Episode 20: Yesterday VS Tomorrow (Ruby and Friends)

Part 1: My memory (Ruby)

I am flying on the sky. It is so bright and warm. Everything is wonderful. I never feel this liberated in my whole life. I am looking down and all I can see is white clouds everywhere. Suddenly, I can feel that someone is holding my left hand but no one’s around me at the moment. Wait, where am I? Why am I flying? Am I already died? I am looking down again and out of the sudden, I don’t have the ability to fly anymore. I am going to fall….

Suddenly, I can hear Rudy’s voice when he says

“Cing, how are you feeling? You are okay… You are saved now…”

I am trying to open my eyes slowly and everything is still blurred. Where am I? I must be dreaming just then. My body is aching and I am still trying to remember what happened before.

I begin to speak weakly while my eyes are still closed.

“I am okay but my head feels hurt.”

I am blinking my eyes few times trying to gain a better sight. Slowly, I begin to recall what happened before. It’s an escape path from death. I am really lucky to be alive. Nevertheless, I don’t hate Lily at all. I can understand why she did and what she did to me. In fact, I feel sorry for her. She really has changed a lot since I met her in Sydney at the hospital. Back then, she looked like the nicest girl ever. She loves Kevin and her mother so much but it’s the kind of love that actually destroys her.

Wait, how could I remember about meeting Lily before yesterday? Wasn’t yesterday the first time we had ever met? Wait… This is not right. I am trying to recall back what has happened in my life. Many flash backs are coming including Roy, the Snowy Mountain accident and how we met in the first place. I also remember about my Anthony. Where is he? Why is he not staying beside me now? My tears are beginning to fall down on my cheek. Now, I know what every one has been talking about. I remember his existence and how important he is in my life. The funeral reminds me that he is he’s no longer here to take care of me. The frustration I had a year ago come back to my heart knowing that he will never come back. Now, I am finally a real person. I am no longer a person with empty box. I am back to the person I used to be.

Rudy touches my cheek and says

“Why are you crying? Does it hurt badly? Tell me… How do you feel now?”

I am looking at the man who just risked his life for me and speaks to him weakly

“I am okay.… Rud, where are we? Are you okay? What happened to you? What happened to Lily? How’s everybody? I mean Christian, Lily and everyone. Did they get hurt?”

“Everything is okay… Don’t you worry about a thing. Cing, you just had a head surgery. Do you feel any discomfort? Tell me if you feel anything.”

I am shaking my head as a sign that I am not feeling discomfort. But, My head is aching and I am feeling dizzy as soon as I am moving my head. Rudy continues to ask me

“Cing, do you really remember what happened? I mean all the details? Did you remember how Lily kidnapped you in the first place?”

“Yes I remember.She kidnapped me when I promised to meet her at the mall. By the way, how is she now? Is she also in the same hospital?”

Rudy replies “They couldn’t save Lily. The bullet went right to her heart.”

I couldn’t stop crying until Rudy touches my hand.

“Why are you still crying? Does it really hurt? I’ll call the nurse to come and examine you properly.”

I am gripping Rudy’s hand for a while and say

I don’t know… As if it’s partially my fault. I know that what she did was very extreme and got me to endanger your life and even Christian’s life. But, she didn’t deserve to die. She deserves to have a fresh start. A life without revenge.”

Rudy is smiling at me for a long time. I know this smile. Everytime I do something he likes, he always gives me this smile.

Anyway, I don’t know how to tell him that I truly remember everything besides the kidnapping. How could I tell him that I have remembered my past life now. I am not sure whether it is a good thing to tell Rudy about this now. He continue to say

“Cing, you need to let go of my hand for a while. I need to call the nurse and let them know that you are awake.”

Finally, I decide to let him know the truth by holding his hand even tighter.

“Please wait… Rud, I need to tell you something. I…………”

“Yes?” asked him

“I remember everything. I don’t only recall what happened before but I do remember about you, me, our past and everybody. I know who I really am now. I am in fact Ruby. I truly remember everything.”

Rudy is not talking or moving for a while. He looks deeply into my eyes and leans his face closer towards my face. He says “Really? Have you really remembered everything? Did you remember how we met and so on?”

I am smiling and looking at him. He seems happy that I have gained my memory back. Thank goodness for this. I am afraid that due to what he did in the past, he might feel awkward that I remember about us. We are in such a good term now. I don’t want our past to ruin this valuable friendship.

I am letting go his hand and trying to say more about this.

“Yes. I remember everything. I remember about you, Anthony, mom, dad, Christian, Kevin, Amy, Mat, and Karen. I remember everybody. By the way, where are Christian and Cindy? Are they okay?”

Rudy says “Don’t worry about Chris and Cindy. They are fine. Chris never left you. He is sleeping on the couch.”

“I see.Where’s mom and dad? Did you tell them? I hope you didn’t. I am afraid that they might be worry.”

Rudy says “No, I didn’t tell them. They have gone through enough worries. I can take care of you until you get better. They don’t have to know about the kidnapping.”

I am nodding my head as a sign of totally 100% agree.

I am looking at my surrounding and this room looks like a hotel room rather than a hospital room. Which hospital is this? Why is it so fancy? I am turning my head slowly to the left  and I can see that Kevin is looking at me. There must be something wrong with my eyes. How can he be here? How can he know about this? I promise Lily to leave everything but a good impression of her.

Kevin must realize that I am in between yes and no of convincing myself that it truly is Kevin. He finally says

“Are you ok? You look confuse to see me. Do you know what to see me?”

So I speak “When did you get here? How? I mean…”

He is looking at Rudy and says “Can you please give us a minute? I need to talk to her in private.”

Rudy is looking at him fiercly and I know that it’s a big NO sign. However, we do need to talk to each other in private.

I am giving Rudy a “request” look at me and say “Please.. It would just be a moment..”

He says “Ok! I’ll be right back! Just yell if you need me to come in.”

After Rudy is closing the door, Kevin approaches me, takes my hand and says

“I am so sorry. You got hurt because of me. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have hurt your feeling in Surabaya. Everything will change now. I am not going to leave your side anymore. Do you have any idea how scared I have been for the past few days? I don’t want to wait anymore. I will take you as my wife and we will grow old happily together. You are my responsibility from now on. Let’s get married sooner. I want to show you my commitment.”

I don’t know how to respond to this. But to be honest, I really don’t know how to react. In fact, I don’t know if our relationship is still counted as couple. Knowing the truth is uglier than believeing what Kevin said all of this time was right. I know that what he did was for the goodness of my recovery. I will never be able to get emotionally stable if he told me about Anthony. But still, a lie is a lie.

Secondly, the Lily accident wasn’t his fault at all and he doesn’t need to become responsibility and tries to commit and even ask me to marry him this way. He has asked me to choose before and my choice got him to leave me.

However, the bottom part of my rejection is because I am afraid that someone might hurt him because of me. It’s like I am a bad luck to everyone. I should be alone for the rest of my life and not have everyone who loves me to be hurt. Just look at Rudy. I can’t imagine if Kevin was the one who stood there to risk his life for me. That cannot happen. I have to fulfill my promise to Lily and that’s to let Kevin thinks of her in an only positive way.

I am letting go of his hand forcely and say

“Kev, don’t do this! This accident wasn’t your fault.What happened earlier was accidental. It’s not even Lily’s fault. She really loves you.”

Kevin says “No! It’s not love! If she truly loves me, she wouldn’t hurt the person I love the most. She would have to let go because we are already together. You could get killed! Why did you still stand up for her?”

I reply “Kevin, love is the best medicine but overdose can kill anyone. That’s what happened to Lily. Lily’s love for you and for her mom is just an over doses of love. Anyway, you couldn’t say some stuffs like that! That’s very unfair. If I already together with Rudy, will you also let go while you are still in love with me? No right? You will fight to get me. That what she did! She fought to get you back. She might have lost the war but she wins the battle. I will make Christian and Rudy to register her name under Wong’s family. I will ask them to take care of her funeral. By the way, why are you not stand by Lily’s side now? Who is going to organize her funeral? You need to take care of this. She would want you there. Just go! I will be just alright overhere.” 

Kevin says and even yells at me “Rub, please stop! Why are you always like this? I can’t stand it! I am not a hypocrite  and certainly I am not an angel like you. I can’t even think about anyone right now. You are badly hurt!  I won’t leave your side. You are my top priority at the moment. Rub, you are the only thing that matters to me right now.”

Kevin leans his face towards my face and I can feel that he’s about to kiss my lip. I am putting my hand against his mouth. I almost couldn’t resist the kiss. I still have a deep feeling for him. But, I am confuse whether what we had was real. I was Livia when we were together but now, I am Ruby. Will he still love me as Ruby? Or who he truly loves all this time is Livia, the girl he created out of me.

Finally, I decide to get some distance from him from him first to figure out the truth. I know that it would hurt our feelings but I decided to give a moment to Lily.

“Kev! How can you be so selfish? Lily did all of this because she loves you. Her love was real. You caused her so much pain. She already had enough because she was abandoned as a child by her father. You left her when she needed you. Now you don’t even want to fullfil her last will? How can you be this cruel?”

Kevin’s tears are starting to fall down on his cheek. He answers weakly

“How can I leave your side knowing that the girl I love the most is lying on the hospital bed? How can I leave your side when my biggest rival is standing outside and ready to take you from me at anytime? Please don’t ask me to leave your side.”

I can truly feel his despair. I say You love someone. It doesn’t mean you’ll be together forever. It doesn’t mean you won’t hurt each other. It just means that you just love them.”

Kevin puts my hand against his cheek. He asks me “What do you mean?”

What I mean is I remember what happened and how Rudy was in danger of loosing his life, his everything because he protected me earlier. I couldn’t just be with you at the moment.”

Kevin is looking at me and asks me “Do you still love me? Answer me honestly….”

I really want to say yes… But, it wouldn’t be fair to anyone. I need to figure out how Rudy and everyone else are at the moment. My relationship with Kevin is not the top priority. Hopefully we can pick up what we have left later on. I just don’t want to hurt Rudy, the man who just put his life on the hang for me. I wish Kevin could understand that I really need some time alone….

“Kev, can you give me some space first?”

He is grabbing and gripping my hand even tighter and says

“Rub, please tell me how you feel towards me. Do you still love me? Do you know that I was so scared when you told Rudy that you have remembered everything?

I am turning my head away from Kevin and say

“I have remembered everything but I don’t know what it would affect later on. Just go and take care of Lily’s funeral first.”

“Is everything changing now because you have remembered, I mean with us?”

I am looking deeply into his teary eyes and painfully say “Yes”

Kevin asks the key question to all answers “Do you still love me?”

My heart may say differently but my mouth chooses to say

“Just go and take care of Lily’s funeral first. Please wake Christian up and tell him to have a proper rest. I don’t want him to catch a cold later on. Please kindly call Rudy now.”

Kevin puts my hand down and walks straight to wake Christian up. He is turning his head for a few times to look at me before they leave the room. Christian asked me few questions about how am I feeling at the moment. He doesn’t know that I have already regained my memory yet.

Deep down in my heart, I know that Kevin doesn’t want to leave my side at the moment. I know what he’s afraid of. But, besides giving me some time to think, this is the last thing that I can do for Lily. I know that she would want Kevin to be the last person at her side.

After he leaves, I whisper weakly “Kev, I am sorry.. Just give me some time first.. I still love you…”

Rudy is coming to sit by my side along with the Doctors and Nurses. After they examine my condition, Rudy has even asked them to do a full contrast MRI. He also tells the Doctors (Prof. Wendy and someone else) that I have regained my memory and how could this happen. They were talking about the wood accident and how the hit helped to realize the blood cloak inside my brain. Finally, everyone is leaving and I am now alone with Rudy.

I ask Rudy to change my position to sit up. I am holding his hand and say

“Thank you for everything. Thank you for saving me during the kidnapping. You shouldn’t have come. They could have killed you. Tell me honestly, how is your injury at this point? Does it still hurt? Did you know that I couldn’t forgive myself if anything happened to you? I have lost Anthony. I couldn’t bear to lose anyone important again in my life, especially you. Please promise me that they wouldn’t be next time…” 

Rudy hugs me very tight. He then says

“Did you know that my heart almost stopped beating when Lily put a knife to your neck? Why on earth did you try to save me from the wood blocks? You could have died! I am so afraid that I might lose you. Cing, please promise me that you won’t do anything to jeopardize your safety anymore.”

He lets go of his hug and starts to see my eyes deeply. He leans his face closer towards my face and his mouth begins to touch my lip. I am turning my head to the right as a sign of rejection.  He says

“I am sorry. I thought now that you have gained my memory you would have loved me back. I misunderstood…. I just…….”

I am smiling at his face and say

No, it’s not that. It’s just I need to figure out anything. Did you remember that even before I lost my memory, I have loved another man? I just lost a husband and then Kevin came into the picture when I was Livia. Right now, I am just not in a place where my heart is clear.”

I can see that he is sad because of what I have said earlier. I continue to speak

“Rud, you are still the most influential in my life. Most people have said that you have been the love of my life and it is true. What we had before was deeper than any relationship I’d ever had until now. Sometimes, I couldn’t understand why you love me this much where there are plenty of other girls who fancy you. Just give me some time ok?”

We hug again for a while and I am deeply thankful for his love. Yes, he has left me before. Yes, he was the one who hurt my heart so deeply. But, he also had made big come backs.

Part 2: Born Again (Ruby)

I spend the next few days still at the hospital. My families have come for few times including my brother, Eason. Rudy finally couldn’t hide things from my dad anymore as He was very presistence to want to see me. Anthony’s mom also came yesterday. We had a deep meaningful conversation about how the two of us loved Anthony so very much.

I have been thinking also about how Kev lied to me and changed my identity as Livia before. To be honest, if I were on his shoes, I might be doing the same thing to rescue my best friend from pain, depression and grievance. However, he shouldn’t have lied that we were a couple before the accident happen. If things developed naturally, things wouldn’t be this confusing now.

Currently, I really don’t know how to face him. My love for him for the last two years is very real but the initial was accutely wrong. But how can I look at Kevin as the same best friend I had before I lost the memory. We have slept together and planned to get married before. Should I continue to love him as my fiancé? But how about Rudy?

Amy, Matthew and Karen finally come to see me at hospital. For the first time in a long time, I am surrounded by my friends and I can be “me” again.

Matthew: Ruby, finally you remember who you are. Do you know how miserable my life without you? We always tell each other everything before. You were very cold to me during the memory lost

Me: Yes… I know… It turns out that I am suck at making friends. I am lucky to have all of the three of you. The period when I lost my memory, I couldn’t gain even one friend.

Me (continue): I guess I am just too “weird” for them. Seriously, I am truly grateful to have you three. I don’t think I could able to make new friends

Karen: Really? But you are very friendly, helpful and sincere. Why anyone would not want to be your friend?

Amy: I think I know the reason.

Me: Why?

Amy: I think girls would find you very intimidated. Now that you are skinny and beautiful, you are beautiful inside and out. I think girls are afraid to be friends with you because their boyfriends might start to develop a feeling for you.

We are all laughing. I know that it’s not true but Amy hasn’t changed so far. She is still telling sarcastic joke.

Me: Amy, when I lost my memory, did you find me more interesting or not? I mean, do you prefer to be friends with me or with Livia?

Amy: Of course I would prefer the real you Ruby. The funny, kind hearted, generous and always think the best of others. But I can tell that I am the most important friend for you. You still want to be friends with me even though you forgot about everything!

Matthew: No! That’s not true!!!

All of us are laughing out loud due to Matthew’s reaction

Amy: Honestly, I used to hate you so much because you seemed to forget all about Anthony and moved on to Kevin so very quickly.

Karen: Hey! It wasn’t her fault! She was having a memory lost! She didn’t forget Anthony deliberately. It’s not fair for you to say that.

Me: I think you are right. How can I forget about the man who loves me more than anything in the world? How could I forget about my husband?

Matthew: The way I see is different. Anything happens for a good reason. You are moving on from Anthony is a good thing. You cannot drown yourself in grief all the time and thinking about the person who has died several years ago. I think Anthony will agree with me that it’s time for you to find love again.

Karen: Yes. I couldn’t have agreed more! I am hoping that you are going to end up with Rudy. He has risked his life for you. If I were you, I would choose him!

Matthew: But, that’s not important for us. It’s not important who you want to choose at the end. We only want you to be happy. That’s why we got you a makeover before. That’s why we sent you to Sydney. We want you to be cheerful again. But, I never thought that we got you to have a more complicated life with Christian and Kevin come into the picture.

Amy: Yes yes yes. Now that I think of it, your make over makes your love life even more complicated. First, you fell in love with my pervert cousin. For some reason, the two of you now feel that it was just an infatuation. Also, before that you were trying to make a revenge on Roy.

Amy (continue): But it turns out that he was never the cause of your lack of confidence. Now with Kevin comes into the picture right now, suddenly your best friend is turn out to be your lover but you were Livia before. Now that you are Ruby, who do you love? Ohh!! I am so confused! You can make a new movie series based on the true story of your life.. Memory lost, ex boyfriend, a husband, current boyfriend.. Even I am confused….

Matthew: Do you love Kevin? I really want to know how you really feel for him.

Everyone is looking at me. To be honest, I have been questioning myself the same question over and over again.

Me: I am not sure. I mean the way I look at him is very different. I don’t see him as my best friend anymore when we were in Sydney. However, I also can’t see him the same as when I lost memory as my future husband. Yes, I have been deceived but I know that he did it to rescue me. I tried to kill myself and maybe it was the best that Kevin decided to throw me a new identity.

Amy: Don’t forget that before you tried to end your life the last time, he already was the most important person in your life. And he was the one who ran for you. He connected all the dots. He threw his life for you to take care of the painful you for the whole year. Did you remember how did he rescue you before?

Me: Yes. He jumped in to the river even though he can’t swim. I remember saying that I chose to live with him because I won’t let him to die with me. But, it was because I am afraid that he would get drown. Back then, Anthony was all over my heart.

Karen: How about now? Who is in your heart?

Me: I don’t know. For now, Kevin is definitely in my heart but I can’t figure out his position. I know that I cannot be a wishy washy girl but everything has turned out just so very deeply complicated. I don’t know.

Karren: What about Rudy? How do you look at him now?

Me: You guys know that he has always been the love of my life. I don’t think that both of us can look at each other just as regular friends forever. It’s always something more. But, he is my past. The past that I want to let go. Otherwise, all the makeover will become worthless. I never thought that Anna was lying. I thought our story just ended there. But, to be honest, when Lily’s bodyguards beat him badly, my heart was aching. And when I lost my memory, he was the only person who can bring back a slight memory. During the kidnapping, he was willing to sacrifice his life for my own safety.

Matthew:Ok! What you need right now is time. Time will prove everything. It will heal and it will guide you to know where your heart is. My advice is for you to maintain some distance with the two of them. Get some space first.

Me: That’s exactly what I want! But, getting some space from the two of them is just impossible! I probably can’t do it now!

Matthew: Why?

Me: Because I will start to work in the same company with Rudy, Christian, Kevin and all the Wongs

Amy, Karren and Matthew: “WHAAAAAATTTT?”

All the three musketeers have left me to rest. At last, I told them the reason why I choose to work at Wong Enterprise along with Rudy. I told them how Rudy needed my support to maintain his position as the General Manager at Wong Enterprise. He did it to help Christian. If he is not the GM, then Christian’s position as the President Director will also be threaten.

I couldn’t just leave his side now becaue he has told me that he needed help. We also know that both of us owe Christian and Cindy our lives. We chose to help Christian to get his rights back. Now, I would never guess that Christian, Rudy, Amy and June have the same mother. It’s just a freaky coincidinces! Now when I reevaluate about it, they do have the same resemblance. Poor Lily that she never got to feel the love from her real family.

Cindy also has told me that Rudy’s life is in fact in danger because Mr. Wong actually sent people to hunt him down. She has filled me about how Mr. Wong wants to steal Christian’s place as President Director.

If there’s a happy ending about the story of my life is about Christian and Cindy. I am so glad right that Christian and Cindy are happy with each other now. Christian has admitted his feeling few days ago and now, they are officially in a relationship. Cindy also told me that she has helped Kevin to organize a grand funeral for Lily. It’s very formal and her name is registered as Wong. Her biological father also attended her funeral. I hope that Lily can finally smile when she sees this.

I also ask Cindy whether Kevin is staying at Christian’s place and she says no. It’s very weird since the two of them have been roommates for ages. But I guess, Kevin also needs some space alone from everybody.

Now is 06.00 PM and I am waiting for Rudy to make a quick drop by at the hospital. He will have a  meeting later on at 07.30 PM. I can’t wait to tell him that I can go out from the hospital tomorrow. Rudy stays at the hospital for every night. Kevin also visits me every day and usually the visit is in the morning. However, tonight he will stay here with me due to Christian’s request. Eventually, Christian will join Rudy at the dinner meeting.

When Kev gave me a visit, both of us always look at each other without saying anything. Two days ago, he thought that I was still sleeping but I just pretended to close my eyes so that we didn’t need to talk. It’s not that I don’t want to but I am just not ready to face him yet. I can hear when he grabbed my hand and said

“I know that you need to figure out your feelings for me. But I can only pray that you can still love me. I couldn’t have to lose you in my life anymore. All I have done were simply because I love you. Ruby, I love you very much. Please forgive me…”

To be honest… Besides Kevin, I have a lot on my mind lately. How can I give Rudy a happy life? How can I not end up hurting anyone’s heart? I truly wish that everyone could get all of us could get a happy ending. But, how?

A voice cuts my mind from wondering around. Rudy is here.

He says “Hi Cing.. How are you today?”

“I am really good! I could go out from the hospital tomorrow. Finally, I can go home!”

“Really?” asked Rudy.

“Yes, really… By the way, how was the share holder’s meeting?”

“No. We didn’t have it today. They keep changing the schedule from last week, and then today to three days later on Friday. I am not sure what they are up to. Some of the share holders are really hard to reach out.”

I am smiling at Rudy and have nothing to worry about. If I know one thing about Rudy is that he never fails at work. He’s truly gifted at what he does; he is hard working and most importantly, he loves his job.

He is feeding me the soup with the rest of my dinner. He knows that I don’t like the food from the hospital. After I finish my meal, Rudy asks me something a question I don’t know how to reply.

He asked “What do I have to do to make you love me?”

We both stare at each other for a long time and before I can say anything, I realize that Kevin is already at the door.

Part 3: The Next Step (Kevin)

I can’t forgive myself when I found out that Ruby was having a miscarriage because of Lily. Moreover, I can’t forgive myself for not knowing that she was pregnant with my child. How can I be so stupid? The reason behind Lily was going after her because I ended things with her poorly.

I didn’t blame her if she hates me so much. I also didn’t blame her if she wanted to make revenge at the Wong’s family. I can understand her pain. But, why she picked the innocent person to take all the blame? Why does it need to be my Ruby? I really can’t forgive anyone who hurt my Ruby. Cindy has told me about everything about Lily. All the details about how Aunt Betty made her mother’s life poorly. I finally realize the empty hole inside her heart when we went out. Now that everything is over, I just can hope that everything is fine with Ruby’s health.

Ruby has been through too much with the drowning, the car accident and now the kidnapping. I am afraid that she cannot handle that many horrible events. Sometimes, I don’t understand why God arranges someone as pure and kind hearted as Ruby to experience this many painful events in life.

Anyway, that’s not even the point! I can even get Ruby to be in a relationship with me. I can’t understand! We have loved each other deeply, we even had a child together. Why did she say that she needed to get some distance from me? Does that mean that she’s falling back again with Rudy?

Uncle Wong has given me a clear instruction about tomorrow’s meeting and how I can stand firm as a Deputy General Manager which is the step one to take over the company. Step two is to become a General Manager and run Uncle Wong’s campaign to merge his company with Wong Enterprise. And, step three is to make him President Director and run the whole Enterprise. He is inviting me to come to the apartment tonight to discuss about it further. I also need to make sure that He won’t harm Christian and his sisters.

To be honest, I am not so sure how bad it would hurt Christian if he’s forced to step down from the PD position. Will it affect the ownership? The Christian I know wouldn’t mind about a job position. But, has he changed too? I need to make sure that he wouldn’t get hurt. I have done so many mistakes in my past life. But the word “disloyal” has never been into my dictionary.

Right now, the most critical issue for me is still about Ruby. Does she still love me? Does she want to be together with me? Even with our first inborn child still exists, she wouldn’t fully accept me at this instance. What can I do to assure her, what can I do to make her to forgive me.

I am still walking straight at the hospital to see her. I am so glad that Chris called me to look after for a while. Tonight, I want to confess everything. I will let her know that I have loved her for all this years, even before she was pretty. I don’t care if she is Ruby or Livia. I just love her the way she is.

Before entering her door, I can see that Rudy is feeding her. I am planning to knock the door while I hear him say “What can I do to make you love me?”

That son of a bitch!! He already confessed his feeling before me. Why he is always one step a head of me! How can I confess my feeling just after him? It wouldn’t be original anymore. However, despite the bad timing, the most important thing is Ruby’s reaction and answer. Rudy and I are anxious to see Ruby’s reaction but eventually Ruby is just looking at him for a long time without saying anything. I can’t say whether she will accept or reject his love.

Suddenly, Ruby notices that I am already the door. She says

Kev, come in… Why are you standing at the door?

I can see that Rudy’s expression is very dissapointed. He puts down the soup and informs Ruby that he needs to go because he has a dinner meeting at 07.30 PM with a client. He is telling her that he’ll be back in a few hours. He is looking at me and probably blames me for blowing of his plan earlier.

Afterwards I am seeing something I never want to see. He kisses Ruby on the forehead and tells her to get sleep and get some rest. He gives me a “winning” smile and then leaves the room with an attitude. Are they a couple yet? I am feeling so many angers burning inside my heart.

I can’t help myself not asking her this horrible question

“Are the two of you together now? Should I give you guys my congratulations?”

Ruby is looking back at me fiercely and says

Why did you say that?”

“I saw the he kissed you on the forehead. You didn’t reject at all! I also heard about what he said earlier. He asked you what does he have to do to make you love him? In fact, Why don’t you tell him that he doesn’t have to do anything and you will eventually love him back.”

“I don’t understand why you are behaving like this. You are acting stupid.. Why you don’t want to listen to my explanation first?”

“You don’t have to explain about anything! I saw it with my own eyes!”

“If that’s the case, you probably should go..”

“Ya! I think that’s what you want.. You don’t want me anymore in your life, don’t you? Do you want me to call Rudy and ask him to go back this instance? I can do that! He is the General Manager. I am sure he can cancel any meetings for his sick girlfriend. You are also loved by all the Wong’s family. They will be happy if you immediately change your surname to Wong to be with Rudy. ”

I am so angry and jealous and don’t realize that Ruby’s eyes are already in tears. She also has some difficulty of breathing.

“Rub, are you ok? I am so sorry… Be calm….”

I am so stupid. Why I am yelling at her while my competition just gave her comfort and love. I am being so unreasonable! I am walking straight and try to sit on her bed. I am touching her cheek and trying to wipe her tears. Suddenly, she is pushing my hand and says

“Please go now… I don’t want to see or talk to you now..”

I am grabbing her right hand to express my apology.

“Rub.. I am….”

Before I even say I am sorry, her monitor is beeping like crazy. Apparently, her heart rate increases up to 170 and her blood pressure has also gone up high. Many nurses are coming in to the room. One of them is asking me to go out of the room immediately.

I couldn’t feel anything else beside regret. How can I forget that she’s still a patient? Did I just endanger her health? Just few minutes later, all the Doctors and nurses are still inside her room. Finally after half an hour later; Rudy, Christian and Cindy are running down the hall.

Rudy is starring at me and ask

“Why? what happened? Is she ok?”

Before I can answer his question, her room is finally open and one of the Doctor is speaking in front of everyone.

“She is stable now. But, we shouldn’t get her upset. Her heart rate is already above normal due to the pain she has to handle. Having a head surgery is big. Even pain killer cannot wipe out the pain. She is still under the help of breathing assistance. You guys need to be careful on her asthma attack. For the time being, all of you shouldn’t make her cry or let her to feel any discomfort.”

I am trying to go inside her room but the Doctor cuts me off by saying

“For now, she doesn’t want to take any visitors except for her parents.”

We all say thank you and finally Rudy is yelling at me while Christian is holding his body. Maybe Christian’s afraid that we end up fighting.

“What did you do that made her cry? She is in extreme pain! Why did you do to upset her?”

I don’t defend or say anything. Even Christian says “I think you better go for now. Don’t worry. Rudy and I will stay by her side temporarily until she is not upset about you anymore.”

Finally, I am accepting my lost and say my defeat to Rudy.

“I am going home first… Just take care of her… She needs you more instead of me…”

I am walking slowly towards the elevator and comes in without realizing that Cindy is coming with me.

She says “Let’s go and have a coffee first”

We are entering the coffee shop, ordering our drink and chat.

“I want to hear your side of the story. Now, do tell me so I can help you.” Said Cindy

I know that I can trust Cindy. I am telling her what happened earlier with me and Ruby.

Cindy replies

“How can you be so careless? You are not like this before. You are not the type of an irrational jealous guy before. Rudy kissed her because he exactly wanted to push you away and you fell for the trap. Of course Ruby cannot reject the kiss right away because she has many limitations to move her body. The fight just drove you and Ruby to become further. Why did you make her upset while your competitor just won being a hero who just saved her life a few days ago? I don’t understand Kev! Where’s the old you?”

I know that what Cindy just said was completely right.

“Cin, what should I do now? Do you think that she still loves me? I am afraid that she hasn’t forgiven me for lying to her before. I am afraid that she will fall in love back with Rudy. I am afraid that I will lose her. I am afraid that this is it for me and Ruby.”

Cindy replies “I am sure that she still loves you. It’s just with you lying to her, her memory comes back and Rudy came to the rescue, she just doesn’t know what to react without hurting anyone’s feeling, especially Rudy’s feeling. But now, everything is different. The chance is 50/50 for you and Rudy. It’s not more on your side anymore.”

“Why is that?” I ask her reason for a cruel assumption like that.

“I don’t know. It’s just a girl’s feeling. If I were her, I cannot help myself not to fall in love with him. Rudy is just too perfect. He might have hurt her badly in the past but he has outdone what he did. Even I were touched by the way he rescued Ruby from the kidnapping. He truly loves her. Also, now he is giving her comfort you never give. So, it’s very hard to say!”

I am looking at Lily and say

“Will she be happier with Rudy instead of me? Can I win her back?…”

Lily says “Only time will tell. For now, just let it flow first”

Part 4: Mr. Wong (Kevin)

I am on the way to the Davinci Apartment, where Mr. Wong has been staying if He’s in Jakarta. It’s one of the high prestigeous apartment in Jakarta. I know that He called me to talk about tomorrow’s strategy. But, I can’t get my mind of Ruby. How’s she? What is she doing now? Can she able to have a sleep? Is Rudy staying with her? What are they doing?

I am thinking about the year Ruby and I were living together as a couple. I am willing to give back anything for me to have those memory back. That year was simply the best years of my life.

The driver alerts me that we have reached our destination. I am going to the elevator and press the PH button. The elevator directly takes me to Mr. Wong’s living room.

Mr. Wong: Come and have a sit. I will get you some brandy.

Kevin: It’s ok Mr. Wong. I am not drinking tonight. I need to be in my best shape for tomorrow.

Mr. Wong: I have secretly negotiated with some of the Director first tomorrow. They will support me to put you as a Deputy General Manager first. We will strike Rudy with an impossible achievement and if He cannot do it, he needs to step down by the end of the month.

Kevin: Does it need to be that extreme? What does May or June think of this?

Mr. Wong: They don’t know anything and it’s best to keep it that way. They are already against me since I rarely spend my time with them.

Kevin: Mr. Wong, I think you can trust your children.

Mr. Wong: Do you think if Lily is still alive, I should trust her too? She has fooled all of you and risked your woman in danger. Would you say the same thing? I always know women cannot be trusted.

Kevin: I have known May and June for a long time. They wouldn’t hurt anybody. Lily is different. She was raised by her mother and has the word “REVENGE” since the day she was born.

Mr. Wong: Don’t you dare talk about Elizabeth that way. Her mother would never taught her to make any revenge on me. She’s a nice girl! If there’s a woman worth to trust, she is the probably the one. Just listen to me, we will strike tomorrow after Rudy is done with his presentation. You will wait for my clue, ok?

Kevin: Mr. Wong, you promise that at the end, you won’t harm Christian, May and June. Can I hold on to that promise?

Mr. Wong is thinking hard, raising his brandy glass, drinking them and says “Of course”

I hope that I can believe what he just said but my heart says different.

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