Awards and Nominations

I have started to actively write blogs since two months only. Thus, they are many things which I am not really familiar such as how to get the chat box and apparently about receiving awards and nominations..

I have 4 very good friends who have been kindly enough to nominate me.. Thank you to:

1. Gabriel Lucatero at

inner-peace-award sunshine-award

2. Khaula Nazir at


3. Susan P at

Super Sweet Blogging Awards

4. Acep Aprilyana at


You guys have really made my day and I could only apologize for not writing this earlier since I haven’t figured out how it should go from being nominated 🙂

All the awards usually ask us to list 7 – 11 things about ourselves and nominates another 7 – 11 people to get the same nomination. Well here we go!

11 new things about me according to Liebster’s Award Question + Some Questions from Super Sweet Awards

1. I would never change my name from Anne if I had been given a freedom to do so.. 🙂

2. I would like to be born in US or OZ if I can choose my citizenship 🙂

3. If I can be an animagus, I want to become an eagle who can fly all over the world for free

4. If I can date a celebrity, I would choose to date Joe Cheng. He’s the combination of handsome, cute and sensitive.

5. I would like to meet Donald Trump since I started watched the apprentice few years a go.

6. I prefer going to the beach rather than hiking to the mountains..

7. If I had to choose to have either diabetic or stroke, I would choose none since I want to live my life fully..

8. I prefer Barcelona than Real Madrid.

9. I prefer NY rather than London because I want to go there during Christmas time since I watched Home Alone 2 🙂

10. In my opinion, people give the awards to me because I believe in the word that  “strangers can just be nice for no reason”

11. My blog is easy.. It’s everything about love because I am a kind of person who believes in true love 🙂

Cookies or Cake? Cookies. Definitely cookies.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!!

Favourite Sweet Treat? Macaroon!

Sweet nickname? Cing-cing




It’s not a secret than I am very into dramas. Therefore, I would like to dedicate all the awards to my drama re capers friends who have been giving their time to write what I love the most 🙂


Dear Nominees,

You can view how to fully accept the nomination by choosing / clicking in one of this links:

1. To choose the twin awards,

2. To choose the shine on award,

3. To choose the super sweet award,

4. To choose the liebster award,