My New Drama Obsession – 2016 Q1 (Chinese / Taiwan Edition)

Hi All.. It’s been so long not to catch up with you.. First, I have been “so called” busy with work and second, my weekend always passes by before I know it.. I don’t know why there are only 24 hours in a day.. I wish there are 48 hours so we can watch drama for the extra 24 hours.. 🙂

Anyway.. Enough chit chat.. We are here to talk about my favorite topic, dramas… Recently, there are few dramas which got me hooked… By hooked, I mean:

  1. I can’t sleep if I cannot finish the drama as soon as possible
  2. I eat in front of my television (which has become my habit lately)
  3. I started dreaming in Mandarin again (I used to have this during BBJX period and also when I watched My Fair Princess (Zhao Wei version) over and over..
  4. I stalked every blogger that write about this.. Recaps, Reviews, Synopsis, Character Stilts, etc etc… Literally everything!!!

That’s why even though I am very busy.. I can’t stop myself to write a post about this and brag it to everyone hoping that they would watch these dramas! Here we go!

1. The Nirvana in Fire 

Nirvana in Fire

First and foremost, allow me to talk about NIRVANA IN FIRE.. My highest obsession during 2016 – Q1..Ughhh.. I couldn’t stop talking about this drama to anyone who’s willing to listen.. Nirvana in Fire is the drama that got me speechless in a good way… I don’t know how to describe the magnificent of this work through a post..

Well.. I will start to describe my opinion about it… As you all know that I have been a romance theme fan forever.. You can name all the Chinese / Taiwan / Korean drama which has a good romance theme in it, I probably have watched them. But, Nirvana in Fire is the first non-romance theme (well, it has a little romance in it) but I love it more than any of my romance theme drama.

The cast, the cinematography, the plot, the twist and even the bromance have just made me falling in love with Chinese drama all over again. For you drama lovers who have not watched this, I recommend you to START WATCHING IT NOW! I mean it guys…

For synopsis, you can find it at Wikipedia.. They describe it quite well.. For overall review, I recommend that you visit and I love their reviews so much… For recap, you can visit Heisui at and for the character stilts, you can visit JoleCole at

For now, I still haven’t got over my feeling about this drama.. I simply can’t move on.. So, if anyone wants to talk about NIF, I will be gladly accompany you anytime any day.

Review: 20/10 (I literally mean it)

2. The Disguiser 

The Disguiser

If you love the bromance in Nirvana in Fire, you will love the one in The Disguiser even more… The three brothers relationship is by far the most “eye candy” to watch.. Their relationship stay deeply in my heart and I am obsessed.. Season 2, please come.. I am waiting for you..

Review: 10/10

3. Battle of Changsha

Battle of Changsia

In this drama, Wallace Huo is good at portraying his character and the leading lady is even more likable.. We fell in love with the family as they grew.. We also cried with them during their bad times… Most importantly, even after finished watching; we still remember every single member in the family… I miss watching their interaction with each other..

I deducted 2 points in the review because as a similar genre Chinese – Japanese war, this is not the best… I really like Infernal Lover by Mike He and I also like other series with Nicky Wu in it… But, overall.. It’s worth to watch…

Review: 8/10

4. Journey of Flower 

Journey of Flower

I am a big fan of the condor heroes series… From The Legend, Return and then to “Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre”.. Besides that, I am really picky when it comes to watch Wuxia. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them but sometimes, I am just becoming too dreamy that I really want to do those material arts too.. (LOL)..

Well, allow me to start with my honest confession (Please don’t hate me for this): I wasn’t a big fan of Wallace Huo until I watched The Journey of Flower. Even back in the days, I skipped to watch interesting dramas if I saw him as a lead actor.. I just hate the way he treats women.. Maybe I got too carried away when he ditched Dong Fai Bu Bai…

My feeling change when I watched The Journey of Flower. I like this drama so much even though I hated the ending.. Give it a watch and you know what I mean.. This drama is a page turner for me.. I watched the ending episode 3 times now and I am still crying during a certain scene.. (Don’t want to give you a spoiler here).. But for those who have watched it, I think you know which one I am talking about…

From the actor that I avoided the most, to the actor that I am anticipated his future drama.. Wallace is that good in this series.. If you are a Wuxia fan.. You should give this a watch!!!!! It’s a classic!

**Spoiler: I’d rather Xiao Gu to died in his arm rather than having a weird happy ending.. 

Review: 8/10

4. Love me if you dare 

Love me if you dare

I love Wallace in this drama.. The drama is quite systematic and I like every single case that they worked together.. It’s by far one of Wallace Huo’s best drama… The leading lady is not so bad too.. They collaborated well in this drama..

Review: 7/10

5. Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei 

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

I dropped this after watching episode 5-6.. I just didn’t buy the whole story.. Too bad because Liu Shi Shi’s character is by far the most unique one.. She is such a bad ass in the story… But still, it doesn’t keep me hooked in my sit..

Review: 4/10

6. Wei Zi Fu 

Wei Zi Fu

I have re watched this drama for the third time and I still love it… My favorite character is not the leading character (Wei Zi Fu).. Instead, I love Princess Pi Yang.. She looks very royalty in this series and I love how she can handle every situation.. She is always the commander in the room and I love how she protects Wei Zi Fu due to his husband legacy at the end… Truly spectacular drama…

Review: 9/10

7. The Legend of Mi Yue 

Legend of Mi Yue

I have a thing about ancient period Chinese Drama which tells a story about life in the palace.. I almost watch every single one available. For Legend of Mi Yue, it’s not good but it’s not so bad either.. Sun Li is amazing as always.. But, I just don’t buy the overall story..

Review: 6/10

8. Sound of the Deserts 

Da Ma Yao

I have the DVD since forever but I haven’t got a will to watch it.. Even my colleague has borrowed them for me and returned it months ago and I still didn’t pick it up to watch the drama..

I have been back and forth about whether or not to watch this drama. Because before Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser, I wasn’t a big fan of Hu Ge.. I have seen him in Legend of the condor heroes with Ariel Lin and didn’t “really” like his acting back then.. For me, he was only “average”.. But NOW…. He’s my one TRUE absolute FAVORITE and I will stalk his every drama from now on.. I have to be honest with you.. Seeing him in a similar costume like the one he wore in NIF did heal my heart a little bit. At least, I get to see my potrait of Mei Chang Su from another drama..

As for Da Mo Yao, I am more with Team Mo Xun… It was heart breaking not seeing them together at the end.. Although I already had a hunch that LSS will be with Eddie Peng (I don’t want to write their characters because I am still sad for Mo Xun), I still have my every little hope that at least Mo Xun will get Xin Yue back… But, I think.. once missed, will always be missed… (^___^ tearyyyyy)…

But, for this drama I have ONE big complaint to the production house… It’s about the music / instrumental background.. Why they have to use the same music for every production.. You name it.. The Legend of Condor Heroes, Bu Bu Jing Xin, Da Mo Yao, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei… Why?? I can get it if they use the same music for 2 dramas (for the purpose of squeezing the budget).. But, if they are use for EVERY drama, it’s kinda annoying… I can’t even sympathize / concentrate with the some of the scenes because when I hear the music background, my mind automatically remembered BBJX / Legend of the Condor Heroes..

I don’t think it’s that hard for the production house to find someone to make the music background for Chinese periodic drama.. It is really easy to find and not very costly… I even can help them to find / propose some names if they need one.. Uggghh.. This is killing me… If only the music was good, the sensitive viewers like me would have immersed to the drama even more..

Overall, this drama is quite addicting!

Review: 9/10

9. Too late to say I love you A.K.A Endless Love

Too late to say I love you

I have been wanting to search something similar with Sealed with a Kiss.. I love the drama so much and I tend to follow Hawick Lau’s every drama every since.. And unfortunately, I am finding more than 10 crappy dramas and even “forced” to finish it just for the sake of Hawick Lau..

This drama is not as good as Sealed with a kiss but it has a couple of very intense kissing scenes and the story line is quite interesting. Definitely one of Wallace Cheung’s best drama..

Review: 8/10

10. You are my sunshine 

You are my sunshine

Typically Tang Yan’s drama and character.. The first 10 episodes are quite interesting because we are curious of what happened in the past… But, second half is not quite interesting anymore..

Review: 6/10

11. Lady and the Liar 

lady and the liar.jpg

I was waiting for this drama with the highest anticipation.. I saw the long trailer and got almost “obsessed” with it.. I even watched it over and over again… But, apparently I should watch the trailer instead of watching the whole drama… Like any bad Chinese drama,  the second half is painful to watch…

I mean.. This drama has Hawick Lau and Tony Yang right? What could go wrong???? Well, apparently, very poor written script / direct can make it go wrong…

Review: 6/10

12. Chronicle of Life 

Chronicle of life.jpg

Another crappy Hawick Lau’s art work.. I mean He can’t just pull off Kang Xi.. Kang Xi is considered to be the best Emperor in all China along with Qian Long.. And here, he made as if Kang Xi has no intelligence and is ready to be killed by anytime and anyone who is willing to try for it…

It’s such a shame because this drama has so much potential.. Bad bad bad direction!!

Review: 5/10

13. The cage of love 

cage of love

I like the couple’s chemistry in here much more than the one in Chronicle of Life.. Even the female lead is not my favorite, this drama is till bearable to watch….

Review: 7/10

14. Perfect Couple 

Perfect Couple.jpg

Hm… I am so / so about this drama.. If you have any spare time, might be a good choice to watch it.. But definitely it’s not something I easily remember..

Review: 7./10

15. Marry me or not

Marry me or not

Everyone.. Roy Chiu is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk!!!!!!! And still handsome I have to say…. I like this drama a lot even though it’s not a kick ass quality.. I just love their chemistry like the one in Office Girl.. I love them, love them, love them… The kissing scene is super hot too by the way.. And I like the proposal ending (Ups.. Spoiler alert)… This drama is very relaxing to watch..

Review: 9/10

16. Go Princess Go (Web Drama) 

Go princess go

I really save the best for last, ain’t I????? I love this hilarious series so much… I couldn’t remember when I was laughing this much… Everything comes together.. The weird costumes, the odd settings, the colors, are just so very pleasant to watch.. I love Zhang Peng Peng character so much that I want to be her besties… If you haven’t watched this series, I truly recommend this series to you…. There are different endings to this drama but I just don’t care despite the weirdness.. This drama is that good… I just love the process watching episode per episode… P.S: This drama isn’t so shy about the kissing / bed scenes either..

Review: 15/10

So, that’s it for Q1 post… Hope that it gives you a heads up of what drama should you see… Overall, I totally recommend EVERYONE on earth to watch Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser, especially if you are able to understand Mandarin.. It’s truly the drama you shouldn’t missed!

Anne’s Favorite: Male Lead – Chris Wu & Roy Chiu

It’s been a while since I wrote any posts. I have been occupied with work but another reason is I just don’t feel like writing stuffs for the past few months.
I always do the same routine everyday! Waking up, taking care of my Dad, going to work, coming home, taking care of my Dad, and then sleeping. That’s it!
However, to those of you who wondered about my Father’s condition, I am happy to say that we finally get that miracle!! We are the 1%…
Few months ago, my Father’s main Doctor said that the chance for my Father to awake, respond, out of his breathing machine, and to have a full recovery is less than 1%.. Well, we bit the odds.. 1% indeed, my Father’s condition is now all of the above..

Well, enough about me chit chatting about myself. I have been having my guilty pleasure again for the past few days… not a marathon like before but just few hours before I go to bed. Can you guess what is it???
I have plenty of DVD collection, especially on Taiwan / Chinese / Mainland Dramas.. Half of them, I haven’t even watched them. The other half, my absolute favorite, I have watched them for at least 3 times…
The last couple of days, I started to re watch the drama called “Waking Up Love” starred by Roy Chiu and Tang Yan… It’s my absolute favorite beside Bu Bu Jing Xin of course… At the time, I had a very bad day and needed something to cheer me up.. Then, it made me realize how much I’ve missed my Prince Charming, Roy Chiu.. O my God.. He’s soooo…… freaking hot.. If there’s one way to describe his acting, for me “HE DEFINITELY GOT STYLE”. He’s just so classy in so many ways… He can made me scream, cry, laugh and even shout during some of his intense scene.. If I made point out one.. just little one complaint is maybe about his kissing scene..
I don’t know why but for me, he never truly kissed anyone until now.. 🙂

And now… I am currently watching Chris Wu’s drama called “What is love”.. You guys probably remember him from being a second male lead a lot… One year ago, he has a huge break with the series called “Substitute Princess”.. Oww… who wouldn’t fall in love with Terry??? He truly stands out from the crowd.. From all the male lead I’d ever seen including my other absolute favorite, Nicky Wu… He’s justtttttt THE BEST… Seriously.. He means every scene.. He’s just so damn professional.. Every chemistry looks real!! Those tears, those laugh and even those TANGO dance… OMG!!!!

Back to the drama I am currently watching, I have been thinking to myself.. What is love really???
The movie has pointed out two answers which kind’a stuck in my head..

1. What is love?
Love is like the air. You cannot touch it, you cannot see it but when you realize its importance, you just cannot live without it…

2. What is love?
All of us like to hear the sentence “I LOVE YOU” or “WO AI NI”…
But, apparently they are two big differences between guys and girls…
For girls, the word LOVE means FOREVER or “YONG YEN”
For boys, the word LOVE is just simply to love the person in the right moment.

Shocking huh??? But, if I think about it over, it’s actually SO TRUE..

Now, this movie got me to think What is Love? really? What is it?
Well.. I haven’t got the answer to it yet but.. maybe you guys can tell me..

What is love??