Anne is a drama lover

I found this blog @

She wrote about 30 day challenge.. They are all very informative..

If you want to know about me more, here’s my answers to all questions.

01. When did you start watching Asian dramas?

I watched Asian drama since a long time but never really become a fan. Meteor Garden and God, please give me one more time were the pioneer. I watched them when I studied in Sydney.

02. Which Asian Drama(s) are you currently watching.

Now, I am watching Spring Love and Gong 1. I am also planning to watch 300 Days of Happiness.

03. The worst Asian drama you’ve ever seen.

Oh!! Definetly Half a Fairy Tale. I don’t think I’d ever want to smash my TV after watching the ending.

04. Favorite couple in an Asian drama.

Wow… good questions.. On the top of my head: The classic Mike He and Rainie Yang, Roy Chiu and Tang Yan and Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi… 🙂

05. Which Asian drama made you cry.

This is easy… Bu Bu Jing Xing, The Girl in Blue (I was weeping like a baby), Love Keeps Going, and When the winter comes, the wind blows…

06. Favorite Asian drama OST.

Let me get my blackberry first and see the song lists I have been downloaded. My favorite is still Love You You (From Love Now). I also like Wo Khe Yi from Corner With Love, Zhang Bu Xiang Dong De from Romantic Princess, Tears from Polaris by Nicholas Teo; it’s from Smiling Pasta and many others… 🙂 I think no need to get my blackberry now..

07. Do you watch Asian dramas for their storyline, actors/actresses or both?

Both and all… 🙂

08. Favorite male character in an Asian drama.

Roy Chiu!!!!!! Mike He and Nicky Wu are definetly next.. And then, Tony Yang, Nicholas Teo, Chris Wu… Weww!

09. Do you download or watch them at a stream site?

Neither I am afraid.. I have the DVD collections.. Ya, the whole DVD collections which pretty much my whole first monthly salary. Hehehe 🙂

10. An Asian character that is most like you.

Wew! This is the hard one.. Hm……………………………….

Maybe Joe Chen in The Girl in Blue. I can relate to her a lot since I’ve been in her position..

11. Your least favorite male character.

This is easy!!!! Definetly Wallace Huo in every movie. You name it, Swordman, 100% Senorita. He’s a wishy washy guy who I just want to knock him in the head!!

12. Which Asian drama genre do you mostly like to watch.

Is it so lame if I answer it with Melodramatic. 😦

13. Favorite female character in an Asian drama.

Definetly Rainie Yang in both Devil Beside You and Why Why Love. I also love her character in every movie…

Wew! A big Rainie Yang fan over here guys!

14. Do you watch Asian drama that have a lot of episodes (ex. 40+)?

Before no.. Now, yes yes yes… I watch Sweet sweet bodyguard which has 82 episodes, Love now and my favorite is Inborn Pair.. 🙂

15. Favorite drama season and why. (ex. summer2007)

I love year 2011. It’s a Roy Chiu’s year!!!!

16. Which Asian drama(s) would you like to see a 2nd season of.

Bu Bu Jing Xin!!!!!, ISWAK season 3??? please pleasee.. 🙂

17. Who would you give the best acting award of all time to.

Guys, I have to put my hat to NICKY WU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Your least favorite female character.

Hm??? Let me think…..  I think the role of Shen Shen in The Daughter… How can you still in love with someone who’s cheating on you…. Deugh!!

19. Have you rewatched an Asian drama more than 3 times? if yes, which one.

Yes yes yes… Devil Beside You, Why Why Love and theeeeeeeeenn…. Fated to Love You! Wait.. BBJX also :p

20. Favorite drama episode.

The last episode of The Bride with White Hair starring Nicky Wu… When he says, “Wo ai ni”….. My God…

21. A picture of your favorite scene in an Asian drama

Uh.. Kissing Scene of Jiro Wang in Tango Dance (Movie: The purple house).. I haven’t watched the movie yet but come on… He’s so frikin’ hot!!

22. Your first Asian drama that you watched

God, please give me one more time (Kamisama) and Meteor Garden…

23. What are your top 5 Asian dramas?

Hm… Can I put 10??? hehehe

BBJX, Absolute Boyfriend, The Girl in Blue, Fated to Love You, Why Why Love… There you go!!!

24. Favorite character (your favorite actor/actress) has ever played

Sonia Sui in The Fierce Wife… You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. Describe Asian dramas in one word

This is easy… ADDICTING!!!!!!!!!!

26. The funniest Asian drama you’ve ever seen

Maybe Inborn Pair.. I love the Grannie character. She makes me laugh so bad!!!

27. Favorite Asian drama(s) of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010

Hahaha.. I watched 90% of the dramas at the year 2012.. I can’t remember the year…

28. Favorite thing about (your favorite actor/actress)

First is their character, second is the make over and third is what they wear.. 🙂

29. How many Asian dramas have you seen in total?

Hm… is it so lame if I answer more than 150??? Huhuhuhu

30. Which Asian drama are you anticipating for the next season?

Bu Bu Jing Qing… Come on!!! I have been waiting too long for this.. It’s just!! too long….

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