. But, in my heart, our story ended when I went to Sydney and you “almost” got married with Anna.

Rudy: I know that I lost my chance. I have hurt you so badly. But, why didn’t you realize this sooner when you haven’t lost your memory?

Me: Back then, I didn’t know the reason why he’s so important to me.. I didn’t know why decided to walk out from that river and chose to live with him instead.. I thought I was just protecting him because he couldn’t swim. Now, I know that there was always a deeper reason behind it..

Rudy: Cing, I really don’t stand a chance anymore… Now, I know why you left your last will to him back then. You even saved him from that car accident… I read your note to him. I thought you were only thankful to have him by yourside. But, it turned out it doesn’t matter that you are Livia or Ruby. Both of you have fallen in love with him.

Rudy is letting go of my hand and continue to walk out of the room. He’s leaving me alone with the biggest guilt I’d ever felt. I know that I have just hurt a man I used to love so deep.

Two weeks have gone by since that awkward night between Rudy and I. Funnily enough, our relationship doesn’t even change. I thought he would take a distance from me. But in fact, he has been acting as if nothing has happened. He came the next morning after the awkward night and pretended to be a regular guy without any pain.

As for me, I really don’t know how to put myself when I am with him. The bottom line is I don’t want to hurt him anymore. I can’t make a distance with him because he just told me to forget everything about last night. But, if I am still close to him, I don’t want him to get his hope high again. Most importanly, I don’t want him to think that we will still have a future.

I am calling Amy, my trustee advisor and ask him about Rudy. What should I do to make him feel better? How should I react in front of him and many more questions. Amy told me that I should be worried about the one I love instead first. She asked me to quickly make a move on Kevin. She even told me how. She said that first is by telling Kevin directly that I have realized my true feelings.

When I heard this, I thought that she must be joking!!! This would be really ackward since the two of us haven’t spoken since the hospital fight. Amy also mentioned that my love story has been too long and I need to put an end already. She said maybe by being together with the someone else, Rudy might understand his position and try to make some distance with me. The second step is to get a closure with Rudy, letting him know that we don’t stand a chance anymore. Amy said that I don’t need to tell Rudy anything. He’s a smart a guy. He would eventually understand the situation.

For me. the first step is already hard enough let alone the second step. I have to initiate talking to Kevin again. How? What should I say? I am trying to send Kevin a text message but I keep deleting every words I wrote. I never have the courage to text him, call him or even meet him. Everytime I try to do it, my heart always pounds very quickly.

Just when I tried to delete the 50th message I tried to write for Kev, Christian called. The ringtone is so loud and it eventually made my phone to fall from my grip and then jump out of bed. The phone was from Chris who told me that they have postponed the share holders meeting again due to some company problem to tomorrow and he specifically wants me to join the meeting. To be honest, I am glad that Christian just gave me that call. It erased my embarrasement a little but for not being able to write few sentences over one sms.

Anyway, I have been excited for my first day at work tomorrow since it’s been a long time since I work in the corporate environment. The share holder’s meeting is really important to any company and could determine the company’s future. To be invited to such an important event is a huge mark of respect for any employees. I sincerelly hope that I can help him and Rudy to witness “coronation day” to get their official titles. For me, staying at Wong Enterprise is the least I could do to thank them for what they have done for me, especially to Rudy.

The door bell is ringing suddenly and I know that it might be the food delivery I had just ordered a while earlier. I am looking at my watch and amaze that it got delivered only 10 minutes after my call earlier.

“Wait the minute” I shouted to the delivery guy.

I am opening the door and feeling surprise that it’s not the delivery boy. The one standing in front of me is the person I have been longing to see. Finally, I am able to see Kevin not as my best friend anymore but as a guy I am deeply attracted to. We are looking at each other for a while. Both of us have plenty of words to say but none have spoken out so far.

We are running towards each other and hug each other tightly without prior conversations. I know that this doesn’t make sense. We haven’t even met for weeks and haven’t been in touch with each other for a long time. We also haven’t been together as a couple since I gained back my memory. This is truly out of nowhere.

“I am sorry….” said Kevin

“I am sorry too…”

“I have been wanting to come to see you but I am afraid that you don’t wish to see me. I am so afraid that I will make you upset again. Tonight, I just couldn’t stand my longing to see you anymore. I have been standing in front of your door for a whole day. I have missed you so much. I miss you like crazy.”

I know that this is a perfect moment for me to finally confess how I feel about him. If it’s not now, I will forever miss the moment. I am booting up my power and try to tell him everything.

Kev.. There’s something you need to know.. I think I…..”

He is putting his finger against my lip and giving me a sign not to say another word anymore. He is looking into my eyes deeply and begins to lean his face towards mine closer and closer. All of the sudden, my body is freezed like an ice sculpture. I cannot move let alone reject his intention. His face is getting closer and I am starting to close both of my eyes. I can feel that he is breathing closer near my upper lip. I know that his lip will touch mine very soon. I am very aware if I am accepting his kiss, then my choice would become very clear despites everything we have been through. I know that in the next two seconds to think before Kevin’s lip is touching mine.

Finally, not only I am not moving and letting him kiss me but I am actually also responding to his kiss. I want to let him know that this kiss represents my acceptance and surrender. Most importantly, this kiss also represents our future relationship. Our commitment to be with each other.

We’re kissing for I don’t know how long but it should be quite some time since both of us need to catch our breath many times. His hand begins to move passionately and out of the sudden, both of us hear a man’s voice

“Is this Ibu Ruby’s house? I am from Bakmie Gajah Mada.”

Kevin and I are laughing together, pushing each other away fastly and grabbing the food.

“You are really coming at the right time!” said Kevin sarcastically to the food deliverer.

I am smiling to the man I have just chosen to stand by my side in the future.

He is looking at me, laughing and says

“Do you want me to open the food for you?” asked him

“I am not hungry anymore”

“Why? Are you still not feeling well?” asked Kev

“No” I am shaking my head right away.

It’s just… I am happy when we are like this. Finally, I know who is the person I want to be with. Finally, I know where my heart belongs.”

We are spending the night by sitting on the couch and talking to each other about everything. I am feeling so secure and ending up sleeping on his lap. My alarm in my mobile is waking me up and I notice that Kevin is no longer here but I can see a note on the table

Morning Honey,

I need to rush for a meeting at the office.

Will catch you back as soon as the meeting is over.

Miss you already.

Love, Kevin.


After a long time, I am finally waking up with the biggest smile on my face knowing that I am no longer alone. I have someone who I love and loves me back.

Part 2: Upside Down (Ruby)

I am in Rudy’s office waiting for the Christian and Cindy to come. Rudy is sitting on his chair typing something on his laptop. He’s making a last minute changes for his presentation later. I need to tell Rudy that I am already with Kevin. But, I have decided to wait until the share holder’s meeting is over. I don’t want to disturb his concentration.

Suddenly, Christian and Cindy are coming his office in a rush.

Cindy: Rudy, something is up. Mr. Wong will join our meeting and apparently he will introduce some one who will be appointed as Deputy GM. I am telling you this person is here only to take your job. Mr. Wong has making hi move to other share holders. I am sorry that I didn’t realize this sooner.

Rudy: Don’t worry Cin.. I already knew about this. I can only guess one reason why Mr. Wong keep postponing the share holders meeting. I think I know who the person appointed is but I won’t say until we all see for ourselves.

Christian: I don’t understand why dad is doing this. Why is he against Rudy as being a General Manager. After all, June, May and myself are his family. We are still currently the majority of decision makers to this company. Why he couldn’t trust that we won’t tear it apart.

Rudy: It’s so much more than that! Chris, I am sorry to tell you but his intention is wanting to have his company to merge with us. I have understood his intention for a very long time.

Christian: That could never happen! My mother has against this since the day I was born. But why?

Cindy: Mr. Wong’s family has experienced some financial difficulties during since last year. I also have suspected that he wants to merge his company with Wong.

I am sitting there, realize that the meeting is deeper than just a “coronation” day. I shouldn’t be here. I am not a part of their family member.

Me: Guys… I am sorry Perhaps… I should get going… This is…

Rudy: No! You have to stay!

Me: Why should I join this meeting? I am only an HR personnel. Why do you guys want me to join?

Christian: Hey, don’t look at me! It’s not my intention. I was told by Cindy

Cindy: Rudy asked me to keep you in the loop. I also don’t know why.

Rudy: You are the key to this meeting. Without you, we don’t stand a chance. Right now, we can only gamble. I can’t explain anything to you yet but you need to trust me. Let’s go! It’s time!

We are walking to the meeting room and I whisper to Cindy who’s walking with me at the back

“What is he talking about?”

Cindy replies “I don’t know. But, I am sure he knows what he’s doing.”

I have never seen a conference room bigger than this. More than 50 personnels have sat down. After all of us are sitted, they are two more empty chairs to feel. Finally, there’s a big man walking into the room with “style” who I can only guess as Mr. Wong.

Rudy begins his presentation and end with an increase in net profit of 23% per year. The company size and wealth also increases by 400% compare to the last year. Everyone is clapping and suddenly Mr. Wong is making a speech entrance

“Well done… Well done… However, Wong is doing well for the past year due to a recovery in world’s economic and also the stability of the security in Indonesia. That’s why many foreigners feel secure to invest and export our goods to their countries. Nevertheless, I think we need to be very careful. As a new General Manager, Rudy was hired and appointed because of my late wife’s will. He didn’t possess the experience of being a General Manager in such a large organization. Due to the expansion we are having in our corporation, I think we need someone outside the family to keep our business stay in a professional line as the new General Manager.”

Suddenly, there’s a woman who I recognize sitting beside June who says

“Why do we need another person while Rudy has been doing such a good job. We don’t know this new person’s capability and it’s not fair to Rudy since he still owns partially a large portion of the company’s share.”

Cindy is whispering to me and says “It’s the real May Wong.”

I am nodding my head and wait for anybody to respond further. Rudy is still as calm as usual. He doesn’t show any panic reaction as if this has been predicted before.

Some one is then saying “Why don’t we try the new person as a Deputy General Manager first to help Rudy out? If he’s that good, then we can find a suitable position for him in the future.”

I know that the spoken person is fact Mr. Wong’s ally. Everything is happening according to what we spoke earlier. Cindy and Rudy were right. This is in fact an ambush!

Mr. Wong says “That’s an excellent idea! Why don’t we say this, if Rudy is not able to increase our profit by 50% at the end of next month, then the new person will be appointed as a General Manager.”

May says “50% within 1,5 month? Are you going to sack Rudy down on purpose?”

Mr. Wong replies “Wait until you see the new Deputy General Manager. You might chance your mind and agree with my decision.”

“Ok! Who is he then? Let he or she or whoever is to come in.”

Suddenly, there’s a guy who is walking into the office. I can’t believe who I see. It’s Kevin. He’s dressing well in suits. Christian, June, and May are shockingly standing together.

May says “What are you doing here Kev?”

Mr. Wong replies “Kevin will represent my 20% shares along with other share holders who have agreed to hire him temporarily as Deputy General Manager. If Rudy fails to deliver to increase the required profit, then he will be sitted as General Manager. I believe that from his experience, he can lead our company better than any previous General Manager.”

I am stil confused while hearing many hands clapping to welcome Kevin. I can’t help myself not to be angry with him. How can he do such a thing? How can he betray Christian and everyone? I know that I should always stand by his side but I cannot do anything to harm Rudy, Christian and his family. They have done too much for me. They gave me a roof over my head. They even gave a roof over his head. Christian was financing Kevin’s tuition when they were in Sydney. Kevin told me personally about this before. I am looking at Rudy. I notice that he’s still giving his “ok” and “cool” expression but I can see the fear in his eyes.

Kevin suddenly says “How about it Pak Rudy? Are you willing to take on the challenge and have a bet? If you fail then, I will take your position and you can sit as my Deputy if you want to.”

What he’s saying is completely rude and way out of the line. I am looking straight to Rudy, hoping that he realizes that I am on his side for this matter. Rudy is still very quite. Finally, he is walking to where Cindy, Christian and I are sitting, touch my shoulder and says

“Ok! I am up for the challenge. However, if I fail, I will not be your Deputy. I will submit my resignation effective immediately.”

Out of the sudden, I am talking very loud “No, you can’t!” without realizing that everybody is looking back at me as the consequences

Rudy is looking back at me and says “It’s ok! I know that I can’t do this alone. But I will have you, Christian and his sisters support to increase 50% profit by the end of next month.”

I am looking straight to Rudy. Does this mean that I have to work with him and against Kevin? Suddenly, he touches my shoulder and says

“Please.. Will you help me?”

I am hesitating for a while but I know that Mr. Wong is in fact the bad guy for this. I don’t understand why Kevin is helping him. I hope that I can change his mind later on.

I am nodding my head and finally seeing his pure smile for the first time in a long time.

He shouts to the whole room “Deal!”

Everyone is then leaving the meeting room. I am getting up very soon to chase Kevin. I can see that he’s with Mr. Wong.

“I need to talk to you!” said I with an angry tone.

Mr. Wong is looking at me and says “We haven’t been introduced. You must be the famous Ruby.”

I am shaking Mr. Wong’s hand out of courtesy and replies

Nice to meet you Mr. Wong. Can I borrow Kev for while?

He answers “Sure!”

I am pulling his hand to go to one of the meeting room.

I am beginning to shout at Kev

“What are you doing this? I never know about this at all! Both of us owe Christian too much. Why are you doing something which against him? You also know by the two of us being together will hurt Rudy so deep. I have owed him my life. Why are you repaying him otherwise?”

Kevin is taking my hand and says “I am sorry. I should have told you earlier. I didn’t know that you will be working here. If I knew, I would have said something last night.”

I reply “Is that what this is about? If I have no clue about what happened just now, it would be alright? Hurting Rudy or Christian is never okay for me Kev..”

“I know.. I wouldn’t do something to harm Christian. I can promise you that.” Replies him

“How about Rudy? Can you make the same promise as well? Mr. Wong just basically asking him to step down? Don’t you know that he’s trying to merge his troubled company to Wong? That’s the goal behind any of this.”

Kevin is silent. He finally says “I can do better than Rudy. I just never had the chance to prove it. For merging a company, all the share holders must agree to sign, my decision will not affect anything.”

“What are you saying? Since when you are trying to compete with Rudy? Kev, It is not a matter of you can do better than Rudy. You just cannot take what’s originally belong to someone else. This position is his rightful place. His mother is Betty Wong. He has the blood and the capability to run this company. It’s just the same as June, May and Christian. Please resign from the post. As I said, now it is the time for us to repay Rudy’s kindness.”

He says “So, does it mean I cannot take you either? You were originally him. You are wrong Rub… You have to fight for what you want otherwise it will never be yours in the first place! I am sorry… I couldn’t just step down. This is something that I have to do. I have made my promise to Uncle Wong earlier. I have to….. I mean.. This is something I have to do.”

My tears are beginning to fall down. I can’t even believe that he just compared me with Rudy’s rightful position. This is what I have been afraid for a long time. It finally comes down that Kevin and Rudy are against each other. I have to prevent this. I have to prevent Kevin harming Rudy.

“Kev, please make a choice. Leave Wong with me or Stay at Wong without me.”

Kevin is looking at me deeply. I am waiting for his answer but none have said so far. I know that I am considering myself too high. I shouldn’t be over confidence hoping that he will choose me over position and fortune. I never suspect that our relationship will hit this hard rock so soon.

I know that he has made his choice by not asnwering me. My heart is broken once again. I am walking out from the meeting room and suddenly, Kevin is grabbing my hand

“Rub, wait… Please… I don’t want to lose you…”

“You have made your choice very clear.” Replied I sadly.

I am going straight to Rudy’s office room and say

“I am sorry. I didn’t know about any of this. I didn’t know that Kevin is planning to take your position. I am so sorry… You are hurt because of me again.”

Rudy says “Cing, it’s ok! I have predicted about this before. I just didn’t want to tell everybody because I am afraid it would be wrong and let it burden you. I can understand if you want to help him. I know that you two are together now.”

“Are you crazy? How can I help someone to hurt you? By the way, how did you know?”

He answers “I saw him coming out from your apartment earlier this morning.”

Rudy’s expression is telling me how sad he is at the moment knowing that Kevin and I are together.

I answer “No! I wouldn’t help him to get your position. And don’t worry… Kevin and I are not together. At least not from now. I wouldn’t be with somebody who will hurt you or Christian or anyone close to me.”

Rudy is smiling. After a long pause he finally says “Thank you.”

“Rud, can I go home first today? I don’t think I have the strength to continue working for today.mI know that this is clearly unprofessional. But I can promise you that tomorrow’s I will start fresh to help you achieve your goal. Today is just… I don’t know but… ”

Rudy says “Sure! You can call this number starting from today. He’s the new driver appointed to help you. Your car is already downstairs. I can’t go with you. I need to go to another meeting after this”

I am walking slowly towards the elevator. I can’t help myself not to cry. Finally, I am reach the lobby and I can hear that Christian is calling my name from a distant.

“Rub! Wait up!… Wait for me..” shouted him

He is running towards me and I reply “Yes Chris… What’s up?”

Chris says “Do you have some time to talk?”

“If this is about Kevin, then I don’t want to talk about it..” I reply to him candidly

“Well… I just think that he might not….”

I interrupt Christian and say “Chris, I am really not in the mood to talk about him. I need to run, I am sorry..”

I am leaving Christian alone and running towards to lobby. I know that I am being unbelivable rude. He’s after all the President Director of where I am working at the moment. But, I just couldn’t hold my tears anymore. Why the second I am feeling a bit of happiness, it flies away from me next? This time, it flies too soon.

Part 3: My Last Fight (Rudy)

I can’t even rate how stupid Kevin is. If he didn’t show up in the board room just as I have predicted, Ruby would have been impossible to steal from. Mr. Wong’s plan is too obvious for me. He had no clue that his moles at the company is actually my very own mole since I know that Cing cing was working in this company. Kevin has fallen into the trap. I can believe that he wanted to prove himself so bad. I have already lost the war from the beginning. He is the one Cing cing loves from the start. Now, my chance is back when he just blew Cing cing’s trust again. I can win Ruby’s back by any means necessary to get her. I might have lost the war but I am going to win this battle.

I am calling Cindy to come and talk to me as she is the only person I trust who will not harm my Cing cing in this company.

Cindy: Rud, you didn’t seem to be as sad as I thought you would…

Me: Can you guess why?

Cindy: I don’t know… You don’t seem surprise as well when you saw Kevin walked into the room. May I know why?

Me: I think you know why.. I have predicted this from a long time. I can’t tell you how and from who I got the information but I want to talk to you about anything else.

Cindy: What is it?

Me: It’s about Cing cing.. I mean Ruby…

Cindy: Yes?

Rudy: Can you please be her best friend who can protect her while she is at the office. You know May, my sister likes Kevin and I don’t think she would give Ruby any mercy. Also, can you arrange to give Ruby’s office next to mine please?

Cindy: Don’t worry about it… I have been thinking the same too about May. Why do you still pursuing her? Why haven’t you given up on her yet? With your qualification, you can get any girl you want. Sometimes, I don’t understand why did you insist on having her.

Me: It’s because she was the one who introduced LOVE to me. She taught me about unconditional love. Before, when I was about to marry somebody who’s horrible, she even helped me to the very detail even it hurt her heart so bad. She didn’t give up on me back then. Neither should I.

I am spending my night at the office and realizing that it’s already 02.00 AM. I have been working on making some plans to boost up the revenue but all of them combined couldn’t not go even close to 25%. One month is too short. Each plans have its expenses. I need to think what kind of event that can be sponsored by other company but we are the one who are reaching out the profit. Without realizing, I am falling asleep on my work table. I can only realize when Cing cing is waking me up thet next morning.

“Did you stay here all night?” asked her

“Yes.. I stayed until late at night. I was planning to go back but eventually I fell asleep.”

“You must felt exhausted. Here, eat some coffee first. I already asked your secretary to bring you a fresh attire. You will have another meeting in two hours. Going back with this kind of traffic jam is not an option.”

“Thank you” said I with giving her a smile.

“What did you work on last night?”

“I have been thinking about three major plans to boost up our revenue for the next 45 days.”

“I am sorry that you have to go through this…. It’s my fault. From now, I will be helping you in any aspects until you reach your goal.”

“You are so stupid! It’s not your at all your fault. Anyway, I can’t bear to see the woman I love to feel suffer. I sure need you to win this challenge. But, I won’t force you to work long hours.”

I can see that Cing cing’s eyes are teary. I am also wondering why is it so easy to say the word love in front of her while I never be able to say “I love you” in front of others even in front of my mom?

We are spending the next one and half hour to go through her job responsibilities. And then, the rest of Wong’s family is coming to have a meeting with me. I am asking Cing cing to stay so that I can introduce her to May.

Accross my mind, I am just hoping that May wouldn’t be so offensive towards Cing cing.

I say “Hi.. Before we begin, I would like to introduce a new colleague of us to you. Her name is Ruby and she will be heading the HR department. She will also help me with any creative projects. Rub, this is May and June. They are Christian’s sister.”

Suddenly, June is leaving her sit and walking towards Ruby. Ruby is also standing. I wonder what happened but at the end they are hugging each other as if they have known each other for long time.

June: I am so glad to meet you again. I am even happier that you remember about me now. I miss you a lot. Our house doesn’t feel like home until May got back from US.

Ruby: I miss you too. How are you? You are welcome to talk to me or come and stay the night at my place at anytime.

Me: Did you guys know each other? Have I missed something?

Christian: Ruby had stayed in my place for months. During that time, they already had that “special bonding”

Me: Ow.. ic… Ok, May… This is Ruby.. Ruby, this is May, Christian’s sister.

May is giving her a very cold smile. They are shaking hand formally. Christian breaks the ice by asking me about the plan to gain more revenue.

Christian: So, what’s your plan?

Rudy: We have three weaker sectors in the business which have the biggest probability to grow. They are hotel, event & art and also jewelry. These three sector have been the weakest because we have been concentrated to grow our machinery business. For hotels, we can liase with travel agents to make a special promotion. For jewelry, now that it is near Valentine’s day, we can make a new design for couples.

Christian: What about event and art? Those are harder to achieve. Our art collections are priced hundred thousands of dollars. We cannot host a cheap exhibition. We have to go all the way. Private collectors are very hard to pleased

Cindy: Exactly. I know that your plan is great for the time being but we need something out of the park. 50% increase in total revenue is not a play.

Rudy: Ya.. I have been thinking on both daily activities running but I can’t get creative enough what the one big event we can get big sponsors, sell our exhibit arts while boosting our hotel revenue. If we can gain USD 100.000.000 for that one event, then we already gain 30% increase. The rest is easier and can be gained from our main sector as long as we maintain our operating rhythm.

Cindy: It means that we have to sell about at least 5 pieces of our art collection with almost zero expenses plus selling 2.000.000 products with net profit of at least 15% excluding promotion activities. We need the help from our media friend. But, how to get them chase this advertisement?

Ruby: How about a wedding? For example, a wedding of Christian and Cindy. We can easily get many sponsors, media will haunt this. Cindy can wear the piece of jewelry or Chris can propose to Cindy while wearing our promotion jewelry. A jewelry not only the royals can propose but it’s affordable by everyone. During the event of their wedding, we can exhibit the rare art work. It would be a blast!

Rudy: Wow! I think that’s an exceptional idea!!! Let’s do that!

Christian: I can’t. Mom just died a couple of months ago. I couldn’t get married in 3 years. I am the President Director and the oldest son of my family. It’s different if let’s say May or June or even you who will held any celebration event. For me, they will take this as an advantage to force me to step down from PD. Then, the problem will become more complicated. Besides, Cindy and I are not ready yet. We are still at the initial stage of our relationship.

Ruby: I am sorry… I didn’t think about any of this before..

Cindy: It’s not your fault. Your idea is brilliant. What we need is someone from Wong’s family.

June: May and I are still young. We haven’t dated anyone. We can’t just get married with a stranger.

May: Rudy, how about you then? I can see that you and Ruby are pretty close.

Christian: May, don’t give any ridiculous idea! Let’s just think of another event.

May: What kind of event is better and more “wow” than this one? A Cinderella wedding. Ruby’s life story can be represented as a Cinderella itself in so many ways. She can wear the “Queen Silvy” necklace, one of the mother’s precious collection. We can make the immitation one and sell it to public since the design is also sold to mom couple years ago.

Ruby is looking at my face. I know that she doesn’t have the same feeling as I do for her. I don’t want to force her this way. She won’t be happy.

Me: Let’s think of another way. Let’s end our meeting today. June and May, you guys are in charge to design a new product from the jewelry division. Cindy and Chris will work on increasing our traffic for hotel rooms, function rooms or food and beverages. It includes any aspects from the hotel area. My only condition is not to down sizing the employees. We don’t want to create any negative impact from the media right now. As for me and Ruby, we will work on the art exhibition project. Cindy, please give Ruby the list of all private collectors in Asia.

Cindy: Ok! Will do!

May is still insisting to put her and Kevin apart. She says

“Ruby, just think about it! You can save Rudy’s reputation, our company, and get your happy ending at the same time.”

“Ok! I will think about it!” says Ruby weakly.

Both of us are coming back to my room. I am playing with her hair and say

“Don’t you worry about what May said. She’s just jealous of you. You know that she fancies Kevin from a long time. Don’t think about the idea, ok?”

She is still silent as if she has a lot to think inside her mind.

I am hoping that she will say “I do” when I asked her few days ago. I sincerelly hope that she will accept me one day and learn to love me again like before.

If I can only turn back time… I wouldn’t let my family or job or Anna to get between us. As for now, I am totally regret that I once left the girl I’d ever truly love.

Part 4: Explosion (Ruby)

For the past three weeks, Rudy and I have been working very late even he rarely goes home. My apartment’s spare room has already become his since I am living a lot closer and less traffic jam to the office. Tonight, we are even still at the office at 02.00 AM.

Last week, we held an exhibition to sell one art piece called “The Road to Via de Larosa” Everything in the room must be decorated according to Roman theme.  We even invited many famous artists who are experts to design European theme, the decoration was fantastic. I had no idea before that in order to sell one art piece of USD 10.000.000, the expenditures were also quite sky high. We organized a special auction to sell the rare piece. The amount of work and detail were extraordinary exhausting, especially when we went into details. From recruitment, my specialty turned into Event Management Specialist a.k.a Rudy’s PA.

Currently, time time shows at 02.30 AM and Rudy is still organizing many pictures for our next auction. He’s trying hard to put on a theme to sell more than one painting at the same time. The thing about art piece auction is you cannot sell two valuable items at a time. You need to sell many “affordable” item and try to sell the “real” art work at the end of auction. To find the “affordable” items which are attractive and in line with the art theme is also a piece of work. At the bottom line, it’s harder than I thought.

“What should I do? My head is going to explode. I couldn’t think anymore.” he said desperately.

“Don’t force yourself… Just take a rest…” I replied. I know that I haven’t been exactly helpful. Rudy was the one who organized everything. He’s the multi tasker and the master piece behind every success. But, a master has also his lowest moment where his energy has been fully absorbed.

Deep inside my heart, I know that I am being entirely selfish. If I have agreed to May’s idea before, Rudy doesn’t have to put all of his efforts, minds and powers for these exhibitions. Cindy and Christian’s project is also not as successful as we were hoping to be. Mr. Wong  has put his influence to make things even more difficult. May and June have been experiencing the same.

I am looking at Rudy. I know that he has not failed in his work task before. I can feel his despair when he says “It seems that this will be the first task I cannot do.”

The night went by with many despairs as many nights before this.

Rudy and I are being like mummies for the next few days with minimum progressive. I finally decide to talk again to Kevin. Maybe, he’s willing to back down and put this misery to an end. It really broke my heart to see Rudy like this. He hasn’t been rest for weeks.

Kevin agreed to meet me on top of the roof at our office. Finally, we are meeting again after we “broke up” in the meeting room.

“How are you Kev?” I asked. I can’t help to see that he looks miserable too.

“Same as usual. Nothing has changed much. How are you?” replied he

“I am….”

“It’s ok! You don’t have to tell me how tired you are. I have seen you working almost 24 hours at Rudy’s office. How’s he by the way?”

“It’s about him that I want to talk to you about.”

He whispers dissapointedly “I thought you want to talk about us.”

I can see that Kevin is in fact unhappy too.

“Well.. It’s about us too..”

“Ok! What is it?” asked Kevin to me.

“I know that it’s unfair to ask you this but I want you to back off from the competition. By means, I don’t want Rudy to over work just to keep his rightful position.”

He doesn’t say anything for a long time.

“I can’t. I already made a promise. You don’t understand. This is for the good of everyone. You will see it later. For you, for Christian, even for May and June. I have to stay.”

“What do you mean? How can you help Mr. Wong, the man who is currently against his own sons and daughters? And, how this is for my good. Do you have any idea how much burdens I have under my responsibilities now? Job scope wide is okay. I have a lot to learn too. But….”

I cannot continue talking. I don’t want to make things worse. I couldn’t express the real burden inside my heart which is Rudy. I just rejected his feeling towards me and even rejected again to help him and get engaged in front of the Wong’s family. Now, he even has more pressure about the stupid target

“Why do you stop talking? I know what’s on your mind. It breaks your heart when you see Rudy works to hard right?”

I am looking at Kevin and finally, I know how to end this.

“Kev, you are the one who I have chosen. I thought you understand that perfectly. I am asking you for the second time, take me away with you. Let’s leave this company together. I will leave Rudy, and you will leave Wong. Let’s go.. I will follow you where ever you go. I wanna be with you.”

He is looking into my eyes deeply and says

“Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for you to say this? But, not this way Rub, not this way… You are willing to be with me because you want to end Rudy’s misery. No, I have my own obligations. I am sorry. I have to stay at Wong. I can’t just be with you and leave all of these now.”

My tears are starting to go down uncontrollably. So, this is how it feels to be rejected. You gave someone your every heart and it deeply hurts when he just said no. Maybe God is punishing me to personally experience how Rudy has felt for all this time.

Suddenly, I am seeing Rudy is punching Kevin. He must be listening all a long.

He is shouting “I already warned you not to make her cry!! Who are you to keep hurting her heart like this? First, you changed her identity and made her your lover! Second, you broke her heart in Surabaya and she left carrying your baby! Third, because you didn’t end things well with your ex, it almost caused her life and she had to experience the miscarriage. Do you have any idea how lucky you are? Despites everything you did wrong, she still chose you! What an ungrateful bastard!”

I really don’t understand what Rudy just said. I was carrying Kevin’s baby? I had a miscarriage? What does it mean? How did this happen? How did anyone not saying anything about this? Kevin was the father of the baby? How can he didn’t say a thing?

Without realizing, I am shouting loudly to the both of them

“Stop! Stop fighting!”

Both of them stops suddenly and looks at me

“Is it true that I was pregnant with Kevin’s child before? Is it true that I had a miscarriage?”

Kevin and Rudy are looking at me.

Rudy says “I am sorry. I should have not hide this for you. I thought this is for your own good. I am afraid that you will be as sad as when Anthony died earlier. I don’t want you to face another depression.”

I am thinking over and over again and finally realize that I had a miscarriage during the kidnaping. I am turning my head to Kevin and says

“Did you know about this before?”

“Yes. I knew you were pregnant when you were at the hospital. I was there. My opinion is the same with the rest of the people. We don’t want you to be sad. That’s why one of us has ever told you about this. I am sorry.”

I am looking at the sky and finally realize how stupid I am. They all have lied to me. I know that it’s for my own good but at least, the father of my child shouldn’t hide this from me. I can accept when anyone is lying to me but not Kevin. He shouldn’t have hide that I lost my child before even he was born. How many times Kevin has lied to me? My identity, my pregnancy, and what’s next?

I couldn’t face Kevin anymore. I am running to leave them. I just need to be alone from everybody. Suddenly, Rudy is in front of me. He says

“Cing, don’t go! I am sorry but I can’t leave you alone now. I am afraid that something might happen to you. I am afraid that you’ll do something reckless.”

I am trying to avoid him because I couldn’t say a single word anymore. Suddenly, Kevin is reaching my hand and says

“Please let me explain everything. Please let me……”

I am so angry and eventually get me to slap him in the face. He is looking at me. I know that both of us have hurt each other too much know. This new issue will put a longer distance for us to be together. Why? Why did he have to lie to me about my baby?? Fate is just too cruel.

I am screaming “You are the father of my inborn child. He was died and you didn’t tell me? What kind of a person are you? All of our relationships are based on lies! You lied to me when I lost my memory, you didn’t tell me about joining this company and hurt everyone I care about. And I am still stupid to ask you and take me away with you. After all of this, now… I need to find out from another person that you hid crucial things from me. Things as crucial as our baby! What’s next Kev?”

Kevin says “Rub, I am sorry.. I don’t mean to do any of that.. I just thought….”

“Everything is for my own good…. Right?”

He is looking at me sadly and says “Right…”

“Without allowing me to be myself? You basically tried to turn me into the person I am not…”

I can’t handle this anymore. I am running so fast and I can hear Rudy and Kevin’s voice at the back. I know that I am not supposed to run. I have an asthma and this will make it worse. I am stopping to take my breath and suddenly I can hear Rudy is talking to Kev

“Stop following her! She can’t continue to run like this! You had done enough!”

I didn’t look back to find out anything. Rudy is now in front me and giving me a bottle of water to drink. He says

“You can run from him physically but you can’t run from your heart. You have to face him anyway since you have to see him every single day at the office.”

I am looking at him and say

“Is it really true? I had lost a husband three years ago. Why do I have to lose my child without even know that he existed inside my stomach? Why? And also… You…. You….”

“I am sorry… I know that I was supposed to tell you.. You have all the rights to know.. But… but….”

I am raising my voice to him and say

“No.. It’s not that!! How can you still love me? I had a husband before, I have slept with somebody else and got pregnant. I can’t even keep my baby alive. I didn’t even know I was pregnant.. You knew all of this and yet you still asked me to get married with you… Why? You have all the other options in the other options in the world!!!”

He is standing still with his teary eyes without saying anything.

“Why Rud? You should have given up on me a long time ago!”

He finally states his reason by whispering “It’s because I love you.. I really really love you..”

I can’t help myself not to run and hug him… My heart is melt and I certainly know now how hurt rejection is. Why does Rudy love me so deep? I am not worthy.. I am not worthy of his love…

Part 5: My Engagement ?? (Ruby)

Many mornings have gone by with my tears on top of my pillow. I am not only crying because of my inborn child but knowing that everything is messed up. Rudy and I are becoming more than just workaholics. We simply move to live at the office. We rarely have proper meals. What we eat is basically take out food, fast delivery food or any snacks available on the table.

Today is the night before a corporate meeting with hotel divisions. Tomorrow, Christian and Cindy will bring out the number. I sincerely that they have done exceptionally well. Otherwise, we just need to depend on our next exhibits with selling four more art pieces at the “impossible” rate.

I can see that Rudy’s face is getting paler and paler.

“Rud, what’s wrong? Have you eaten your gastrix medicine?”

“I am okay… Just a bit pain inside my stomach as usual. I will ask my driver to buy the medicines for me.”

“You don’t need to buy. I have bought some supplies for you. They are inside your bottom drawers.”

He is smiling at me and says “Thank you! I don’t know what I should do without you.”

Rudy and I have been busy working with other departments to tight in the budgeted expenses. Apparently, this is not a famous decision. He’s eating his medicine but I still see his face whiter than usual.

“Rud, what’s so bad about losing this anyway? I know that you can get a job at any company you want. They would be very lucky to have you. Let’s just end this. If Mr. Wong wants to be in charged with this company, just give it to him. I don’t want your health is affected this way!”

Rudy stops typing and walking towards me. He says

“I know you are worried so much. Don’t worry… I know when I reach my limits. This isn’t about winning, and not about the company as well. I know that Mr. Wong cannot do any harm without the majority of the share holder’s approval.”

“Then, what is it?”

“It’s about my mom. All my life, I haven’t done anything to please her. I don’t even know that she’s in fact my mom before the day she died. She has arranged everything for my own good, including to keep me seperate from her. I haven’t made her proud. All of her life, she has fought to keep her husband away from this company. She must have her own reason behind it. Do you know that I haven’t got a chance to call her mom? Not even beside her death bed?”

“No… I don’t know… I never think she means a lot to you. I thought you hated her.”

“I blamed her for abandoning me but I never hate her. Not after reading her letter. She had a choice to make and she had chosen the best option for all of us.”

“Ic… I will help you win this…. Don’t worry… I will always be here with you..”

Suddenly, Rudy’s almost passing out. I am shouting to ask anyone for help but only the two of us are present at the office.

“Rud, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me like this… What’s wrong?”

“My gastrix pain… It hurts so bad..”

“Rud.. please hold on.. I will get somebody to help…”

I am calling the ambulance emergency service from the nearest hospital. They said that they will be coming during 15 minutes of time.

“I told you that you need to prioritise your health first… Why didn’t you listen to me? You over rated your strength. You always tell me not to worry…”

“I will be just fine. I need to take care of you, I need to help Christian run this company…. Everything is going to be alright..”

The ambulance people come in. I am walking along with them until we get inside the ambulance. I am looking at him and feeling scare of how pale his face looks like. Inside the ambulance, Rudy is still trying to brief me about our meeting with Christian and Cindy tomorrow. I am feeling angry and sad at the same time. This is the first time he does something for his own mother.

I have a moment of silence until Rudy is taken care at the Emergency Room. They are injecting him with the stronger gastrix medicine right away. I have been thinking about this for few days. I have been ignoring this because I still choose the guy who has hurt me deeply. Until now, he’s still the guy I truly love.

I am reaching my phone and dialing Cindy’s number right away.

“Cin, I am sorry to bother you in the middle of the night… Rudy is at the hospital because of his accute gastrix pain. I need your help.”

“What is it? I will come down immediately.”

“No.. You don’t have to come down. I can take care of him. I need your help for something else more important.”

“What is it?”

“Please help to prepare my engagement with Rudy as possible as possible. Please celebrate it huge enough so that our original plan to sell all the paintings will come to a realization.”

It seems that there’s no answer from Cindy for a long time but she finally replies “Rub, are you sure about this?”

“I am sure…”

“Ok! I will take care of your engagement.”




If there’s love, there will be sacrifice…

If there’s hate, there will be love…

If I can’t make you love me…

Then, I will try to love the person in front of me…

The person who has given his everything just to be near me…

Fate is just too cruel but she is kind enough to remind me…

That this love still exists…

Thank you pain.. you are still here together with me…

From: Your friend Ruby.


Episode 20: Yesterday VS Tomorrow (Ruby and Friends)

Part 1: My memory (Ruby)

I am flying on the sky. It is so bright and warm. Everything is wonderful. I never feel this liberated in my whole life. I am looking down and all I can see is white clouds everywhere. Suddenly, I can feel that someone is holding my left hand but no one’s around me at the moment. Wait, where am I? Why am I flying? Am I already died? I am looking down again and out of the sudden, I don’t have the ability to fly anymore. I am going to fall….

Suddenly, I can hear Rudy’s voice when he says

“Cing, how are you feeling? You are okay… You are saved now…”

I am trying to open my eyes slowly and everything is still blurred. Where am I? I must be dreaming just then. My body is aching and I am still trying to remember what happened before.

I begin to speak weakly while my eyes are still closed.

“I am okay but my head feels hurt.”

I am blinking my eyes few times trying to gain a better sight. Slowly, I begin to recall what happened before. It’s an escape path from death. I am really lucky to be alive. Nevertheless, I don’t hate Lily at all. I can understand why she did and what she did to me. In fact, I feel sorry for her. She really has changed a lot since I met her in Sydney at the hospital. Back then, she looked like the nicest girl ever. She loves Kevin and her mother so much but it’s the kind of love that actually destroys her.

Wait, how could I remember about meeting Lily before yesterday? Wasn’t yesterday the first time we had ever met? Wait… This is not right. I am trying to recall back what has happened in my life. Many flash backs are coming including Roy, the Snowy Mountain accident and how we met in the first place. I also remember about my Anthony. Where is he? Why is he not staying beside me now? My tears are beginning to fall down on my cheek. Now, I know what every one has been talking about. I remember his existence and how important he is in my life. The funeral reminds me that he is he’s no longer here to take care of me. The frustration I had a year ago come back to my heart knowing that he will never come back. Now, I am finally a real person. I am no longer a person with empty box. I am back to the person I used to be.

Rudy touches my cheek and says

“Why are you crying? Does it hurt badly? Tell me… How do you feel now?”

I am looking at the man who just risked his life for me and speaks to him weakly

“I am okay.… Rud, where are we? Are you okay? What happened to you? What happened to Lily? How’s everybody? I mean Christian, Lily and everyone. Did they get hurt?”

“Everything is okay… Don’t you worry about a thing. Cing, you just had a head surgery. Do you feel any discomfort? Tell me if you feel anything.”

I am shaking my head as a sign that I am not feeling discomfort. But, My head is aching and I am feeling dizzy as soon as I am moving my head. Rudy continues to ask me

“Cing, do you really remember what happened? I mean all the details? Did you remember how Lily kidnapped you in the first place?”

“Yes I remember.She kidnapped me when I promised to meet her at the mall. By the way, how is she now? Is she also in the same hospital?”

Rudy replies “They couldn’t save Lily. The bullet went right to her heart.”

I couldn’t stop crying until Rudy touches my hand.

“Why are you still crying? Does it really hurt? I’ll call the nurse to come and examine you properly.”

I am gripping Rudy’s hand for a while and say

I don’t know… As if it’s partially my fault. I know that what she did was very extreme and got me to endanger your life and even Christian’s life. But, she didn’t deserve to die. She deserves to have a fresh start. A life without revenge.”

Rudy is smiling at me for a long time. I know this smile. Everytime I do something he likes, he always gives me this smile.

Anyway, I don’t know how to tell him that I truly remember everything besides the kidnapping. How could I tell him that I have remembered my past life now. I am not sure whether it is a good thing to tell Rudy about this now. He continue to say

“Cing, you need to let go of my hand for a while. I need to call the nurse and let them know that you are awake.”

Finally, I decide to let him know the truth by holding his hand even tighter.

“Please wait… Rud, I need to tell you something. I…………”

“Yes?” asked him

“I remember everything. I don’t only recall what happened before but I do remember about you, me, our past and everybody. I know who I really am now. I am in fact Ruby. I truly remember everything.”

Rudy is not talking or moving for a while. He looks deeply into my eyes and leans his face closer towards my face. He says “Really? Have you really remembered everything? Did you remember how we met and so on?”

I am smiling and looking at him. He seems happy that I have gained my memory back. Thank goodness for this. I am afraid that due to what he did in the past, he might feel awkward that I remember about us. We are in such a good term now. I don’t want our past to ruin this valuable friendship.

I am letting go his hand and trying to say more about this.

“Yes. I remember everything. I remember about you, Anthony, mom, dad, Christian, Kevin, Amy, Mat, and Karen. I remember everybody. By the way, where are Christian and Cindy? Are they okay?”

Rudy says “Don’t worry about Chris and Cindy. They are fine. Chris never left you. He is sleeping on the couch.”

“I see.Where’s mom and dad? Did you tell them? I hope you didn’t. I am afraid that they might be worry.”

Rudy says “No, I didn’t tell them. They have gone through enough worries. I can take care of you until you get better. They don’t have to know about the kidnapping.”

I am nodding my head as a sign of totally 100% agree.

I am looking at my surrounding and this room looks like a hotel room rather than a hospital room. Which hospital is this? Why is it so fancy? I am turning my head slowly to the left  and I can see that Kevin is looking at me. There must be something wrong with my eyes. How can he be here? How can he know about this? I promise Lily to leave everything but a good impression of her.

Kevin must realize that I am in between yes and no of convincing myself that it truly is Kevin. He finally says

“Are you ok? You look confuse to see me. Do you know what to see me?”

So I speak “When did you get here? How? I mean…”

He is looking at Rudy and says “Can you please give us a minute? I need to talk to her in private.”

Rudy is looking at him fiercly and I know that it’s a big NO sign. However, we do need to talk to each other in private.

I am giving Rudy a “request” look at me and say “Please.. It would just be a moment..”

He says “Ok! I’ll be right back! Just yell if you need me to come in.”

After Rudy is closing the door, Kevin approaches me, takes my hand and says

“I am so sorry. You got hurt because of me. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have hurt your feeling in Surabaya. Everything will change now. I am not going to leave your side anymore. Do you have any idea how scared I have been for the past few days? I don’t want to wait anymore. I will take you as my wife and we will grow old happily together. You are my responsibility from now on. Let’s get married sooner. I want to show you my commitment.”

I don’t know how to respond to this. But to be honest, I really don’t know how to react. In fact, I don’t know if our relationship is still counted as couple. Knowing the truth is uglier than believeing what Kevin said all of this time was right. I know that what he did was for the goodness of my recovery. I will never be able to get emotionally stable if he told me about Anthony. But still, a lie is a lie.

Secondly, the Lily accident wasn’t his fault at all and he doesn’t need to become responsibility and tries to commit and even ask me to marry him this way. He has asked me to choose before and my choice got him to leave me.

However, the bottom part of my rejection is because I am afraid that someone might hurt him because of me. It’s like I am a bad luck to everyone. I should be alone for the rest of my life and not have everyone who loves me to be hurt. Just look at Rudy. I can’t imagine if Kevin was the one who stood there to risk his life for me. That cannot happen. I have to fulfill my promise to Lily and that’s to let Kevin thinks of her in an only positive way.

I am letting go of his hand forcely and say

“Kev, don’t do this! This accident wasn’t your fault.What happened earlier was accidental. It’s not even Lily’s fault. She really loves you.”

Kevin says “No! It’s not love! If she truly loves me, she wouldn’t hurt the person I love the most. She would have to let go because we are already together. You could get killed! Why did you still stand up for her?”

I reply “Kevin, love is the best medicine but overdose can kill anyone. That’s what happened to Lily. Lily’s love for you and for her mom is just an over doses of love. Anyway, you couldn’t say some stuffs like that! That’s very unfair. If I already together with Rudy, will you also let go while you are still in love with me? No right? You will fight to get me. That what she did! She fought to get you back. She might have lost the war but she wins the battle. I will make Christian and Rudy to register her name under Wong’s family. I will ask them to take care of her funeral. By the way, why are you not stand by Lily’s side now? Who is going to organize her funeral? You need to take care of this. She would want you there. Just go! I will be just alright overhere.” 

Kevin says and even yells at me “Rub, please stop! Why are you always like this? I can’t stand it! I am not a hypocrite  and certainly I am not an angel like you. I can’t even think about anyone right now. You are badly hurt!  I won’t leave your side. You are my top priority at the moment. Rub, you are the only thing that matters to me right now.”

Kevin leans his face towards my face and I can feel that he’s about to kiss my lip. I am putting my hand against his mouth. I almost couldn’t resist the kiss. I still have a deep feeling for him. But, I am confuse whether what we had was real. I was Livia when we were together but now, I am Ruby. Will he still love me as Ruby? Or who he truly loves all this time is Livia, the girl he created out of me.

Finally, I decide to get some distance from him from him first to figure out the truth. I know that it would hurt our feelings but I decided to give a moment to Lily.

“Kev! How can you be so selfish? Lily did all of this because she loves you. Her love was real. You caused her so much pain. She already had enough because she was abandoned as a child by her father. You left her when she needed you. Now you don’t even want to fullfil her last will? How can you be this cruel?”

Kevin’s tears are starting to fall down on his cheek. He answers weakly

“How can I leave your side knowing that the girl I love the most is lying on the hospital bed? How can I leave your side when my biggest rival is standing outside and ready to take you from me at anytime? Please don’t ask me to leave your side.”

I can truly feel his despair. I say You love someone. It doesn’t mean you’ll be together forever. It doesn’t mean you won’t hurt each other. It just means that you just love them.”

Kevin puts my hand against his cheek. He asks me “What do you mean?”

What I mean is I remember what happened and how Rudy was in danger of loosing his life, his everything because he protected me earlier. I couldn’t just be with you at the moment.”

Kevin is looking at me and asks me “Do you still love me? Answer me honestly….”

I really want to say yes… But, it wouldn’t be fair to anyone. I need to figure out how Rudy and everyone else are at the moment. My relationship with Kevin is not the top priority. Hopefully we can pick up what we have left later on. I just don’t want to hurt Rudy, the man who just put his life on the hang for me. I wish Kevin could understand that I really need some time alone….

“Kev, can you give me some space first?”

He is grabbing and gripping my hand even tighter and says

“Rub, please tell me how you feel towards me. Do you still love me? Do you know that I was so scared when you told Rudy that you have remembered everything?

I am turning my head away from Kevin and say

“I have remembered everything but I don’t know what it would affect later on. Just go and take care of Lily’s funeral first.”

“Is everything changing now because you have remembered, I mean with us?”

I am looking deeply into his teary eyes and painfully say “Yes”

Kevin asks the key question to all answers “Do you still love me?”

My heart may say differently but my mouth chooses to say

“Just go and take care of Lily’s funeral first. Please wake Christian up and tell him to have a proper rest. I don’t want him to catch a cold later on. Please kindly call Rudy now.”

Kevin puts my hand down and walks straight to wake Christian up. He is turning his head for a few times to look at me before they leave the room. Christian asked me few questions about how am I feeling at the moment. He doesn’t know that I have already regained my memory yet.

Deep down in my heart, I know that Kevin doesn’t want to leave my side at the moment. I know what he’s afraid of. But, besides giving me some time to think, this is the last thing that I can do for Lily. I know that she would want Kevin to be the last person at her side.

After he leaves, I whisper weakly “Kev, I am sorry.. Just give me some time first.. I still love you…”

Rudy is coming to sit by my side along with the Doctors and Nurses. After they examine my condition, Rudy has even asked them to do a full contrast MRI. He also tells the Doctors (Prof. Wendy and someone else) that I have regained my memory and how could this happen. They were talking about the wood accident and how the hit helped to realize the blood cloak inside my brain. Finally, everyone is leaving and I am now alone with Rudy.

I ask Rudy to change my position to sit up. I am holding his hand and say

“Thank you for everything. Thank you for saving me during the kidnapping. You shouldn’t have come. They could have killed you. Tell me honestly, how is your injury at this point? Does it still hurt? Did you know that I couldn’t forgive myself if anything happened to you? I have lost Anthony. I couldn’t bear to lose anyone important again in my life, especially you. Please promise me that they wouldn’t be next time…” 

Rudy hugs me very tight. He then says

“Did you know that my heart almost stopped beating when Lily put a knife to your neck? Why on earth did you try to save me from the wood blocks? You could have died! I am so afraid that I might lose you. Cing, please promise me that you won’t do anything to jeopardize your safety anymore.”

He lets go of his hug and starts to see my eyes deeply. He leans his face closer towards my face and his mouth begins to touch my lip. I am turning my head to the right as a sign of rejection.  He says

“I am sorry. I thought now that you have gained my memory you would have loved me back. I misunderstood…. I just…….”

I am smiling at his face and say

No, it’s not that. It’s just I need to figure out anything. Did you remember that even before I lost my memory, I have loved another man? I just lost a husband and then Kevin came into the picture when I was Livia. Right now, I am just not in a place where my heart is clear.”

I can see that he is sad because of what I have said earlier. I continue to speak

“Rud, you are still the most influential in my life. Most people have said that you have been the love of my life and it is true. What we had before was deeper than any relationship I’d ever had until now. Sometimes, I couldn’t understand why you love me this much where there are plenty of other girls who fancy you. Just give me some time ok?”

We hug again for a while and I am deeply thankful for his love. Yes, he has left me before. Yes, he was the one who hurt my heart so deeply. But, he also had made big come backs.

Part 2: Born Again (Ruby)

I spend the next few days still at the hospital. My families have come for few times including my brother, Eason. Rudy finally couldn’t hide things from my dad anymore as He was very presistence to want to see me. Anthony’s mom also came yesterday. We had a deep meaningful conversation about how the two of us loved Anthony so very much.

I have been thinking also about how Kev lied to me and changed my identity as Livia before. To be honest, if I were on his shoes, I might be doing the same thing to rescue my best friend from pain, depression and grievance. However, he shouldn’t have lied that we were a couple before the accident happen. If things developed naturally, things wouldn’t be this confusing now.

Currently, I really don’t know how to face him. My love for him for the last two years is very real but the initial was accutely wrong. But how can I look at Kevin as the same best friend I had before I lost the memory. We have slept together and planned to get married before. Should I continue to love him as my fiancé? But how about Rudy?

Amy, Matthew and Karen finally come to see me at hospital. For the first time in a long time, I am surrounded by my friends and I can be “me” again.

Matthew: Ruby, finally you remember who you are. Do you know how miserable my life without you? We always tell each other everything before. You were very cold to me during the memory lost

Me: Yes… I know… It turns out that I am suck at making friends. I am lucky to have all of the three of you. The period when I lost my memory, I couldn’t gain even one friend.

Me (continue): I guess I am just too “weird” for them. Seriously, I am truly grateful to have you three. I don’t think I could able to make new friends

Karen: Really? But you are very friendly, helpful and sincere. Why anyone would not want to be your friend?

Amy: I think I know the reason.

Me: Why?

Amy: I think girls would find you very intimidated. Now that you are skinny and beautiful, you are beautiful inside and out. I think girls are afraid to be friends with you because their boyfriends might start to develop a feeling for you.

We are all laughing. I know that it’s not true but Amy hasn’t changed so far. She is still telling sarcastic joke.

Me: Amy, when I lost my memory, did you find me more interesting or not? I mean, do you prefer to be friends with me or with Livia?

Amy: Of course I would prefer the real you Ruby. The funny, kind hearted, generous and always think the best of others. But I can tell that I am the most important friend for you. You still want to be friends with me even though you forgot about everything!

Matthew: No! That’s not true!!!

All of us are laughing out loud due to Matthew’s reaction

Amy: Honestly, I used to hate you so much because you seemed to forget all about Anthony and moved on to Kevin so very quickly.

Karen: Hey! It wasn’t her fault! She was having a memory lost! She didn’t forget Anthony deliberately. It’s not fair for you to say that.

Me: I think you are right. How can I forget about the man who loves me more than anything in the world? How could I forget about my husband?

Matthew: The way I see is different. Anything happens for a good reason. You are moving on from Anthony is a good thing. You cannot drown yourself in grief all the time and thinking about the person who has died several years ago. I think Anthony will agree with me that it’s time for you to find love again.

Karen: Yes. I couldn’t have agreed more! I am hoping that you are going to end up with Rudy. He has risked his life for you. If I were you, I would choose him!

Matthew: But, that’s not important for us. It’s not important who you want to choose at the end. We only want you to be happy. That’s why we got you a makeover before. That’s why we sent you to Sydney. We want you to be cheerful again. But, I never thought that we got you to have a more complicated life with Christian and Kevin come into the picture.

Amy: Yes yes yes. Now that I think of it, your make over makes your love life even more complicated. First, you fell in love with my pervert cousin. For some reason, the two of you now feel that it was just an infatuation. Also, before that you were trying to make a revenge on Roy.

Amy (continue): But it turns out that he was never the cause of your lack of confidence. Now with Kevin comes into the picture right now, suddenly your best friend is turn out to be your lover but you were Livia before. Now that you are Ruby, who do you love? Ohh!! I am so confused! You can make a new movie series based on the true story of your life.. Memory lost, ex boyfriend, a husband, current boyfriend.. Even I am confused….

Matthew: Do you love Kevin? I really want to know how you really feel for him.

Everyone is looking at me. To be honest, I have been questioning myself the same question over and over again.

Me: I am not sure. I mean the way I look at him is very different. I don’t see him as my best friend anymore when we were in Sydney. However, I also can’t see him the same as when I lost memory as my future husband. Yes, I have been deceived but I know that he did it to rescue me. I tried to kill myself and maybe it was the best that Kevin decided to throw me a new identity.

Amy: Don’t forget that before you tried to end your life the last time, he already was the most important person in your life. And he was the one who ran for you. He connected all the dots. He threw his life for you to take care of the painful you for the whole year. Did you remember how did he rescue you before?

Me: Yes. He jumped in to the river even though he can’t swim. I remember saying that I chose to live with him because I won’t let him to die with me. But, it was because I am afraid that he would get drown. Back then, Anthony was all over my heart.

Karen: How about now? Who is in your heart?

Me: I don’t know. For now, Kevin is definitely in my heart but I can’t figure out his position. I know that I cannot be a wishy washy girl but everything has turned out just so very deeply complicated. I don’t know.

Karren: What about Rudy? How do you look at him now?

Me: You guys know that he has always been the love of my life. I don’t think that both of us can look at each other just as regular friends forever. It’s always something more. But, he is my past. The past that I want to let go. Otherwise, all the makeover will become worthless. I never thought that Anna was lying. I thought our story just ended there. But, to be honest, when Lily’s bodyguards beat him badly, my heart was aching. And when I lost my memory, he was the only person who can bring back a slight memory. During the kidnapping, he was willing to sacrifice his life for my own safety.

Matthew:Ok! What you need right now is time. Time will prove everything. It will heal and it will guide you to know where your heart is. My advice is for you to maintain some distance with the two of them. Get some space first.

Me: That’s exactly what I want! But, getting some space from the two of them is just impossible! I probably can’t do it now!

Matthew: Why?

Me: Because I will start to work in the same company with Rudy, Christian, Kevin and all the Wongs

Amy, Karren and Matthew: “WHAAAAAATTTT?”

All the three musketeers have left me to rest. At last, I told them the reason why I choose to work at Wong Enterprise along with Rudy. I told them how Rudy needed my support to maintain his position as the General Manager at Wong Enterprise. He did it to help Christian. If he is not the GM, then Christian’s position as the President Director will also be threaten.

I couldn’t just leave his side now becaue he has told me that he needed help. We also know that both of us owe Christian and Cindy our lives. We chose to help Christian to get his rights back. Now, I would never guess that Christian, Rudy, Amy and June have the same mother. It’s just a freaky coincidinces! Now when I reevaluate about it, they do have the same resemblance. Poor Lily that she never got to feel the love from her real family.

Cindy also has told me that Rudy’s life is in fact in danger because Mr. Wong actually sent people to hunt him down. She has filled me about how Mr. Wong wants to steal Christian’s place as President Director.

If there’s a happy ending about the story of my life is about Christian and Cindy. I am so glad right that Christian and Cindy are happy with each other now. Christian has admitted his feeling few days ago and now, they are officially in a relationship. Cindy also told me that she has helped Kevin to organize a grand funeral for Lily. It’s very formal and her name is registered as Wong. Her biological father also attended her funeral. I hope that Lily can finally smile when she sees this.

I also ask Cindy whether Kevin is staying at Christian’s place and she says no. It’s very weird since the two of them have been roommates for ages. But I guess, Kevin also needs some space alone from everybody.

Now is 06.00 PM and I am waiting for Rudy to make a quick drop by at the hospital. He will have a  meeting later on at 07.30 PM. I can’t wait to tell him that I can go out from the hospital tomorrow. Rudy stays at the hospital for every night. Kevin also visits me every day and usually the visit is in the morning. However, tonight he will stay here with me due to Christian’s request. Eventually, Christian will join Rudy at the dinner meeting.

When Kev gave me a visit, both of us always look at each other without saying anything. Two days ago, he thought that I was still sleeping but I just pretended to close my eyes so that we didn’t need to talk. It’s not that I don’t want to but I am just not ready to face him yet. I can hear when he grabbed my hand and said

“I know that you need to figure out your feelings for me. But I can only pray that you can still love me. I couldn’t have to lose you in my life anymore. All I have done were simply because I love you. Ruby, I love you very much. Please forgive me…”

To be honest… Besides Kevin, I have a lot on my mind lately. How can I give Rudy a happy life? How can I not end up hurting anyone’s heart? I truly wish that everyone could get all of us could get a happy ending. But, how?

A voice cuts my mind from wondering around. Rudy is here.

He says “Hi Cing.. How are you today?”

“I am really good! I could go out from the hospital tomorrow. Finally, I can go home!”

“Really?” asked Rudy.

“Yes, really… By the way, how was the share holder’s meeting?”

“No. We didn’t have it today. They keep changing the schedule from last week, and then today to three days later on Friday. I am not sure what they are up to. Some of the share holders are really hard to reach out.”

I am smiling at Rudy and have nothing to worry about. If I know one thing about Rudy is that he never fails at work. He’s truly gifted at what he does; he is hard working and most importantly, he loves his job.

He is feeding me the soup with the rest of my dinner. He knows that I don’t like the food from the hospital. After I finish my meal, Rudy asks me something a question I don’t know how to reply.

He asked “What do I have to do to make you love me?”

We both stare at each other for a long time and before I can say anything, I realize that Kevin is already at the door.

Part 3: The Next Step (Kevin)

I can’t forgive myself when I found out that Ruby was having a miscarriage because of Lily. Moreover, I can’t forgive myself for not knowing that she was pregnant with my child. How can I be so stupid? The reason behind Lily was going after her because I ended things with her poorly.

I didn’t blame her if she hates me so much. I also didn’t blame her if she wanted to make revenge at the Wong’s family. I can understand her pain. But, why she picked the innocent person to take all the blame? Why does it need to be my Ruby? I really can’t forgive anyone who hurt my Ruby. Cindy has told me about everything about Lily. All the details about how Aunt Betty made her mother’s life poorly. I finally realize the empty hole inside her heart when we went out. Now that everything is over, I just can hope that everything is fine with Ruby’s health.

Ruby has been through too much with the drowning, the car accident and now the kidnapping. I am afraid that she cannot handle that many horrible events. Sometimes, I don’t understand why God arranges someone as pure and kind hearted as Ruby to experience this many painful events in life.

Anyway, that’s not even the point! I can even get Ruby to be in a relationship with me. I can’t understand! We have loved each other deeply, we even had a child together. Why did she say that she needed to get some distance from me? Does that mean that she’s falling back again with Rudy?

Uncle Wong has given me a clear instruction about tomorrow’s meeting and how I can stand firm as a Deputy General Manager which is the step one to take over the company. Step two is to become a General Manager and run Uncle Wong’s campaign to merge his company with Wong Enterprise. And, step three is to make him President Director and run the whole Enterprise. He is inviting me to come to the apartment tonight to discuss about it further. I also need to make sure that He won’t harm Christian and his sisters.

To be honest, I am not so sure how bad it would hurt Christian if he’s forced to step down from the PD position. Will it affect the ownership? The Christian I know wouldn’t mind about a job position. But, has he changed too? I need to make sure that he wouldn’t get hurt. I have done so many mistakes in my past life. But the word “disloyal” has never been into my dictionary.

Right now, the most critical issue for me is still about Ruby. Does she still love me? Does she want to be together with me? Even with our first inborn child still exists, she wouldn’t fully accept me at this instance. What can I do to assure her, what can I do to make her to forgive me.

I am still walking straight at the hospital to see her. I am so glad that Chris called me to look after for a while. Tonight, I want to confess everything. I will let her know that I have loved her for all this years, even before she was pretty. I don’t care if she is Ruby or Livia. I just love her the way she is.

Before entering her door, I can see that Rudy is feeding her. I am planning to knock the door while I hear him say “What can I do to make you love me?”

That son of a bitch!! He already confessed his feeling before me. Why he is always one step a head of me! How can I confess my feeling just after him? It wouldn’t be original anymore. However, despite the bad timing, the most important thing is Ruby’s reaction and answer. Rudy and I are anxious to see Ruby’s reaction but eventually Ruby is just looking at him for a long time without saying anything. I can’t say whether she will accept or reject his love.

Suddenly, Ruby notices that I am already the door. She says

Kev, come in… Why are you standing at the door?

I can see that Rudy’s expression is very dissapointed. He puts down the soup and informs Ruby that he needs to go because he has a dinner meeting at 07.30 PM with a client. He is telling her that he’ll be back in a few hours. He is looking at me and probably blames me for blowing of his plan earlier.

Afterwards I am seeing something I never want to see. He kisses Ruby on the forehead and tells her to get sleep and get some rest. He gives me a “winning” smile and then leaves the room with an attitude. Are they a couple yet? I am feeling so many angers burning inside my heart.

I can’t help myself not asking her this horrible question

“Are the two of you together now? Should I give you guys my congratulations?”

Ruby is looking back at me fiercely and says

Why did you say that?”

“I saw the he kissed you on the forehead. You didn’t reject at all! I also heard about what he said earlier. He asked you what does he have to do to make you love him? In fact, Why don’t you tell him that he doesn’t have to do anything and you will eventually love him back.”

“I don’t understand why you are behaving like this. You are acting stupid.. Why you don’t want to listen to my explanation first?”

“You don’t have to explain about anything! I saw it with my own eyes!”

“If that’s the case, you probably should go..”

“Ya! I think that’s what you want.. You don’t want me anymore in your life, don’t you? Do you want me to call Rudy and ask him to go back this instance? I can do that! He is the General Manager. I am sure he can cancel any meetings for his sick girlfriend. You are also loved by all the Wong’s family. They will be happy if you immediately change your surname to Wong to be with Rudy. ”

I am so angry and jealous and don’t realize that Ruby’s eyes are already in tears. She also has some difficulty of breathing.

“Rub, are you ok? I am so sorry… Be calm….”

I am so stupid. Why I am yelling at her while my competition just gave her comfort and love. I am being so unreasonable! I am walking straight and try to sit on her bed. I am touching her cheek and trying to wipe her tears. Suddenly, she is pushing my hand and says

“Please go now… I don’t want to see or talk to you now..”

I am grabbing her right hand to express my apology.

“Rub.. I am….”

Before I even say I am sorry, her monitor is beeping like crazy. Apparently, her heart rate increases up to 170 and her blood pressure has also gone up high. Many nurses are coming in to the room. One of them is asking me to go out of the room immediately.

I couldn’t feel anything else beside regret. How can I forget that she’s still a patient? Did I just endanger her health? Just few minutes later, all the Doctors and nurses are still inside her room. Finally after half an hour later; Rudy, Christian and Cindy are running down the hall.

Rudy is starring at me and ask

“Why? what happened? Is she ok?”

Before I can answer his question, her room is finally open and one of the Doctor is speaking in front of everyone.

“She is stable now. But, we shouldn’t get her upset. Her heart rate is already above normal due to the pain she has to handle. Having a head surgery is big. Even pain killer cannot wipe out the pain. She is still under the help of breathing assistance. You guys need to be careful on her asthma attack. For the time being, all of you shouldn’t make her cry or let her to feel any discomfort.”

I am trying to go inside her room but the Doctor cuts me off by saying

“For now, she doesn’t want to take any visitors except for her parents.”

We all say thank you and finally Rudy is yelling at me while Christian is holding his body. Maybe Christian’s afraid that we end up fighting.

“What did you do that made her cry? She is in extreme pain! Why did you do to upset her?”

I don’t defend or say anything. Even Christian says “I think you better go for now. Don’t worry. Rudy and I will stay by her side temporarily until she is not upset about you anymore.”

Finally, I am accepting my lost and say my defeat to Rudy.

“I am going home first… Just take care of her… She needs you more instead of me…”

I am walking slowly towards the elevator and comes in without realizing that Cindy is coming with me.

She says “Let’s go and have a coffee first”

We are entering the coffee shop, ordering our drink and chat.

“I want to hear your side of the story. Now, do tell me so I can help you.” Said Cindy

I know that I can trust Cindy. I am telling her what happened earlier with me and Ruby.

Cindy replies

“How can you be so careless? You are not like this before. You are not the type of an irrational jealous guy before. Rudy kissed her because he exactly wanted to push you away and you fell for the trap. Of course Ruby cannot reject the kiss right away because she has many limitations to move her body. The fight just drove you and Ruby to become further. Why did you make her upset while your competitor just won being a hero who just saved her life a few days ago? I don’t understand Kev! Where’s the old you?”

I know that what Cindy just said was completely right.

“Cin, what should I do now? Do you think that she still loves me? I am afraid that she hasn’t forgiven me for lying to her before. I am afraid that she will fall in love back with Rudy. I am afraid that I will lose her. I am afraid that this is it for me and Ruby.”

Cindy replies “I am sure that she still loves you. It’s just with you lying to her, her memory comes back and Rudy came to the rescue, she just doesn’t know what to react without hurting anyone’s feeling, especially Rudy’s feeling. But now, everything is different. The chance is 50/50 for you and Rudy. It’s not more on your side anymore.”

“Why is that?” I ask her reason for a cruel assumption like that.

“I don’t know. It’s just a girl’s feeling. If I were her, I cannot help myself not to fall in love with him. Rudy is just too perfect. He might have hurt her badly in the past but he has outdone what he did. Even I were touched by the way he rescued Ruby from the kidnapping. He truly loves her. Also, now he is giving her comfort you never give. So, it’s very hard to say!”

I am looking at Lily and say

“Will she be happier with Rudy instead of me? Can I win her back?…”

Lily says “Only time will tell. For now, just let it flow first”

Part 4: Mr. Wong (Kevin)

I am on the way to the Davinci Apartment, where Mr. Wong has been staying if He’s in Jakarta. It’s one of the high prestigeous apartment in Jakarta. I know that He called me to talk about tomorrow’s strategy. But, I can’t get my mind of Ruby. How’s she? What is she doing now? Can she able to have a sleep? Is Rudy staying with her? What are they doing?

I am thinking about the year Ruby and I were living together as a couple. I am willing to give back anything for me to have those memory back. That year was simply the best years of my life.

The driver alerts me that we have reached our destination. I am going to the elevator and press the PH button. The elevator directly takes me to Mr. Wong’s living room.

Mr. Wong: Come and have a sit. I will get you some brandy.

Kevin: It’s ok Mr. Wong. I am not drinking tonight. I need to be in my best shape for tomorrow.

Mr. Wong: I have secretly negotiated with some of the Director first tomorrow. They will support me to put you as a Deputy General Manager first. We will strike Rudy with an impossible achievement and if He cannot do it, he needs to step down by the end of the month.

Kevin: Does it need to be that extreme? What does May or June think of this?

Mr. Wong: They don’t know anything and it’s best to keep it that way. They are already against me since I rarely spend my time with them.

Kevin: Mr. Wong, I think you can trust your children.

Mr. Wong: Do you think if Lily is still alive, I should trust her too? She has fooled all of you and risked your woman in danger. Would you say the same thing? I always know women cannot be trusted.

Kevin: I have known May and June for a long time. They wouldn’t hurt anybody. Lily is different. She was raised by her mother and has the word “REVENGE” since the day she was born.

Mr. Wong: Don’t you dare talk about Elizabeth that way. Her mother would never taught her to make any revenge on me. She’s a nice girl! If there’s a woman worth to trust, she is the probably the one. Just listen to me, we will strike tomorrow after Rudy is done with his presentation. You will wait for my clue, ok?

Kevin: Mr. Wong, you promise that at the end, you won’t harm Christian, May and June. Can I hold on to that promise?

Mr. Wong is thinking hard, raising his brandy glass, drinking them and says “Of course”

I hope that I can believe what he just said but my heart says different.

Episode 19: Back to the Future (Ruby and Friends)

Part 1: My loneliness is killing me (Kevin)

Days by days have gone by and I couldn’t forget about what happened when Ruby decided to leave me. This is what I have been feared the most since two years ago. I am afraid that no matter how hard I tried, she still could walk out from my life clean and clear without leaving me anything.

I am looking at her picture which has stayed in my wallet since I secretly took it in Sydney. She was still 16 back then. She was not as thin as now and certainly was not as beautiful as right now. However, this photo has always been the one I carry around in my wallet.

Most of the times during the night, my chest feels heavy. I am feeling as if there’s a large stone suppressing my chest. The pain just couldn’t go any higher than this. Living without Ruby in my life is like forbidding me not to eat rice for the rest of my life. It’s my basic needs. Without her in my life makes my life empty more than ever. Nevertheless, I am still feeling grateful about the pain. It reminds me that she exists in my life.

I am drinking again, probably the 10th glass of wine back in Christian’s gorgeous penthouse, all alone. I am thinking to move and search for an apartment to rent as soon as possible. But, in order to do that, I need to get a job first. Now, I don’t even have the clear mind to do it.

My mind is travelling back to the break up scene when I told her that she should make a choice, a choice between me and Rudy. How can I be so stupid? Why can’t I be more supportive and accompany her to see her family? I should have understood her better. I always blame Christian for being irrational when he was jealous. Now, look at me. My jealousy puts me to become even more childish than Chris. I was the one who pushed her to be closer with Rudy. What an idiot!  

I have been calling May every single day and all the news I have received from her is that Ruby is getting closer and closer with Rudy. She advised me that I should just give up on her. Ruby and Rudy even have lived together in her Jakarta apartment. I can’t call Christian or even Cindy anymore to verify the fact since I don’t have the face to ask anything. I know that I couldn’t win this “competition” at all. Rudy is just too tough to beat. Now, Rudy’s surname has even changed to Wong. He has made himself unbeatable.

I can hear footstep walking towards me. It must be a housekeeper. June should be really angry if she sees her neat apartment with wine bottles and trashes lying around on the floor.

Suddenly, there is a heavy grown man voice who says

“Kevin, wake up!”

I am a bit drunk but trying so hard to open my eyes to see who he is. If I am not mistaken, it sounds like Uncle Wong’s voice. When I look at him closely and trying to be more sober, yes…  He is in fact Christian’s father or should I say that He is only June and May’s biological father.

“Wake up and take a shower first. I have something important to tell you!” says Uncle Wong.

I am walking towards my room and go straight to the bathroom to turn on the cold water. I need to be sober immediately.

No matter what Uncle Wong has come to talk to me, it must be really important. He is like a ghost. We never see him unless he wants to. I finally finish showering and finally able to see things more clearly now. I am drying my hair using the towel and walking outside.

Uncle Wong has already waited for me. His facial expression is a bit weird as if he has been waiting to speak to me in a long time. He says

“I know exactly what you’ve been through… I lost my real love before my parents forced me to marry Betty. For this empire, I have to live together with the woman I hate the most! We only marry each other to get what we both want. However, at the end she betrayed me. Because of that horrid son of her, I now loose gaining control of my own company. Everything that I had sacrificed was for nothing. Kevin, help me to steal back what’s mine in the first place. You have my word that I should be able to help you get Ruby back in your life. I know how much she means to you.”  

I am looking again at Uncle Wong and suddenly realize what this is all about. He wants me to betray Christian by helping him to get back Wong Enterprise back.

“Uncle, I have owed Christian my life. I wouldn’t do anything to harm him or his sisters.”

He replies “Who said that you need to hurt him? Even though he is not my biological son, I wouldn’t do anything against him. I have watched him to grow since he was a baby. I was talking about Rudy, not Chris. Do you think I would harm May and June? They are my own daughters, my flesh. Everything I own now would eventually be theirs anyway.”

“Uncle, I don’t quite know where this is going. What do you want me to do now?”

Uncle Wong answers “I want you to go back to Jakarta. I will give a full power in your hand to take care of my stock. I already have 15% and recently bought another 5% recently from some small stock holders. The first goal is simple. I want you to replace Rudy’s position as General Manager. We will have a share holders meeting on next Tuesday and I want you to fully corporate with me.”

I still don’t understand how this can help me to get Ruby back in my life. I am also not sure that Christian would agree. Uncle Wong finally explains again

“Kevin, don’t be a fool! Women are still women! They will eventually pick someone who is richer, and has a good position in the company. Do you think that Ruby will still be with Rudy if he has nothing now? Don’t be ridiculous!”

I am looking sharp at Uncle Wong and say

“But Ruby stays with me even though we were very poor back then. She never complaint… You don’t know her at all. That’s not how she chooses a man. If she only lover fortune, she would have stayed with Christian years ago.”

He replies slowly. It seems that Ruby has also made an impression in his cold heart.

“I have known about this unordinary woman but you have my words that sacking Rudy is only one step closer for you to get her. Step two is to get all of the people to hate Rudy including Ruby. I should inform you further details. Here’s your ticket and accommodation arrangement in Jakarta. You will have your own driver and car. These are few credit cards which you may use as you wish. IDR 200.000.000 will be deposited in your saving book to support your expenses in Indonesia.”

I look back at Uncle Wong and say

“Uncle Wong, I cannot do this to Christian. I just couldn’t…”

He looks back and me and replies

“Kev, look! I know Christian. I don’t think he really loves Ruby. What he feels for her is just an infatuation. But your feeling for her is different. What is it that make you to feel hesitate about? Rudy? He isn’t your friend! He’s your competitor. Do you still want Ruby in your life?”

I am still sitting on my couch when Uncle Wong leaves the apartment without saying good bye leaving me to answer the question all alone. Today is already Sunday and probably it’s already late in the afternoon. It’s been a long time since I have never look at the time anymore.

I am looking at the ticket and it reads the plane will depart at 17:50 or 05.50 PM. It’s too late anyway. I haven’t packed and I don’t think that I want to get Ruby’s back this way. Rudy is not my friend but it’s not a fair fight if I backstab Rudy by sacking him from his position. I won’t make another mistake which gets Ruby to hate me in the future. She’s already mad at me because I had lied to her about her past.

Suddenly, the house phone is ringing. I wonder if Uncle Wong forgot something.

“Hallo” I speak to the phone

“Hallo? Kev? This is Cindy.”

“Yes Cindy. What’s wrong?”

Cindy is screaming loudly “You have to go to Jakarta immediately! Ruby has been kidnapped by Lily. Please call me as soon as you arrive in Jakarta.”

She hangs up the phone immediately and I couldn’t think clearly what just happened. Did I hear it correctly? Lily kidnapped Ruby? Why? She wouldn’t do such thing. Lily is a nice person with a kind heart. She wouldn’t do it. Suddenly, I know who to call. I have to call Rudy now.

The phone rings for several times but there is no answer on his side. I am trying to call Christian but the same thing happens. Finally, I am calling Cindy again. She picks up the phone after several attempts.

“Hallo? Kevin?” says Cindy

“Yes. I tried to call both Christian and Rudy. They didn’t answer my call. Can you please tell me what happened?”

“Kevin, I have no time to explain. I am at the police station with Christian while Rudy is chasing the car which kidnapped her earlier. Get here as soon as possible.”

I ask Cindy again to verify the fact “Are you sure that she was kidnapped by Lily? You mean Lily my ex girlfriend?”

Cindy screams at the phone “Yes! How many times do I need to repeat? She tricked Ruby to meet her at the parking lot in a hotel. I don’t have time to talk right now. Bye!”

I know that the situation is really crucial at the moment. I am looking at my watch and it reads 12.30 PM. I have to pack my things as soon as possible and go to the airport. If possible, I will buy a new ticket which might leave earlier than my original flight. I know that Garuda has a flight which takes off at 02.30 PM. I hope that I could make it soon enough!

Why this has to happen to Ruby? She needs to be alright. I can’t bear if anything bad happens to her.

Part 2: Because you loved me… (Ruby)

I wake up in the morning at 07.00 AM. It’s a beautiful Sunday. I am going to the bathroom as soon as I wake up. I don’t know why but I am feeling very nausea. I must have eating the wrong food yesterday. I am trying to throw up but nothing is coming out from my mouth.

After several minutes, I am taking a shower immediately and starting to cook breakfast for Rudy. I am looking again at my watch to track the time. My meeting is at 11.00 AM with Lily. Rudy finally gets up at 08.30 and sits at the dining table right away. My maid is looking at us weirdly. I think I need to talk to her later explaining that I can’t even remember her. Hopefully, she won’t find it weird. I am eating my breakfast and start to have a conversation with Rudy.

“Rud, Amy asks me to go shopping today at 10.00 AM. She will pick me up in the lobby. It’s a girl day out. Do you want me to bring you anything?”

Rudy is looking at me weirdly and says

“No.. There isn’t anything I need. You just enjoy your day. I need to make an important presentation. It needs to be perfect for the share holders meeting on Wednesday. By the way, you will come to the meeting with me.”

I am smiling back at him and say “Okay!”

I am getting dressed and prepare to go to meet Lily. I am texting her again to ask the exact location of the parking lot. She said that it’s on level 7 (P7 at orange section). I am going down to the lobby and ask the front man to get me a taxi.

I am reaching the hotel lobby and ask the reception how to go to the parking lot. She points me the direction and I slowly take the elevator to go to level 7. When the elevator opens, the parking lot is very dark. It’s unlike any parking lot at the shopping malls I know back in Surabaya. I am looking at the pole and it’s blue. I am walking around to look for orange color. I am also texting Lily to let her know that I am already at the parking lot.

There is a large van which is going towards my direction. The speed is relatively faster than a normal speed at the parking lot. I am standing along aside to avoid being hit by a car. Suddenly, the van door opens and they are two men who are trying to grab me. I am struggling to get myself out but both of them are too strong. They block my air breath by pressing a handkerchief against my mouth and nose. It has a very weird smell too. Everything went dark afterwards.

I try to open my eyes but everything looks awfully blurry. Suddenly, my body is splashed with cold water. I wonder who did it and where am I? The last thing I remembered was meeting Lily back at the hotel. I am trying to open my eyes and look around. I just realize that my hands and feet are tiding up by hard strings. Finally, there’s a female voice which says

“I don’t think you still remember about me. We have met before back in Sydney. I knew right away that you would be my competition. I am Lily” says the beautiful lady in front of me. She is about my age and has short hair.

I am looking around to understand where we are right now. My hands and feet are still tied. I finally understand that she has been setting me up all along to kidnap me. I don’t know what her intention to do this is but I can see that she hates me a lot. Maybe Amy was right. She wants to make a revenge for what Kevin did to her. Lily continues to speak while touching my face harshly

“You must be curious now… Come on! Ask away… What do you want to know?” says Lily

I finally open my mouth and ask her

“Why and what do you want?”

She is laughing nonstop for several minutes. Her six other body guards are laughing along with her.

“They say that you are so smart but you are indeed very stupid! Can the memory lost affect anybody’s IQ? I really have to double check this with a Doctor!” mocks Lily

I am looking fiercely at her without saying another word.

She says “Do you know that you made my life miserable? Do you know that…. I hate you?”

I am nodding my head and she continues to speak

“Don’t nod your head too quickly! You don’t know the whole truth! You had no idea what I had done to be where I was until you came a long! You don’t know how much effort I have built in order Kevin to love me back. I have to change the way I was for him. I didn’t like music, I was not a feminist, and I certainly was not a good and kind hearted girl like you! You really had no idea. I had to pretend everything. Even I thought guilt and responsibility could keep him beside me.”

Suddenly, everything comes into a picture. Now, I know what this is all about. I have heard many stories from Kev, Amy, Lily and even Christian about their past. I need to reconfirm my suggestion.

I probe to her “You weren’t ill back then. You only used it in order for Kev to love you more. But, no… that’s not possible. How did you manage to get Roy to corporate with you?”

She smiles “Yes.. You are a smart girl after all.. I only need to mention one line and you already could guest what happens next. Roy didn’t corporate with me. He really thought I was sick.”

“What about your parents?” I ask Lily. I would never imagine that they are parents who support their children to do this.

“Parents? My real mother has died long time ago out of grief! My father doesn’t even know that I exist in the world. The parents who Kevin met in Sydney were a fraud! I paid them to act a long with me. Can’t you see my resemblance with someone you have met before?”

I am looking at her closely and can’t think about any other person who looks like her. She is turning her face to talk to one of the bodyguard to check the sound from outside. Suddenly, I can see what she has been talking about. I verify with her

“You are Chritian’s sister. Your face looks a bit like June.”

She is slapping my face as a sign of harassment. She says

“Right…. Right….. You have a sharp eye! But you would never guess that I am only June and May’s half sister. I am not even related to Christian. You see… Mr. Wong had an affair with my mother. When my mother got pregnant with me, she came to Betty Wong and begged her to accept me. She begged her that in my birth certificate. Mr. Wong could be written as my dad. Do you know what happened to my mother? She got rejected poorly and Betty even kicked her out during the rain, giving her some money to do an abortion. My mother chose to give birth of me anyway. We migrated to New Zealand for several years because she’s afraid that Betty would kill me if I was alive. My mother told me the real story when I was 16. She died on the hospital bed, still waiting for my biological father to come. He didn’t come even though she has called his secretary. From that moment, I knew that all the Wong’s family has no heart!”

I am looking back at Lily and says

“So, all this is about just to make a revenge on the Wong’s family? You used Kevin to get to Christian and his sisters. You want to make a perfect plan for them to lose everything. Is that it?”

She turns her head and says “Yes!”

I am laughing so hard to let her know that she won’t succeed to do it by kidnapping me. She is slapping my face again and asks “Why are you laughing?”

“You got it all wrong! You thought that you can kidnap me to hurt Christian. You are wrong. He doesn’t love me anymore. He has someone else. We are just friends. He wouldn’t risk his life to rescue me. What you are doing now will only get Kevin to hate you even more! You fell for him, didn’t you? It was never your plan but you truly fell for him!”

“Splash her with cold water again!!!!” she says to her bodyguard.

“Don’t you try to outsmart me!! Yes, I fell for him and Kevin is now far away in Sydney. He wouldn’t know that I am the one who kidnaps you. He will eventually love me back. He thought you were already with Rudy. I had May on my side. May was always on my side. She didn’t know the truth about my identification of course. I made her thought that you are only a bitch who likes to play around with guys. Don’t forget! She once had a crush on Kevin as well. So, it’s easy to plot her.”

“So, your plan is worthless now! You can just kill me! You can’t touch any Wong’s relative! None of them is willing to give their lives for me. Your revenge is meaningless.”

“Ups ups… Don’t be so sure dear… Do you think I don’t know that Rudy is Betty’s favorite son?”

Now, for the first time since the kidnapping, I am truly scared. My eyes are starting to fill with tears. They are tears of fear that she might try to hurt Rudy. She continues to speak

“Can’t get your tongue out right now, can you? You always can speak back to everything I have said earlier. Why are you quite now? Don’t worry honey! My revenge plan will work out perfectly just the way I want to. Now, I am going to call both Christian and Rudy. From Christian, I will ask a sum of money and also company stocks which will eventually can get me a good position in the company. By the time he knows that I am actually Lily Wong, it would have been too late. From Rudy, I can ask him to come here and torture him slowly as a revenge of my mother. Betty must be really sad looking from hell that her favorite son is being slaughtered here. Just watch me! Hahaha….”

I am struggling to untie my hands and shout “Nooo…. Noooo… Please don’t do that! Lily, there will be no turning back. You will eventually be in jail for life. Don’t do it!!”

She is laughing even harder and says

“Hahaha! Do you think I care about being in jail? They won’t even know that I am the kidnapper. My guy will call both of them. Mean while, I want to cut your faces and send the picture to the Wong’s Princes. I am sure that their heart will ache once they see your pretty face covered in blood. Just wait my dear. Your prince charming will come to the rescue the poor princess!”

Suddenly, there’s a bang sound from the door. Someone is walking towards us. Lily shouts

“Who is it?”

“It’s me! You don’t have to make any calls. I am here and I can give you the company shares and money as much as you like.”

I can recognize his voice everywhere. It’s Rudy. Why is he so stupid! He will be tortured! I shout

“No.. Don’t come here… Rud, run… just run… Don’t come here…”

Lily says “Oh…. What a joy… Erick, Handy; please check the surroundings and make sure that he doesn’t bring anybody although I am sure that he is coming alone for the sake of Ruby’s safety.”

“Please.. Rudy.. go… run… don’t come here.. She’s crazy..”

Lily is slapping my face again and she grabs my face. She says

“What a noise. I think that we should put a big duct tape around her mouth so that I can chat with my long lost brother over here. Rudy, welcome… welcome…”

The bodyguards are starting to grab his body. They made his hands to be tied against his back. Lily speaks again to her bodyguards

“Ups! What are you guys doing? Please don’t be rude to our little guest over here! After all, he is still a family.” says Lily

She continues to speak nicely “Ok… Now, let’s get down to business. This is my laptop! Open it and make the transfer! Ten millions US dollar wouldn’t be hard to get from you, yes?”

Rudy replies her “Ten million dollar? By cash? I don’t have that much money ready to be transferred. Who do you thing I mean? Donald Trump Jr?”

I am still trying to move and make some sound by screaming as hard as I can. I really want Rudy to go. This isn’t his fight. I couldn’t forgive myself if anything happens to him.

“Oh.. don’t be so sure. I have done my homework you know… You have half of them on the bank. I have checked all of it. What about you make a call to the bank and transfer the entire fund to my account now? The numbers are on the screen.”

Rudy is standing still and not making any moves. Lily continues to say

“I think you need a bit of motivation. Erick, open Ruby’s duct tape and kiss her beautiful lip. Enjoy her beauty, seduce her…”

There’s a big guy comes towards me and starts to make his face closer to me. I am closing my eyes. Now, I can feel his breath. He starts to kiss my cheek and after a second Rudy shouts

“Ok! Just leave Ruby alone. Don’t touch her. I will call the bank and make the transfer.”

“No… Don’t do it.. It’s your life’s savings. Rud, don’t do it” I shout repeatedly to Rudy

He is looking at me and says “I love you Cing… I will do anything for you.”

My tears start to drop again. I reply back to Rudy

“Rud, don’t love me. I am not worth it to be loved. I am a bad luck to everyone. Lily is right! I am just a bitch who likes to make a move on many guys! I am not worth for you to do this.. Just go..”

Rudy’s eyes are also teary. He says “Trust me when I say I love you because I will always mean it.”      

He is making a phone call to the bank. After he hung up the phone, he says

“Done! Now, please let her go!”

“Ups!.. not so fast my brother” says Lily.

Rudy screams “Are you playing me? What else do you want? Just let her go!”

Lily replies “You only have sacrificed so little things compared to what my mother had been through before. Be patient! Now, I want you to call Cindy to prepare an Attorney. I want you to transfer your company’s stock under my name. Do it now.”

She is putting a knife unto my neck. I know that I have to make a move as soon as possible. I don’t want Rudy to lose everything he has. I have no other choice but to end my life. This is the only way to save the one who truly cares for me. If I die, no one needs to suffer anymore. I am putting my neck against the knife and I can hear that Rudy is screaming loudly.

I am almost losing my consciousness when Lily is screaming into my ears

“Don’t you dare to try to end your life first! If you try to do anything to wreck my plan, I will kill Rudy and your family by tomorrow. You have my words Ruby!”

Lily says to her bodyguard “Let him go!”  

Rudy is running towards me as soon as the bodyguards are letting go of his hands. He hugs me tightly from the back.

“Cing, stay with me.. Cing.. Please… Cing… Someone gets me a clean towel please! Quick! She is losing too much blood.” shouts Rudy.

Maybe no one is moving. Maybe they are only obey what Lily has to say.  

“Please.. anyone.. help me… Cing… stay with me.. stay with me… Cing…” says Rudy repeatedly

Rudy is looking at me and says “After everything we’ve been through, I can’t imagine a life without you. You need to hold on. Please! Nothing is scarier if you tried to kill yourself. I can fight everything but I can’t fight your will to end your life. I couldn’t be scarier. Please.. Live for me.. We can go through this together. Please don’t leave me all alone. I have no one else to love.”

I can feel that something is pressing hard against my neck. It’s so painful but I still can manage the pain. Lily finally shouts

“Ok! Enough for the love fest! Now, call Cindy! Ask him to prepare you an Attorney. I won’t ask you twice. Do it or I will kill Ruby.”

Rudy says “You know that I have to ask Christian’s approval to use the company’s Attorney. Transferring more than 5% of company stocks must be legalized by our own company’s Attorney. Give me the damn phone and I will talk to Christian personally. Just don’t harm Ruby!”

Rudy is making a call and says

“Cindy, please put me through to Christian. Run along Cindy… Now! Remember… Run now!”

Afterwards, I can hear vaguely that Rudy is talking to Christian about selling his shares and ask him to transfer USD 5.000.000 to his account. I don’t think I can hold on much longer. Everything starts to go dark and suddenly Lily pressing my neck hardly.

I am screaming because of the pain. However, it keeps me awake. Rudy says

“Don’t hurt her. Please… I will do as you say.. Just don’t hurt her..”

Lily finally says

“Don’t worry! I am only pressing her neck to keep her awake. Otherwise, she would become unconscious. I want her to see with her own eyes what will happen next with you. I want her to see them personally and feel the pain. Handy, kindly serve him well!”

The biggest guy in the room tries to punch Rudy but Rudy knows how to fight. He ducks his head and even punches him back in the face.

Lily speaks again “Ow.. I forgot that little detail! You are a black belt. But let me tell you this, if you start to punch back once, I will press her neck even harder. If you start to punch back twice, I will scar her other parts. I believe that your heart will ache to see your beautiful princess turn into an ugly woman. Will you still love her then? We shall see.”

I open my mouth and speak weakly

“No… Rudy…. No…. Please Lily, don’t hurt him.. He’s not the reason your mother was suffered. Please… Please just let him go..”

She is pressing her hand against my neck and says

“Do you think I am Santa Claus? Let him go! No… But I can promise you this… I won’t let you die very before him.”

The guy named Handy keeps punching Rudy. There’s no greater pain than for me to watch from a distant without doing anything. After a while, another 3 guys start to punch him too. I am begging Lily to stop but she seems to enjoy Rudy’s pain. I really need to think fast. What should I do now to prevent them for hurting Rudy? God.. Please help me..

“Stop!… Stop it!!” I shout my voice loudly to Lily.

 Lily raises her hand and all of them stop to beat Rudy. Finally, I talk to Lily

“I can help you to get back together with Kevin. I will leave him forever. Just stop hurting Rudy.”

“Oh.. how dear?” says Lily.

I can make a call to Kev. I will tell him that I am now together with Rudy. I will make him to eventually hate me.”

Lily is laughing very loud and says

“Do you think I am a fool? Kevin already knew from May’s fault information that you already got back with Rudy. Why do I need you to confirm back to Kevin? Hearing your voice would make Kevin to miss you even more. What would I do that? Why??”

I really don’t know what to do anymore. Finally I am kneeling in front of Lily and says

“Please.. Ask me to do anything but stop beating Rudy. I will do anything you say”

Lily replies back and me and says

“Ckckckck….. I wonder who the person you really love the most is. Is it Kevin or is it Rudy? You seem to care a lot about Rudy. I might think of another way to torture Betty’s favorite’s son. I have tortured him physically and this time I want to torture him mentally. You said it yourself. Anything I say right? You won’t regret it?”

I am looking at Lily sharply and say “Right… Anything…”

“Okay! Open your clothes!” instructs her

What?” I ask her again

“Yes! You heard me! Open up your clothes. Let’s see all the details in your body which had made guys to go crazy. Let us watch. I am sure all my bodyguards would be tempted to touch you.”

I hesitate for a while until Lily gives a code to Handy to punch Rudy again.

“Stop! Ok! I will open them. Just stop hurting him.”

Rudy whispers weakly “Cing, don’t do it…. Cing.. don’t do it…”

I speak to Rudy “Rud, close your eyes. I don’t want you to see this. You know… A girl is happiest when she knows that you make her your everything in front of everyone, every single time. Now, it is my time to pay back your love to me.”

I am starting to unbutton my shirt one by one with tears coming down from my eyes. I know that I wouldn’t forget about this humiliation but I need to do it for Rudy. I can’t see him being hurt because of me again. I am still wearing a tang top inside my shirt. After I put down the shirt on the floor, Lily screams again at me and says

“Now, open up your white tang top! Come on… Don’t be shy!”

Everybody is laughing. I can’t forget all of the bodyguard’s face. Their expressions are frightening me to death.

Suddenly, Lily stops me, laughs and says

“I am changing my mind now. I don’t want you to open the tang top. I want Erick to help you. Erick, please be gently with our princess. You may grope her as you like.”

There’s a guy who walks towards me and tries to undress me. I try to fight him by kicking him and punching him. Rudy is shouting at a distance. He screams

“Lily! I would remember about today! I won’t let you live after this! Erick! If you dare touch her, I won’t let you live once this is over. You have my word that you will die in the most painful death!”

Erick starts to kiss me around my face. He disguises me a lot.

Out of the sudden, there’s a loud bang with many policemen come in to the rescue.

“Raise your hand! All of you!”

Everybody except for Lily and Erick are already locked up by the police. They are pointing a gun directly to each bodyguard. Rudy has gotten help from the police. Now, it’s just Lily who points out a knife at me and Erick who is gripping my neck by his left hand from behind.

Lily says “Let us go or I will kill her.”

Rudy says “Let her go! Lily, it’s over. If you let her go, you will only go to prison. If you kill her, you will be courted against a death sentence. If you let her go, I promise that I will help you by providing the best Attorney to accompany you. Now, let her go!”

I am turning my head to look at Lily. She seems hesitate with her decision At the end, she still says

“Let us go! Back off! Put down all of your guns.”

Suddenly, Christian and Cindy are running to stand beside Rudy. Cindy says

“Lily, let her go! Kevin has already found out that you kidnapped Ruby. You will lose him. Do you want him to hate you even more by killing the girl he loves? Let her go! Everything can be fixed. We can help you find a good Attorney. Let her go.”

Christian is running towards us and stops when Lily points out the knife even closer to my neck.

“Please… Lily, listen to me… Let her go! I can help you.”

She stares at me and says “I am sorry.”

I am looking at Lily and suddenly feel bad for her. I know that she can only choose to stab me in the heart and let me die with her.

There’s a sound of shooting and I am screaming hard. It turns out that there’s a police who shoots Erick from the back. He’s now dead on the floor. Lily is looking at me and says

“I lose. You always got the love from everyone where I got the opposite.”

She is dropping the knife into the ground and grabbing her gun from her pocket. She points the gun straightly to my head.

She says “Don’t worry… The gun is empty… I cannot let you die. I won’t let Kevin to hate me. At least, if I die now, Kevin will choose to remember only the good things about me. Good bye!”

She is pulling the trigger. Out of the sudden, she was fired by many polices. I scream

“No! Don’t shoot her. The gun isn’t loaded… Don’t shoot!”

She is falling down on the ground. I am holding her hand and say

“I won’t tell Kevin about this. He will remember only all the good things about you. Please, you need to hold on.”

She looks at me deeply and says “Thank you” before closing both of her eyes.

Rudy is running towards me and hugs me tightly. He says

“You have scared me to death. Do you know that? Why did you still hold her while she is still having the gun! Please… Don’t scare me like this ever again. Don’t hide things from me. Cing, I just couldn’t lose you!!!!!!! I love you.”

I am smiling to the man who just risked his life for me. I really can feel his love. Who was I really? Why there’s a wonderful man like Rudy who is willing to sacrifice his life for me? I know that perhaps, there’s no one in the world who loves me more than him. He puts his arm around my waist and starts to walk out from the building. Everything is over now. Rudy is fine despites his bruises everywhere and I am still alive. I am looking at Rudy and say

“Thank you for risking your life for me. I understand now that love is not so much remembering what you said 5 years ago, but how you made me see who you truly are today.”

We are both walking slowly as I am looking up to see where we are exactly. It looks like an old warehouse. Out of the sudden, I see that lots of wood blocks are falling down towards us. I am pushing Rudy as hard as I can to save him. Everything went dark again afterwards.

Part 3: My love, my everything (Rudy)

I don’t know what just happened. I am looking back to find Ruby but she has been suppressed by many wood blocks. She must have tried to save me back then. How can she be so stupid? I can only cry and scream for help.

“Anybody! Please help me!! Please help me…”

I couldn’t imagine my life without Ruby. I am sure that she’ll be alright. She will be just fine! She has just escaped from death. She has survived from being kidnapped. Why does this happen to her? I couldn’t let anything bad to happen to her. She is my princess, my everything. She is my future wife!

We are removing all the wood blocks which has pressed all of her body. There is even a giant wood block which hit directly to her head. I can see her covered up in blood from head to toe. This view is my phobia. It’s certainly frightening! However, despites this accident, I can see that something has gone even more wrong. I could see many bloods coming down to her thighs. She is bleeding so badly. It’s like a woman having a miscarriage!

“Cing… wake up.. Cing, what happens with you? Don’t scare me like this.. Cing…”  

I am carrying her immediately and apparently that Cindy has prepared an ambulance earlier. We are going to the hospital as fast as we can. I am sitting inside the ambulance along with Cindy while Christian is driving his car at the back. Cindy says calmly

“Rud, I think it’s better to bring Ruby to a big hospital. I will call the hospital and get the best doctors to take care of her. Her injury looks serious. We can’t risk her life to bring her to the nearest hospital. What do you think?”

I am nodding my head weakly. I can’t think straight at the moment. Cindy is right. We can’t just bring her to any hospital. Afterwards, Cindy is making few calls everywhere. Cing cing is still unconscious lying down with her oxygen mask. The nurse offers to take care of my bruises and injuries. I am waving my hand as a sign to not worry about me. They better concentrate to keep my Cing cing alive. I finally ask the nurse

“What happened to her? Why is she bleeding so badly? Does she need any blood transfusion? Our blood type is the same. You can take mine as much as she needs.”

The nurse says “We can’t make any transfusion while we are still moving on the vehicle. It’s too dangerous. Hopefully, we can save her but it’s very unlikely that we can save the baby. However, we will try to do our best. Sir, you also need to go to the emergency clinic for your injury.”

I am shaking my head. How can the nurse even think about me right now? Cing cing is much more important than me! After an hour, we finally arrive at the hospital. I am shocked to see many Doctors already stand by at the gate to greet us. Cindy is really something. I can even see Prof. Wendy who I remembered to be Anthony’s doctor is already there to see Ruby. Prof. Wendy is running down the hall with the rest of us asking Cindy what happened with Ruby.

Ruby is taken as soon as possible to the operation room. We are sitting outside the room while there’s a nurse who puts a roller bandage on my injury. She even cleans them here on the waiting area just outside the operation room since I don’t want to move everywhere.

Cindy finally asks me how I knew that Ruby was being kidnapped earlier. I finally tell her and Christian everything.

“This morning, I sensed something was wrong with Cing. You know that she could never lie to me. I could read when she’s trying to hide something from me. She might not remember now because she has lost her memory but I always find out when she is lying.”

“When she went to wash the dishes, I read the text message she just received. She told me that it was from Amy. It turned out that it was from Lily. I thought that Lily would only meet up with her to make her give up on Kevin. I let Ruby went to look for her but secretly, I followed her from a distant.”

Cindy speaks up and asks “What happened then?”

“I was so shocked when I saw with my own eyes that two guys were kidnapping her. However, I was too far and there’s nothing I can do. I can’t also report to the police since they have Ruby as a hostage. I wasn’t sure whether it was Lily who kidnapped her or someone who just wants to extort Christian or myself. Therefore, I could only follow them from a distant and call you for a back up.

“What? You called Cindy before?” shouts Christian

“Yes, I did. Your girlfriend is very smart. She is the best personal assistant I have come across in years. I bet that she was the one who even prepared the ambulance. She is very thorough. I am sure that we wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for her help. Chris, you are lucky to have her by your side.”

Christian says “Please tell me the story from the beginning. Now, I am very confused!”

I am explaining all the details to Christian.

“I told Cindy that I would make a phone call to her if there’s anything dangerous with me. I told her that Ruby was kidnapped and 80% of the criminal was probably Lily. I know that she was seeing Lily. I opened her blackberry phone. I know that the last person who sent her the text was Lily. I told Lily to call Kevin home since he’s the root of the problems. I also gave her a keyword. If I say “run now” on my next call, it means that she needs to trace my car and calls the police immediately. All of our company cars are hijacked with a GPS to prevent any stolen acts from the drivers. Therefore, she can locate me immediately.”

Christian finally replies “Wow! I have got to say that you are very smart. However, I still find that it was a risky move! What if Lily has killed Ruby before the police’s arriving?”

I finally answer back to Christian

“She won’t kill her. She’s is not a killer. But, if Ruby dies, then I can only die with her.  By the way, there’s something that all of you including your sisters should know. Lily is Mr. Wong’s illegitimate daughter. Mr. Wong had an affair with her years ago. That’s the reason why Lily made a move to Kev before. It was only to get to you and come to make revenge to your family. Ruby is the victim. She was picked because all of you have loved her.”

Christian replies “If my love caused Ruby to be in dangerous, perhaps I shouldn’t love her in the first place.”

For the next 15 minutes, I am spending my time to explain what happened back at the dark warehouse to both Cindy and Christian.

Christian finally replies “Both of you are lucky to be alive. I can’t believe that Ruby was even willing to open her clothes rather than to see you hurt. Sometimes, she is very hard to read. I thought Kevin is the one she loves now but why on earth she did all those things for you?”

Cindy finally cuts in and says

“What she did was not to show that she loves Rudy. What she did is to save the man who just risked her life for her. I probably would do the same thing if I was her. But again, any girls would get melt if she saw a prince charming coming to the rescue. Poor Ruby… if I were her, I won’t even know who to choose. All of you have made everything difficult for her. One of you needs to let her go.”

Afterwards, Cindy is busy making some calls and also texting. Sometimes, I have to take my hat off for her. She never stops working.

I am looking at my watch and see that it’s already 12.00 AM. We have been waiting outside the operating room for more than two hours. I wonder what takes so long. Out of the sudden, there’s a doctor coming out from the operation room.

He says “I need the father’s signature to give a permission to abort the baby. We have done all we can but eventually, we cannot save the baby. She’s also severed with a serious head injury. We need to act fast. We can only try to save her life. I am so sorry.”

He points out the pen to me. I am feeling so shocked right now.

Cindy got me to sit down as I am feeling that I am going to pass out soon. So, it’s really true. Ruby is pregnant? How? I don’t know how to respond to the Doctor. I can’t sign it. I know that I am not the baby’s father. However, Ruby’s life is on stake. I am planning to take the phone but out of the sudden, there is a voice behind me who says

“I am the baby’s father. Please do anything to save Ruby.”

Kevin’s here. Now, I know to whom Cindy has been texting for all this time.

Kevin signs the paper immediately. I can see that he has been crying very hard. Cindy comes towards him and put her hand on his shoulder. He is crying out loud with punching his hand hard against the wall. I cannot react as well to what just happened before. I can’t believe that they even have slept together before. The way I am feeling now is I really want to kill Kevin immediately.

Cindy says “Rud, I am sorry. I need to let Kevin know that Ruby was having a miscarriage. The nurse at the ambulance has informed me about this possibility. I am sorry but Kevin deserves to know.”

I begin to stand up and grip his clothes while punching him hard on the face. I can feel that Christian is pulling me from behind.

I shout “You got her into this! You got her to experience this suffer! You!!!! Leave her side voluntarily or I will make you to leave her! How dare you make her upset in Surabaya? She has been crying almost every night since the two of you fight. You got her pregnant and you still hurt her!”

I am losing control and start to hit him repeatedly.

Cindy suddenly shouts “Rudy! This is a hospital! Ruby’s condition is still between life and death. What would she feel if she sees you two fighting like this? Please pull yourself together!!”

I am lowering my hand and Kevin sitting on the floor. He is crying badly. He finally says

“She didn’t tell me. She never tells me that she’s already pregnant! How can she hide this from me? Does she hate me that much? If I knew she’s already pregnant, I would never say those words. I am an idiot!!!!”

Kevin starts to punch his hand to the wall.

Cindy is still staying beside Kevin. I want to tell Kevin that I don’t think that Ruby even knew that she was pregnant. However, I can’t speak another word, not to Kevin. It’s because of him that Ruby’s life was on jeopardy. None of this would happen if it wasn’t for him.

After some times, Cindy told Kevin everything about what happened. She told him every single details including what happened at the dark warehouse. After it all happens, he finally says

“How can I not see it? I should have seen it when Lily was made a move on me for the first time. I can’t forgive myself. Ruby was lucky to get out from this alive.”

Cindy then adds her words by saying

“If it wasn’t for Rudy, I don’t think she still lives until now.”

Kevin is looking at me deeply and says “Thank you for saving her life.”

To be honest, I don’t know what to feel right now but I know that both of us agree that the most important thing is for Cing to get better.

I am turning my body to talk to Christian.

“Chris, please help me to find the best plastic operation surgery for Ruby. She must be very upset with what happened at her neck.”

Chris says “Don’t worry. Cindy has already made some calls about this.”

I am looking to all three of them and say

“Please don’t tell Ruby anything yet about the miscarriage. I don’t think she knew before that she’s already pregnant. Promise me that all of you won’t tell her. Please hold until she is better. I don’t want anything to upset her at the moment.”

All three of them are nodding their head. Honestly, I am afraid that if she finds out that she was carrying Kevin’s child, I would have zero chance to be with her in the future. After this accident, I won’t act soft anymore. I will do anything to have Ruby by my side. 

We all stay at the hospital for the whole night except for Cindy. Even though I am tired as hell, I still cannot rest my eyes for even a minute. I am just too scared to miss out Cing cing’s news. Finally, at 04.00 AM, all the doctors are going out the operation room. They are telling specifically about Cing cing’s condition. Apparently, they did a head operation for her. Thank is what taking so long all this time. In conclusion, she will be fine but she will need to stay at the hospital for a while.

We all walk Cing cing to her room. I have specifically asked the nurse to provide her with the best room available. I ask both Christian and Kevin to go home but they don’t want to leave her side.

Christian says “Please let me stay by her side until she awakes. I am still worried about her. Don’t worry! I only love her as a sister right now. You don’t have to worry. Ruby also knew that I have grown to care to somebody else.”

I am nodding my head. I know that the person must be Cindy. They do look good together. We all stay inside the hospital room waiting for Cing cing to wake up. Christian has fallen asleep. Kevin and I have said nothing for the past few hours. Finally, he says something to me

“I won’t give up on her. I know that you have risked your life for Ruby but I just can’t give her up. I can give away everything for you. I know that I owe you too much. You saved Ruby. But, I couldn’t give Ruby up for you. I will apologize and make everything right with her.”

Before I could respond anything to what Kevin said, I can see that Ruby’s right hand is moving. I am taking her hand and whisper “Cing… How are you feeling now? You are okay. You are saved!”

Kevin is standing on the other side of the bed. She opens her eyes slowly and finally looks at me.

She says “I am okay. The only part that hurts is only my head.”

I reply “It’s ok. You just had an operation. I will call the nurse to come as soon as possible.”

She is gripping my hand and says “Please wait… Rud, I remember everything about us. I know who I really am now. I am in fact Ruby. I truly remember everything.”