Best Friend

Best Friend

Dear Ardi,

We had this conversation few days ago and I still smile every time I remember it.

Me: So, why don’t you be angry with me then? Is it because we are friends?

You: No.. You are not a friend..

Me: O… A best friend?

You:  No.. You are my soul mate..

Tears were falling down my eyes just after you left the car..


Dear Yoyo,

Today is your birthday and I cannot express how I really want to wish you to be the happiest person in the world. Not only on your birthday but for the rest of our lives. If there’s anything that I can thank God today is because he has sent you to be one of my closest friend during the past few years. That horrible recruitment process at Freeport was really worth to have because I have found you.. We have so many “touchy” moments to cherish such as many late dinners but in my heart, the best moment when we were having a conversation for a whole night using What’s App few days ago..

Thank you for saying “Please stay as my friend always.. You will always be my friend as long as you stay…”

It made my heart warm enough to continue this cruel life…

P.S: I know the chance of the two of you reading my blog is VERY small… But, I chose to dedicate this as a journal to remind me that THANK GOD I HAVE THE TWO OF YOU IN MY LIFE 🙂

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