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Dear Friends,

I would like to dedicate this post to all the people below. They have written so many beautiful and informative posts. I hope that you will like them as much as I do..

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Li Jun Kai


Have you seen Peter Ho and Janine Chang paired up in Ring Ring Bell?

If you haven’t, then you should watch it immediately.

There’s another drama series which the two of them will reunite once more…

This anticipation is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t find the official trailer yet but here’s a video recap..


P.S: Did you fall in love with Peter Ho when he was playing Ou Chen in Summer’s Desire? He was cold and powerful. In this movie, he will portray as mafia boss… Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂 Can’t wait to see this coming!!!

Ruby Go! Character – Potrayal

Hi Everyone!

It’s not a secret that I am into Dramas, especially Taiwanese Drama..

I really wish that my first novel’s character could become alive.

I have tried to put some famous actors / actresses below to help you guys understand the story better.

It’s really hard to put just one female lead / male lead since I cannot find the screen capture to describe Ruby Go!
I hope you guys don’t find it confusing.

These are some episode recaps from the Taiwanese Dramas I’ve been watching / googling.
Thank you and I hope that you will enjoy the story.

Ruby Go Character

Who is Anne as a Drama Lover?

I found this blog @ http://givemedramas.com/category/30-day-challenge/

She wrote about 30 day challenge.. They are all very informative..

If you want to know about me more, here’s my answers to all questions.

01. When did you start watching Asian dramas?

I watched Asian drama since a long time but never really become a fan. Meteor Garden and Kamisama were the pioneer. I watched them when I studied in Sydney.

02. Which Asian Drama(s) are you currently watching.

Now, I am watching Spring Love and Gong 1. I am also planning to watch 300 Days of Happiness.

03. The worst Asian drama you’ve ever seen.

Oh!! Definitely Half a Fairy Tale. I wanted to smash my TV down after watching the ending.

04. Favorite couple in an Asian drama.

Wow… good questions.. On the top of my head: The classic Mike He and Rainie Yang, Roy Chiu and Tang Yan and Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi… 🙂

05. Which Asian drama made you cry.

This is easy… Bu Bu Jing Xing, The Girl in Blue (I was weeping like a baby), Love Keeps Going, and When the winter comes, the wind blows…

06. Favorite Asian drama OST.

Let me get my blackberry first and see the song lists I have been downloaded. My favorite is still Love You You (From Love Now). I also like Wo Khe Yi from Corner With Love, Zhang Bu Xiang Dong De from Romantic Princess, Tears from Polaris by Nicholas Teo; it’s from Smiling Pasta and many others… 🙂 I think no need to get my blackberry now..

07. Do you watch Asian dramas for their storyline, actors/actresses or both?

Both and all… 🙂

08. Favorite male character in an Asian drama.

Roy Chiu!!!!!! Mike He and Nicky Wu are definetly next.. And then, Tony Yang, Nicholas Teo, Chris Wu… Weww!

09. Do you download or watch them at a stream site?

Neither I am afraid.. I have the DVD collections.. Ya, the whole DVD collections which pretty much take up to my first monthly salary. Hehehe 🙂

10. An Asian character that is most like you.

Wew! This is the hard one.. Hm……………………………….

Maybe Joe Chen in The Girl in Blue. I can relate to her a lot since I’ve been in her position..

11. Your least favorite male character.

This is easy!!!! Definetly Wallace Huo in every movie. You name it, Swordman, 100% Senorita. He’s a wishy washy guy who I just want to knock him in the head!!

12. Which Asian drama genre do you mostly like to watch.

Is it so lame if I answer it with Melodramatic. 😦

13. Favorite female character in an Asian drama.

Definetly Rainie Yang in both Devil Beside You and Why Why Love. I also love her character in every movie…

Wew! A big Rainie Yang fan over here guys!

14. Do you watch Asian drama that have a lot of episodes (ex. 40+)?

Before no.. Now, yes yes yes… I watch Sweet sweet bodyguard which has 82 episodes, Love now and my favorite is Inborn Pair.. 🙂

15. Favorite drama season and why. (ex. summer2007)

I love year 2011. It’s a Roy Chiu’s year!!!!

16. Which Asian drama(s) would you like to see a 2nd season of.

Bu Bu Jing Xin!!!!!, ISWAK season 3??? please pleasee.. 🙂

17. Who would you give the best acting award of all time to.

Guys, I have to put my hat up to NICKY WU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Your least favorite female character.

Hm??? Let me think…..  I think the role of Shen Shen in The Daughter… How can you still in love with someone who’s cheating on you…. Deugh!!

19. Have you rewatched an Asian drama more than 3 times? if yes, which one.

Yes yes yes… Devil Beside You, Why Why Love and theeeeeeeeenn…. Fated to Love You! Wait.. BBJX also :p

20. Favorite drama episode.

The last episode of The Bride with White Hair starring Nicky Wu… When he says, “Wo ai ni”….. My God…

21. A picture of your favorite scene in an Asian drama

Uh.. Kissing Scene of Jiro Wang in Tango Dance (Movie: The purple house).. I haven’t watched the movie yet but come on… He’s so frikin’ hot!!

22. Your first Asian drama that you watched

God, please give me one more time (Kamisama) and Meteor Garden…

23. What are your top 5 Asian dramas?

Hm… Can I put 10??? hehehe

BBJX, Absolute Boyfriend, The Girl in Blue, Fated to Love You, Why Why Love… There you go!!!

Can I add more though? Waking Up Love, Prince who turns into a frog, Summer Desire… They are just too good!!

24. Favorite character (your favorite actor/actress) has ever played

Sonia Sui in The Fierce Wife… You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. Describe Asian dramas in one word

This is easy… ADDICTING!!!!!!!!!!

26. The funniest Asian drama you’ve ever seen

Maybe Inborn Pair.. I love the Grannie character. She makes me laugh so bad!!!

27. Favorite Asian drama(s) of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010

Hahaha.. I watched 90% of the dramas at the year 2012.. I can’t remember the year…

28. Favorite thing about (your favorite actor/actress)

First is their character, second is the make over and third is what they wear.. 🙂

29. How many Asian dramas have you seen in total?

Hm… is it so lame if I answer more than 150??? Huhuhuhu
You can check it out in my first 100 drama list with their ratings and short opinions..

30. Which Asian drama are you anticipating for the next season?

Bu Bu Jing Qing… Come on!!! I have been waiting too long for this.. It’s just!! too long….


No Title Actors / Actresses Ratings 1 – 10 Short Opinion and Recommendation
(in my opinion)
1 100% Senorita Twins Chen Qiao En, Wallace Huo 8 Love the plot but hate Wallace in this movie!
2 Absolute Boyfriend Jiro Wang, Goo Hye Sun 20*(I know it’s more than 10 but what can I say? I just absolutely love it so much…) Can I get some more of this movie please?? Why does it end so soon???
3 Alice in the Wonder City Aaron Yan, Tracy Zhou 7 Average but Aaron is so hot in this movie!
4 Amor De Tarapaca Ruby Lin, Han Jae Suk 9 Niceeeeeee
5 Another Briliant Life Jiang Kai Tong, Bu Zhen 8 Funny! It’s fun to watch!
6 At Dolphin Bay Angela Zhang, Ambrose Hsu 8 I personally love it! I love the music background as well! This is the first time which I don’t hate Wallace in the movie..
7 Autumn’s concerto Ady Ann, Vanness Wu 10 This is definitely a must watch! It’s a fast track story…
8 Beauty of Tang Palace Ming Dao, Chang Ting 8 It’s unpredictable, pretty good! It gets draggy in the middle but you can fast forward it using the remote.
9 Because of You Baron Chen, Megan Lai 7.5 Good! You should watch it!
10 Black and White Vic Zhou, Mark Zhao 9 It’s unpredictable, good phasing, good kissing scene!!
11 Bull Fighting Mike He, Hebe Tian 7 If you are a Mike He’s fan like I do, Mike is looking good in this movie.. Well.. This is only average..
12 Calling For Love Mike He, Charlene Choi 9 Mike He!!!!!!!! So cute!
13 Channel X Joe Cheng, Amber Kuo 9 GREAAAAAAAAAAT!
14 Corner with Love Barbie Hsu, Show Luo 11 MUST WATCH!
15 Devil Beside You Mike He, Rainie Yang 11 We like to move it move it!!! It’s a chi ka wow wow!!
16 Drama Go Go Go Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang 9 It gets draggy in the middle but it’s still good!
17 Drunken to Love You Rainie Yang, Joseph Chang 9 One of the best Rainie Yang’s movie
18 Ex Boyfriend Tony Yang, Li Qian Na 11 Love it!!!! But I hate the ending so much.. I couldn’t fall asleep…
19 Fairy Lake Gong mi, Johny Chen 8.5 I love this one even though the main actor is not handsome at all
20 Fairy Tale Li Jun He, Janine Zhang 6 I really don’t know how to rate this.. The story is great but it has a really2 bad ending.. You want to smash down your TV after watching the ending..
21 Fated to love you Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan 11 All I can say is W O W…. I have rewatched this over and over! The best ever!
22 Fondant Garden Park Jung Min, Kingone Wang, Jian Man Shu 7 Average!
23 Free Sword Zhao Li Ying, Han Dong 8.5 I like this one so so much! Definetly a must watch!
24 Green Forest My Home Leon Jay, Ethan Ruan, Esther Liu. 8.5 Love it, love it, love it Ethan Ruan in this movie!
25 Hanazakarino Kimitachihe Wu Chun, Ella Chen 9 Love it! Hate the ending though!
26 Happiness is Definetly Strong Ming Dao, Chen Qiao En 5 ?????????????? Don’t watch this one!
27 Happy and Love Forever Ming Dao, Annie Chen 7.5 This is alright! Only average
28 Happy Michelin Kitchen Blue Lan, Cheryl Yang 7 Average!
29 Hayate the Combat Butler George Hu, Park Shin Ye 7 Average! There’s no kissing scene at all.. Just average!
30 Hi My Sweetheart Rainie Yang, Show Luo 10 MUST WATCH!
31 Huan Zhu Ge Ge 1 – 3 Vicky Zhao, Ruby Lin 20 One of the classic which never gets old
32 In Time With You Ariel Lin, Bo Lin Chen 9 Slow phasing but good ending!!!
33 Inborn Pair Chris Wang, Annie Chen 10 Love it!!!!!!!
34 Infernal Lover Mike He, Deng Jia Jia 12 This is the best of Mike’s movie ever!!! Love it!
35 It’s Started With a Kiss Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin 11 It’s a phenomenon!!!
36 Lady Maid Maid Nicholas Teo, Reen Yu 7.5 Disagree? I love Nicholas in this movie.. Don’t forget that the kissing scenes are very hot!
37 Lavender Ambrose Hsu, Tammy Chen 9.5 I was weeping like a baby when Ambrose played that guitar.. Huhuhuhuh
38 Legend of the condor heroes version 1984 Athena Chu 10 MUST WATCH!
39 Legend of the condor heroes version 2008 Ariel Lin, Hu Ge 10 MUST WATCH!
40 Let’s get married Mike He, Liu Zhe Ying 8 Slow phasing but there’s a Mike in this movie ladieeessssss
41 Love Actually Joe Cheng, Li Yi Feng 7 Average!
42 Love at Sun Moon Lake Ruby Lin, Wen Zhang 6 It’s so bad!
43 Love Buffet Arron Yan, Yu Hong Yuan 6.5 Very “high school”. The girl is wishy washy.. Don’t really like it!
44 Love Contract Mike He, Ariel Lin 9 Great acting! I was crying like a baby!!!
45 Love Forward Chen Yi Rong, Tony Yang 11 Oh!!!!!! This is so damn good!! Watch it X 100
46 Love is Really Good Tiffany Tang, Roy Qiu, Baron Chen, Stephy Qi 8 It’s pretty draggy but fun to watch
47 Love Keeps Going Mike He, Cindy Wong 9.5 Mike He, I love you… Cindy, I love you.. This movie, I love you.. Hehehe 🙂
48 Love Now George Hu, Annie Chen 7.5 What can I say about this movie? Nice but predictable, touchy but too happy happy? I don’t know!
49 Love or Bread Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin 7.5 This is  hilarious!!! It’s not as good as ISWAK but It’s fun to watch! There is no kissing scene either
50 Magicians of Love Ming Dao, Joanne Zheng 10 One of the best movie played by Ming Dao!
51 Mars Barbie Hsu, Vic Zhou 10 I personally love it!!!!!
52 Material Queen Lynn Hung, Vanness Wu 7.5 It’s nice to see something different! It’s good.. Very fun to watch!
53 Meteor Garden Barbie Hsu, F4 10 Love it!
54 Miss No Good Rainie Yang, Wilber Pan 10 MUST WATCH!
55 Miss Rose Roy Qiu, Megan Lai 10 Another Roy Qiu movie? Why not??? Hehehe
56 Momo Love Jiro Wang, Cyndi Wang 8 Funny! It’s fun to watch!
57 My Lucky Star Jimmy Lim, You Ha Na 11 WOW!!!!! Definetly a must watch!!
58 My Splendid Live Jerry Yan, Yedda Chen 10 MUST WATCH!
59 New My Fair Princess Li Sheng, Hai Lu 9 HZGG fans?? Must watch!!!
60 Office Girls Alice Ke, Roy Qiu 7.5 I know that you guys would hate me to give 7.5 to the ratings.. But, what can I say? I can give any lower than that with Roy in the movie.. I am such a big fan of him!
61 Once Upon a Love Cheryl Yang, Sunny Wan 8 It’s pretty good!
62 P.S. Man Blue Lan, Sonia Sui 8 It’s fun to watch!
63 Pandamen Zhan Yu Hao, Devon Song 7 Good music! But not interesting story outline!
64 Rainbow Sweetheart Jimmy Lin, Cherrie Ying 8 Who can guess how old Jimmy Lin really is? Another awesome movie of his!
65 Refueling Mother Mike He, Zheng Yu Yan 5 I hate this so much! Not only the story but the girl cast as well. I dropped it after watching only a couple of episodes.. It’s so dissapointed with the hot mike on the screen.. 😦
66 Return of the condor heroes version 1984 Andy Lau 10 MUST WATCH!
67 Return of the condor heroes version 2006 Huang Xiao Ming 10 MUST WATCH!
68 Ring Ring Bell Peter Ho, Janine Chang 16 The sweetest movie ever! Best OST as well!
69 Romantic Princess Wu Chun, Angela Zhang 9 I love it. This is one of my favorite!
70 Sanctuary Nicky Wu, Xiao LI 10 MUST WATCH!
71 Scent of Love Viter Fan, Alice Ceng, Kingone Wang, Tiffany Xu 7.5 I love the second lead compare to the first lead!
72 Silence Viz Zhou, Korean Actress 10 Touchy!!!
73 Smile in my heart Ming Dao, Zhang Jia Ni 6.5 Hm?? I don’t really remember.. It’s really easy to forget this one..
74 Startling Each Step (Bu Bu Jing Xin) Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi 20 Haha.. I am giving it 20 because this is the best drama ever!!!! Must watch guys.. Must watch!!!
75 Summer (Sheng Zxia Wan Qing Tian) Yang Mi, Liu Kai Wei 10 I am obsessed with the OTP… OMG OMG OMG!
76 Summer x Summer Joe Cheng, Cai Yi Zhen 7 Average!
77 Summer’s Desire Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho 19 The best!!!!!!!
78 Sunny Happiness Mike He, Janine Chang 9 Love the chemistry in this movie!
79 Sunshine Angel Rainie Yang, Wu Chun 9 Funny! It’s fun to watch!
80 Swordman Wallace Huo, Joe Chen 7 I really hate it! I hate Wallace in this movie… I also hate the ending so much..
81 The Bride with White Hair Nicky Wu, Ma Su 19 It only misses one point from BBJX
82 The Daughter Tiffany Tang, Roy Qiu, Baron Chen, Stephy Qi 8 Good! You should watch it!
83 The Fierce Wife + movie Sonia Sui, Wen Seng Hao, Chris Wang 10 Excellent!!! Anybody should watch this before they get married!
84 The Girl in Blue Roy Qiu, Chen Qiao En 18 Good! You should watch it!
85 The Hospital Jerry Yan, Janine Chang 6 I dropped it.. 😦
86 The Legend of Speed Rainie Yang, Lee Wei 7 Hm??? Too old? I don’t know…
87 The Legend of Star Apple Ming Dao, Achel Chang 7 Average!
88 The Prince who Turns Into A Frog Ming Dao, Chen Qiao En 10 WOW!!!!! Definetly a must watch!!
89 The Queen of SOP Chen Qiao En, Zhang Han 8 Good but it gets a little bit draggy in the middle!
90 The Rose Joe Cheng, Ella Chen, Jerry Huang 9 Weird but love it!
91 The Young Warriors of Yang Clan Peter Ho, Hu Ge 6 I am not a fan of this one! I hate the ending so much! Peter Ho and Liu Shi Shi are promising stars but.. I don’t even know where to point out the but
92 They Kiss Again Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin 12 It’s a phenomenon!!!
93 They Watch Meteor Shower 2 Zheng Shuang, Zhang Han 5 One of the movies I have dropped in the early episode
94 To Liong To All versions! 10 I am such a big fan. My old time favorite is the 1994 version. It’s very touchy!
95 ToGetHer Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang 7 This is ok! It’s nice to see Rainie plays different character for once. I recommend all Rainie fans to watch this! Jiro is only ok in this movie
96 Tokyo Juliet Wu Chun, Ariel Lin 10 LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
97 Waking Love Up! Roy Qiu, Tang Yan 11 My most favorite movie of all time!!!!!!!!
98 Why Why Love Mike He, Rainie Yang 18 WOW!!!!! Definetly a must watch!!
99 Wind and Cloud Peter Ho, Vincent Zhao 8.5 Pretty dashing!
100 Zhong Wu Yan Ming Dao, Cheryl Yang 10 MUST WATCH!