Anne’s Favorite: Male Lead – Chris Wu & Roy Chiu

It’s been a while since I wrote any posts. I have been occupied with work but another reason is I just don’t feel like writing stuffs for the past few months.
I always do the same routine everyday! Waking up, taking care of my Dad, going to work, coming home, taking care of my Dad, and then sleeping. That’s it!
However, to those of you who wondered about my Father’s condition, I am happy to say that we finally get that miracle!! We are the 1%…
Few months ago, my Father’s main Doctor said that the chance for my Father to awake, respond, out of his breathing machine, and to have a full recovery is less than 1%.. Well, we bit the odds.. 1% indeed, my Father’s condition is now all of the above..

Well, enough about me chit chatting about myself. I have been having my guilty pleasure again for the past few days… not a marathon like before but just few hours before I go to bed. Can you guess what is it???
I have plenty of DVD collection, especially on Taiwan / Chinese / Mainland Dramas.. Half of them, I haven’t even watched them. The other half, my absolute favorite, I have watched them for at least 3 times…
The last couple of days, I started to re watch the drama called “Waking Up Love” starred by Roy Chiu and Tang Yan… It’s my absolute favorite beside Bu Bu Jing Xin of course… At the time, I had a very bad day and needed something to cheer me up.. Then, it made me realize how much I’ve missed my Prince Charming, Roy Chiu.. O my God.. He’s soooo…… freaking hot.. If there’s one way to describe his acting, for me “HE DEFINITELY GOT STYLE”. He’s just so classy in so many ways… He can made me scream, cry, laugh and even shout during some of his intense scene.. If I made point out one.. just little one complaint is maybe about his kissing scene..
I don’t know why but for me, he never truly kissed anyone until now.. 🙂

And now… I am currently watching Chris Wu’s drama called “What is love”.. You guys probably remember him from being a second male lead a lot… One year ago, he has a huge break with the series called “Substitute Princess”.. Oww… who wouldn’t fall in love with Terry??? He truly stands out from the crowd.. From all the male lead I’d ever seen including my other absolute favorite, Nicky Wu… He’s justtttttt THE BEST… Seriously.. He means every scene.. He’s just so damn professional.. Every chemistry looks real!! Those tears, those laugh and even those TANGO dance… OMG!!!!

Back to the drama I am currently watching, I have been thinking to myself.. What is love really???
The movie has pointed out two answers which kind’a stuck in my head..

1. What is love?
Love is like the air. You cannot touch it, you cannot see it but when you realize its importance, you just cannot live without it…

2. What is love?
All of us like to hear the sentence “I LOVE YOU” or “WO AI NI”…
But, apparently they are two big differences between guys and girls…
For girls, the word LOVE means FOREVER or “YONG YEN”
For boys, the word LOVE is just simply to love the person in the right moment.

Shocking huh??? But, if I think about it over, it’s actually SO TRUE..

Now, this movie got me to think What is Love? really? What is it?
Well.. I haven’t got the answer to it yet but.. maybe you guys can tell me..

What is love??

Anne’s thoughts – 10 Top Kissing Scenes from Taiwanese Drama

To all drama lovers… I have been thinking for this post in a long time… It’s very hard for me to rank since I love most of the kissing scene which I am about to list…

However, here we go!!!

1. Mike He and Rainie Yang @ Devil Beside You and Why Why Love

I don’t know why but I still think that Mike He is the king of kisses. Would it be too vulgar if I rate his kiss as “hot”????

2. Vanness Wu and Ady Ann @ Autumn’s Concerto

Are you looking for a perfect 6 pax body?? Here it is….

3. Mark Zhao and Sonia Sui @ Black and White

Sonia is not even one of the leading leads in the series.. Look at their scene and you probably will agree with me..

4. Tony Yang and Li Qian Na @ Ex Boyfriend

OMG OMG… Should I move him to number one instead?? Hm…….

5. Jimmy Lin and You Ha Na @ My Lucky Star

Despite the language barrier, the two of them look so great…. Truly good OTP

6. Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen @ Fated to Love You

I love Ethan in My Queen also with Cheryl Yang… Maybe, I love Ethan more than the two girls….

He sure can kiss……

7. Sunny Wang and Ariel Lin @ In Time With You

I know you probably expecting me to list Joe Cheng or Bo Lin Chen.. However, Sunny Wang is the one who stands up in my eyes compare to the other two when it comes to kissing.. Just take a look at it..

8. Nicolas Teo and Reen Yu @ Lady Maid Maid

Some of my bloggers friends don’t like this series very much… But… how could you hate it when Nicolas is so hot in this movie??? 🙂

9. Peter Ho and Barbie Hsu @ Summer’s Desire

I have been debating myself whether to put Peter Ho or Nicky Wu from The Bride with White Hair…

Their kissing scene can catch my breath away and rewind them for so many times….

But, after reconsidering about it… I have to give Peter Ho for outshining the kiss…

10. Chris Wu and Nicky Hsieh @ King Flower

I know that you probably don’t agree with me… But, just look at Terry?? Come on…. How can I not including him in any of my list…

I can’t find the kissing scene I am talking about.. But I remember that they are on Episode 1 and the other is almost on the final episode when Terry kiss Jin Da Hua during the rain..

Other favorite or highlights:

* I know that I am cheating to put this since I already put my 10 lists.. But, Arron Yan deserves to be mentioned on this post.. During Gloomy Salad Days and Alice in Wonder City, I don’t know whether he’s hot but he nailed both of the kissing scenes…

Oh…. Can I put one more of Jiro Wong’s kissing scene… He’s also so hottttt…

Below are the three kissing I was talking about…

Hope you enjoy to watch them as much as I do….