When the Winter Womes, the Wind Blows

I have just finished watching the whole series..

It’s so good that I have to finish it in one seating..

Highly recommended..



– Please stock at least 2 boxes of tissues..


3 thoughts on “When the Winter Womes, the Wind Blows

  1. ah Man says:

    You watch this in ONE SEATING!? *impressed*
    I was catching this as it airs – it was hard to bear.
    But the drama that was the hardest on my heart to catch once-a-week that I wanted to cry (and I would rewatch all the eps that’s been airing thus far or the preview over and over again) was Ex-BF! XD

    • annedarmawan says:

      Hehehe 🙂
      Yes, I watched this in one seating + using 2 boxes of tissues on my bed.. 🙂
      Ex BF is really goooooooooooooooddd… I also watched that in one seating.. (Hahahaha.. How lame am I..)
      I hate the ending though.. They should get back together…

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