A little peak to the story (Ruby Go!)


SD 23

I am walking fast towards the kitchen and hug her tightly from the back. I whisper in her right ear

Darling, if loving you was wrong then I never want to be right. Please let me hug you for a while. I am really afraid of losing you in my life right now. I’m so lucky to have fallen in love with you. You’ve changed my life more than I could have asked for. I know that you didn’t remember anything other than the last two years we have shared together. But for me, I have known you my whole life and I know that you are the only thing I want in my life. I’m insanely attracted to you.

She is caressing my hands which still tightened her waist. She says

“Kev, I don’t need the other twenty age years of my life. The past two years of my life have been enough. For me all it takes is 1 you to bring back 1,000 memories. I don’t need my old memory from another person. I only can pray that you and I will end up together.”

SD 39

I am turning Ruby’s body in order for her to look at me. Both of our eyes are filled with tears. I dried her eyes, as she wiped mines, and asked me cautiously to come inside. Right now, I am really scared to lose her and many future possibilities. I don’t want to dream of having her anymore. I want her for real. I am moving my face closer to kiss her mouth. I want to kiss her as if this will be our last kiss. I am kissing her very passionately and fervently. My feelings are burning inside. I want her! I really want to have her. She is mine, she is only mine and I don’t want to share her with anyone.

SD 37

She is responding to my kiss just as passionate as the way I kiss her lip. It is first time for us to kiss like this since two years ago on the night I got drunk and lost control. Back then, I can only dream that she is willing to do it with me and not imagining somebody else. Now, my dream is coming true.

We reach the dining room while all our clothes were hitting the floor. It seems like we met in our lives before, I said I’ll make you mines if you make me yours. We start to move out from the kitchen and make a stop at the dining table. She is leaning her body on the table as we are still kissing each other. We are moving to my bedroom which is the closest distant to the dining table.

I put her on my bed gently. We look at each other for a second. She said she will kiss me slowly then made me promise not to leave her lonely. As I kissed her lips and rubbed her thighs I seen seduction in her eyes, saying don’t you run, don’t you hide, I know exactly where exactly where is your heart. We reached the bed, as her legs spread; I kissed from her feet all the way up to her forehead. Her skin is so soft and white. I really like to look at her face over and over again. I never want to close my eyes and miss the opportunity to see her facial expression for even a split second. I can’t believe that I can love anyone this much. I love her more than my own life.

SD 40

I am moving to start kissing her fingers, her hand palm and make a stop at our engagement ring on her beautiful finger. I want to let her know that I have committed myself to spend the rest of my life with her. I move again to kiss her lip with my eyes still open. This time, I don’t want our intimacy to end. This time, let me be selfish and not care about anything else. This time, I really really want her. We are both pressing our hands and bodies against each other. I can hear that she starts to moan.

We stop kissing after a while and look deeply into each other’s eyes. She says

“Kev, I love you.”

I reply “I love you too, with all my heart. I wanna be your last kiss, last love, and last everything.”

We continue to kiss, fondle and make love until the night is out.

I open my eyes in the morning and I am very happy to see the most beautiful girl sleeping beside me. Her face is smiling. I remember every single detail when I held her in my arms last night. Ruby is finally mine. Her body, her soul and her heart; are all mine.

I am thinking hard and wonder whether I did the right thing by having her last night. I can feel that both of us love each other very much but I am not sure that she will still love me should she gains her memory back. Part of me is feeling guilty where the other part is grateful to have her as my future wife. I never slept with anyone before, not even Lily. For me, sleeping together is only with one person for the rest of my life.

SD 17