A letter from Ruo Xi to the 4th Prince (BBJX – Final Episode)


I have become a new stalker of a blog named http://mydramatea.wordpress.com/

Since she reviews all the good dramas I have been watching, you guys know that there is one that I am obsessed the most. Yes! It’s Bu Bu Jing Xin… 

All of us have blogs because we know the beauty of expressing ourselves through writing…

I too can express myself better through writing. Please take a look of this touching letter!

“4th prince, Life is like a dream, continuously changing…But the days pass soundlessly…It’s hard to forget one’s foolish longings.

When someone told me very calmly that he wanted the throne, he already held the key to my heart. When he threw away the umbrella and endured and suffered the rain with me, I had opened the door to my heart for him. When he protected me by using his own body to block the arrow, I would never forget him in this life.

Everything that happened after that only drew me in deeper…If there is love, there is anger.  If there is love, there is hate.  If there is love, there is obsession.  If there is love, there is longing.  Since we parted, there has been nothing but hate, anger, and longing transforming into inches of memories. I don’t know if you still resent me…

…in Ruo Xi’s heart, there is no emperor, only the 4th Prince who has stolen my soul.  We love, we miss, we don’t meet…Everyday, I wait for your arrival.”

There are few things which draw me into few conclusions when reading her letters.

1. Relationship works best if only developed through time. 

I am not a big believers of love at the first sight. For me, it can be lust, infatuation but it should not stated as love. Even in Ruo Xi, she really described well that there were three “WHEN” which made her falling in love with the 4th prince.. Relationship is about process, it’s the ride which always makes it interesting.

2. It’s really hard to stop loving a person even though he hurts you.

Look at the line “If there is love, there is anger. If there is love, there is hate. If there is love, there is obsession.” We can be mad to our loved once, we can eventually hate someone who left us, we can also obsess with his companion.. But the end, it’s only because of LOVE…

3. No matter what you do, you are always “yourself” when you are with your loved one.

“In Ruo Xi’s heart, there is no emperor…….” I love this line very much. It doesn’t matter if you are a King, a President even a Beggar… If you are loved, you are loved as you…..

Fiuh! This movie has drawn me closer even though it has ended 2 years ago… I hope that for all BBJX fans out there, we can always find our 4th prince… The one who might ask us to leave, but never really left us…